Mobile Money Transfer App for Online Shopping Websites

FinX mobile money suite designed for eCommerce website providing a vast selection of custom and branded online payment-related products and services to their clients, including online banking, online bill payments, online shopping, merchant accounts, split bills, and online remittances among others.

With the mobile money transfer App, customers of wallet operators enjoy the ease of access to mobile financial services, enabling them to pay bills, shop online, and send money using their PCs and mobile devices.

Wallet operators are able to further extend the reach of their services, discover new streams of revenue, and attract more customers who experience difficulty creating conventional bank accounts. The mobile money transfer comes with a plethora of features and services, including accounts, cash deposits, customer management, cash withdrawal, comprehensive business dashboards, reports, and business intelligence among others.

FinX Mobile Money Transfer App Full Benefits

Mobile Money Transfer App

Ease of Deployment, no technical glitches

FinX Mobile Money Suite is very easy to set, up, deploy, and maintain, as are all the other products by Teknospire. The software doesn’t require users to be technically well-versed to navigate and utilize the software to its full potential.

Ease of Integration with other third parties as enriched with Open API

FinX Mobile Payment Suite utilizes Open API to ensure smooth and seamless integration existing and new third-party apps. Thus, allowing you to further extend the software’s existing capabilities as well as add additional functionalities to an already robust and rich platform.

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Intuitive and User-friendly UX

FinX Mobile Payment Suite boasts of a user-friendly design that ensures a totally enjoyable and fast experience for its users. Your customers will definitely appreciate how seamless the navigation is and how smooth all their interactions are.

The Mobile Money Transfer App is Enriched with Data Intelligence and Analytics

Powerful and comprehensive reports fueled by rich business intelligence and analytics deliver a clear picture of your business. With highly actionable and data-driven insights, you can make intelligent decisions about your company’s finances and spending.

Fast, Encrypted and Secured

Finx Mobile Payment Suite utilizes security solutions built on the most innovative and latest technologies, giving your clients peace of mind whenever they shop online, do online banking, send remittances, and more.

Mobile Money Transfer App Full Features

The mobile money transfer is a secure and multi-tier banking/payments platform brings the digital doorstep touchpoints to the last mile:

  • The Banks uses FinX to acquire Mom and Pop Stores, Retail Shops, Post Offices, Pharmacy, Café’s etc. as their Agent Touchpoints and offer them a commission for every financial / non-financial service delivered to their customers.
  • Financial Institutions could use FinX to offer mobile wallets services to their customers. The mobile wallets could be used to disburse loan amount based on the collateral for customers.
  • FinX Data analytics and reporting suite helps institutions to leverage on Big Data and Analytics, we help the institutions to deploy the solution on top of their core platforms and captures Key Data Points that helps doing intelligent analysis and enables boosting businesses
  • FinX payment suite helps institutions to bring cardless banking solution to their consumers, overcoming the cost of manufacturing, printing and distributing cards. No more Swiping, no more threat to card cloning. Simple to deploy on top of the core platforms or run as an independent platform.
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