How to Run Android OS Apps on Your PC

If you’ve ever wanted to run Android OS App on your PC but weren’t sure if it was possible, look no further. Yes, you can use Android on your PC, albeit it will not give you the full Android experience. There are various ways to install and run Android on a computer, including virtual environments, bootable USB drives, and a standalone program.

The best part of using the Android OS App on a computer is utilizing apps and playing games that are only accessible on Android. High-definition open-world games are increasingly popular nowadays, and playing them on a huge screen certainly adds to the fun. The methods in the post are some of the best for getting an Android OS for a PC.

How to install the Android OS App on a PC?

There are various methods to install Android OS App on a PC. In this article, you’ll go through different ways to install Android on Windows.


When it comes to operating Android on a Windows PC, consumers choose BlueStacks. Since its debut in 2011, it has been at the top of the list. BlueStacks is a powerful Android emulator that offers a lot more than simply an Android emulator.

Android OS App

Gaming optimization, a streamlined UI, key-mapping, accounts, and even multi-instance capability to run many apps at once are among the other features. It also supports quick app installation from Google Play, making the process as painless as possible. Even while it isn’t a full Android experience, it delivers enough to get you started.

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Step to install BlueStacks to run Android on PC

  • Step 1: To acquire the latest version of the app, go to the BlueStacks official website and click “Download BlueStacks.”
  • Step 2: Once the installer has finished downloading, run it.
  • Step 3: Wait for the procedure to complete, after which BlueStacks will immediately launch.

After completing the steps, you may establish a Google account and begin using your new virtual Android.

Other methods to install Android OS App on PC

Android Emulator

Another excellent way to run Android OS App on a PC is to utilize Google’s Android emulator, which is included with the Android SDK. You can easily run it on your existing Windows. This offers you full control over the Android operating system. The app is designed for Android developers in mind to test their applications.

So, if you’re a techy guy, this application is for you. The application, however, is slow and cannot be utilized to execute high-performance tasks such as playing games or watching films. The installation is a bit hard if you’re doing it for the first time. Make sure to check out the official website for instructions on how to install Google’s Android Emulator.

Android x86

Installing Android x86 is another option. It’s comparable to installing Windows or Linux on your computer. It provides you with a fully functional Android environment that is remarkably similar to the real thing. It is an open-source project that allows you to run it on your computer system instead of using an ARM-based tablet to run.

Android OS App

You’ll need to obtain an ISO file and then make a bootable disc with it to run Android x86. With Windows and Android x86, you may create a dual boot system. After you’ve created a bootable drive, insert it and follow the installation instructions.

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You can either run Android OS App in a virtual box or install it on your PC’s hard drive for permanent use by booting from your Android-x86 USB drive. If you want to use both Windows and Android simultaneously, this is the way to go. You can run the disc image inside VirtualBox after downloading it.

The official site also includes some instructions for installing Android-x86 in a virtual system. Take the instructions outlined on the official website.


Genymotion is a PC-based Android emulator. It is primarily intended for developers to test their apps and make changes. There are two versions of Genymotion available: a paid edition for developers and a free version, which you can use by simply signing up on the official website.

It’s a fantastic way to run Android on a PC without having to go through a lengthy setup process. Genymotion can be run in VirtualBox; you’ll need to either have it installed on your PC or download the version that includes it. Genymotion’s only flaw is that it uses , , SMS, and phone calls. It supports a wide range of app testing frameworks and cloud access via Amazon and Alibaba.

Wrapping up

I hope you’re able to use Android OS App on your PC after reading this post. BlueStacks might be better in terms of gaming; if you’re looking to play games, this is the best option. Another option will give you an android OS App, but they might lag when performing high-end tasks

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