A very lucrative term but often even passive income requires a certain amount of effort. In this case, imagine – A Blog. The idea of starting a blog is mainly born out of passion, more than anything else. We don’t realize the power of encashing our passions and could result in a high side or passive income that you otherwise would not have been able to tap into.

Imagine something that you started with the logic of adding value to people’s lives and then it starts generating a source of effortless income. In other words, this also forms a source of passive income.

Now arises the question, How to earn high passive income via blogging? There are multiple ways in which blogs can be encashed. The first thing that you need to understand is that marketing and ; especially the digital version is what works nowadays.

Earning Passive Income through Advertising

When you are starting off with the blog there is a phase where you might just start blogging and you are waiting for your users to pick up. Even at that phase you, there is a possibility that you can start working on making a passive income out of your website. This is possible through the use of and placing banner ads on your website.

High Passive Income

However, even these ads need to be based on the basis of the content that ranks high on the Google search engines. Initially, as the traffic is low, you might not see much traffic coming and consequently coming in. However, as the traffic increases so would the income also increase.

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Understanding how dropshipping works

Today setting an online store or an e-commerce website requires the least of investments. For setting up an online store, there is no need for having some goods or products in stock.

You can check out small-scale industry workers or small-scale industries for that matter. You can set up an agreement with them, asking them to get the product delivered, wherever requested directly. On your website or online store, you can list these products and have customers order them and they would get it through the actual manufacturer.

This option can be availed since the profit margins are high and there are barely any shipping costs. You need to keep in mind and understand that today people are willing to pay a very high price for homemade and natural products. You can use this to your advantage.

The only downside here would be answering any product-related query for the customer or addressing any issues that might be related to the product being faulty or damaged.

Earning Passive Income through affiliate links

The other option is setting up affiliate links. Often when it comes to our blog, unintentionally we are always promoting or marketing some product. Most of the times without our knowledge and depending on the loyalty of our followers, they would buy the product that is recommended.

This also provides a means of earning a commission. Here is where you can setup affiliate links. When you set up affiliate links, then you can earn a commission when someone buys the recommended product through the link provided.

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There are many other ways than the ones listed above to make passive income through your blogging, like maybe selling informative products i.e., course or something and so on. the generation of passive income could be anything that adds value to the other person’s life and the other person or the customer feels that they can benefit from the product or service that is being offered.

The right choice will be like adding fuel to the path or the journey that you have set for yourself and the same will not work for someone else.

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