A strong and healthy back is imperative for our overall well-being. If you have ever experienced back pain, you certainly know the debilitating effect it has on the overall quality of life. Our backs have an impressive capacity and flexibility to carry a lot of weight and keep us upright.

However, the back is also susceptible to numerous injuries and aches. These can be caused by multiple factors and can range in severity. In continuation, we will list the most common back injuries and valuable tips on preventing them.

What causes back pain?

reports claim that about 80% of people will experience some form of back pain throughout their lives. As for more, this is not limited solely to the adult population. The onset of chronic back pain can begin at a relatively early age. This is why creating good habits of regular physical activity and correct posture is essential.

Besides, eating right and living healthy helps maintain a healthy weight. This has a positive effect on the of your back. Spending long hours sitting or sleeping on bad-quality mattresses are also factors that may cause chronic backaches.

Back pain has an impact on the entire body

It can spread to the area of legs and hands. These aches can significantly limit your capacity on a personal and work level. While chronic back pain usually develops over an extended period, acute pain is mostly caused by specific injuries. Depending on the severity, these can have long-lasting consequences. So, let’s review the most common back injuries below.

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Moving day back injuries

Many afflictions to the back happen when you use muscles in activities that you do not do very often. The heavy lifting on moving day poses a risk of injuring your back and moving day injuries are certainly something you should try to prevent.

back injuries

Without applying proper lifting techniques, you put an enormous strain on your back muscles and the spine. As moving involves lots of heavy furniture and boxes, loading them onto the truck yourself can cause you serious issues. Thus, take help from a professional mover, and prioritize your safety.

Expert movers are trained to lift heavy objects the right way, and they do it quickly as well. Heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of the most common back injuries people experience. And the moving day is the perfect example of how this can occur when you expect it the least.

Sprains and strains are common back injuries

Strains occur when you suddenly twist or pull a muscle or a tendon in the back area. A sprain is when a joint is dislocated out of its normal position. Sprains happen as a result of a trauma, such as falling or a sudden twist. Sprains and strains are relatively easy to treat, and you should take 1-2 days before resuming regular activity.

The symptoms involve muscle spasms, restricted bending or walking, and increasing pain with specific movements. You may consider some effective natural pain relief to alleviate the pain if you experience some symptoms. However, if pain and discomfort persist for more than a week, you need to visit a doctor.

Herniated or bulging discs

Spinal discs play an instrumental role in supporting the upper body. They allow the flexibility of the spine for movement in all directions. When a disc herniates, the material inside of it leaks, which irritates the nerves and causes back pain and sometimes numbness. So, a bulging disc can quickly go from easing daily life to causing significant discomfort.

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However, a slipped disk can often go without any symptoms. And if there are any, they tend to last briefly. The causes of a herniated disk vary from degenerative due to age to pressure and excess weight. Although various treatments are available, the best cure is prevention. Exercising, quitting smoking, and incorporating natural healing herbs will help you optimize the health of your back.

Spinal fractures and dislocation of vertebrae

Among the most common back injuries are fractures caused by several factors. The most frequent reason, however, is trauma due to high-velocity accidents. These may be a car accident, falling from a significant height, or while practising high-impact sports. Fractured vertebrae may also be pathological and as a result of the spine ageing and weakening.

back injuries

Osteoporosis is one of the most common conditions that make the vertebrae incredibly fragile. Spinal fractures are serious back injuries. In regards to the severity, the treatment will involve as a last resource. Otherwise, managing vertebral fractures takes lots of rest, pain medications, and a slow return to activity.

Common back injuries due to overuse

You may be experiencing back pain without a specific injury occurring. The symptoms can start during your daily activities and develop in intensity gradually. These are the most common back injuries that anyone is likely to experience at some point. They happen as a result of inappropriate posture.

back injuries

Many of us tend to spend a long time sitting, which impacts the health of our back adversely. Luckily, fitness helps manage chronic diseases, and a mindful routine will prevent these anomalies from developing into more severe conditions.

The back is a vital part of the body, and without optimal health, physical well-being is compromised. This has adverse effects on many areas of our lives. Therefore, mindful care for the back and protection from injuries are necessary for a happy life.

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Final thoughts on the most common back injuries

Back pain can happen suddenly or slowly over time. There are many causes of back injuries, and the limit it poses on daily activities and the discomfort is well worth the attention in preventing it. However, above, we have listed the most common types of back injuries that can occur suddenly and cause the onset of more concerning conditions.

So, take note, and with awareness, you will be able to ensure the good health of your back that has a direct impact on your overall quality of life.

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