Richard Mofe-Damijo is a Nigerian Nollywood actor popularly known as RMD is a writer, producer, lawyer, PR Consultant, Life-Coach, Public speaker, Master of ceremony amongst other talents. He was born in the Aladja community of Udu Kingdom, Delta State.

Mofe-Damijo attended Midwest College, Warri and Anglican Grammar School and was a member of the Drama Club. Richard Mofe-Damijo enrolled at the University of Benin to continue his education and studied Theatre Arts.

In the year1997, RMD returned to the University to study law at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2004. After he graduated from the University of Lagos, Richard Mofe-Damijo took part in a television soap opera in the late ’80s called Ripples. Before then, he had a stint with Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine as a reporter.

Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo

Richard Mofe-Damijo was appointed as the Special Adviser of Culture and Tourism to the then Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan in 2008, then became the commissioner for the Culture and Tourism of Delta State, Nigeria in 2009. Mofe Damijo tenure ended in 2015 as Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State.

Richard Mofe-Damijo Movies and Tv Shows

Richard Mofe-Damijo has starred in well over 60 movies and TV Series locally and internationally and RMD is today one of the highest-grossing actors in Africa with his film titles in the last decade grossing over N2 Billion at the box office alone.

After RMD returned from public service, he has starred in many Box Office hits, which includes

  • The Wedding Party 1 and 2
  • 30 Days in Atlanta
  • Namaste Wahala
  • Hush
  • Castle and Castle

Other Movies by Richard Mofe-Damijo

Out of Bounds

Score to Settle
Diamond Ring

The Price

When God Says Yes
The Richest Man
The Return
The Intruder
Soul Provider
Romantic Attraction
Private Sin
Keeping Faith Is the Love
I Will Die For You
Emotional Pain

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The Mayors
The Romance
The Legend
Standing Alone
Sisters Enemy
Little Angel
Kings Pride
I Want Your Wife
Indecent Girl
Indecent Act
I believe in You
Engagement Night
Deadly Desire
Danger Signal
Critical Decision
Burning Desire
Critical Assignment

The Bridesmaid
Darkest Night
Bridge Stone
Behind Closed Door
Baby Girl

Angels of Destiny

Caught in the Middle


The Grudge

10 Days in Sun City

God Calling
Love Is War

King of Boys (The Return of The King

The first film RMD received a writer/producer credit was Out of Bounds. In the year 2005 at the maiden edition of the African Movie Academy Awards Richard Mofe-Damijo won the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

In the same year, 2005 Mofe-Damijo won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. He also received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2016.

Richard Mofe-Damijo Family

Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo

As prolific and public as Richard Mofe-Damijo is, his has managed to successfully stay out of the limelight for the most part. None of his children has gone into the entertainment industry especially Nollywood yet and not much is known about any of his children.

Rchard Mofe-Damijo Son “Kome”

This Richard Mofe-Damijo son got married in a very lavish ceremony in 2013 at the Household of God Church, Oregun, Ikeja. Come and his wife Eniola met about 14 years ago before their wedding at Sunday school and remained friends over the years.

Although they did not start a relationship until 2011, Kome tried to woo her when he was about 17, but Eniola’s dad shut him down and told him to focus on his studies.

After many years apart and out of the country, brought them together again. Kome started his chase again while Eniola was working in Manchester, U.K., and after many failed attempts, and trips to and from Winnipeg, Canada, he was able to convince Eniola to give him a chance in 2011 the rest they say is history.

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Kome asked his Sunday School sweetheart to be his wife, and she gladly accepted the man of her dreams, the sweetheart of her youth. As for the proposal, Eniola had gone visiting in Canada for summer.

Nollywood Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo

Eniola and Kome had gone for dinner on the night she was to return to the UK and just before she was about to board her flight, He got down on one knee and popped the question, of course, she said Yes! The wedding was attended by all and sundry including big Nollywood names. The two have gone on to be blessed with beautiful children.

Richard Mofe-Damijo Daughter “Nichole”

Nichole is RMD’s first daughter. She attended the Obama Foundation Summit where she was handpicked by Barack Obama himself for a 10-minute meeting to talk about her life and work. As you can expect, Richard Mofe-Damijo took to social media to celebrate this achievement of Nichole’s writing.

Rchard Mofe-Damijo Son “Tega”

Tega is Richard Mofe-Damijo younger son and the Instagram socialite of the Mofe-Damijo’s family. Tega constantly uploads very savvy pictures on his social media and is the ‘phone presser’ of the family.

Richard Mofe-Damijo youngest daughter was celebrated by her father when she graduated from high school. RMD took to social media to celebrate the good news with a cute photo of himself and his beautiful young daughter with the caption that got many in awe.

RMD shared a beautiful celebratory message in the form of prayer about her daughter

“Dear daughter, I am super proud of the young woman you’re evolving into. I’m excited to see you graduate high school and as you go on to college, here’s my prayer:”

“May you choose what is right over what is popular. May you not be too ignorant to know that you don’t need to prove anything to the world.”

“May you not be too arrogant to tell yourself the truth no matter how bitter. May you not be too uneducated to decipher when you read. May you never be afraid to speak the truth, even as a lone voice, speak the truth. May you not be too quick to speak, respond or make a point that you end up making no sense.”

“May your popularity not be in what you own or how you look, but may they be intangible, measurable achievements of your decent hard work. May you not just be proud of what you’ve achieved but may you be proud of how you achieved it.•May your vocabulary be as expansive as your ambition.”

“May you never forget whose child you are and I don’t mean Mom and me, I mean God, who is your father, we are just your earthly parents. May God’s wisdom guide your every waking decision in Jesus name, Amen #LoveGod #LoveYourself #BeKind #WinIt #KnowThyself #rmdsaysso”

Richard Mofe-Damijo continues to represent Nigeria in the global scene where he stands as an advocate for societal change, joining various campaigns like The Stop Tuberculosis Campaign as well as carrying out his passionate stand against gender-based violence and advocating for women and children rights all over the World. Mofe-Damijo activities in these areas have made him a United Nations Influencer on women and children`s rights.

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