How to Make Easy Money Online from Content Writing

To make easy money online as a publisher can be really discouraging and disappointing when you did not know about the best method to earn from your website contents. The most impressive thing about how to make easy money online is just the main reason you do not need to have any product to sell since you can be providing content writing services or just be promoting other company’s products or services, or simply join a company like Cuelinks.

Cuelinks is a website content monetization tool for publishers, webmasters, forum owners, to monetize their website contents in an effective manner and with minimal efforts from their end. Discover and unleash the power of affiliate marketing to boost your earnings with Cuelinks.  Be it content creators, content curators, editors; Cuelinks caters to all kinds of online publishers.

Make Easy Money Online Mow with Cuelinks

Cuelinks was designed for publishers to have better link management and reporting solution for common problems faced by any publisher in making money online. CueLinks has eliminated all the publisher’s problems and the platform has been launched to cater to their needs.

Cuelinks wanted to help publishers to earn more revenue by providing them with the right technology and help them monetize their amazing website content. They are already working with the largest number of direct merchants and affiliate networks.

Make Easy Money Online

We ourselves are a publisher and we understand very well, common issues faced by any publishing platform when they want to start earning via affiliate marketing. Cuelinks provide many features that make the monetization of your website not only effective but extremely easy.

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Features of Cuelinks

Minute Installation: As soon as you are approved, you install JavaScript code in your website footer and all the links get monetized. It does not matter how old your content is !!
200+ Merchants and counting: Cuelinks can assure you that we provide the most number of merchants under one single roof. And you don’t even need to apply for each merchant. You are instantly approved for all the merchants, once your Cuelinks account is approved.

Single Point of Payout: Cuelinks provide Net60 payment to our publishers and you do not need to contact any merchant or affiliate network for payout. We send you a cheque or do a direct transfer to your account. All you need to do is write great content and everything else is taken care of by Cuelinks.
Lifetime Link Management: Affiliate Networks or merchants frequently change their affiliate program which makes all the existing affiliate links non-existent or it simply redirects your user to a broken page. Publishers often have to update all such links to continue earning with that merchant. With Cuelinks, you never need to worry about this as you simply use the original URL.

Cuelinks API: They have an API available for publishers, who want to integrate Cuelinks more closely with their App. You can change your website redirection script to redirect links via our server and monetization will be completely taken care of. Integrating with our HTTP API is very simple.

You pass your publisher id and destination URL you want to send your visitor to and monetization and tracking will be taken care of by Cuelinks. Get all these features for free to start making money online by signing up now for free Cuelinks account

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