Creating a successful requires a lot of careful planning. It’s not as simple as bringing to your website. Not every one that clicks on your page is going to become a paying customer. And that’s where your marketing sales funnel comes into play.

Converting the average person into a customer means sticking with them through every step of the buyer’s journey — awareness, consideration, and action. The best way to see leads through to customers is to create a powerful marketing sales funnel that ensures conversions. Below you’ll find all the information you need to make a funnel that’s perfect for your business.

What Is a Marketing Sales Funnel?

The idea of a funnel comes from the fact that the number of people that come to your website is always going to be bigger than the number of people who buy your product or service. As potential customers go through the buyer’s journey, the number gets smaller, as if going down through a funnel.

Marketing Sales Funnel

Your business will likely end up with different marketing funnels that begin with paid ads, email subscribers, and other forms of marketing. All of them come together to continuously bring you, reliable customers.

The Levels of a Marketing Sales Funnel

While marketing sales funnels are all created differently and may vary in their levels, at their core they can be broken down into three levels. These levels have simply labelled the top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel, and the bottom of the funnel.

Each stage of your marketing sales funnel is a different step in the buyer’s journey. Depending on what level your potential customers are at, you will need different forms of marketing set up to capture their attention.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the levels of a marketing sales funnel.

Top of The Funnel – Awareness

At the very top of your marketing sales funnel are the people that are just now realizing they have a problem that needs solving. This is when they start to search for an answer to their problem. This is the stage when you make them aware of your company and what you have to offer.

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Middle of The Funnel – Consideration

In the middle of your marketing sales funnel is where most of your leads are generated. This section of the funnel is very in-depth and takes up the most time of the buyer’s journey. The middle is where most of the research happens as your audience tries to solve their problem from before.

Read up more on lead generation and scoring leads in this article to make sure you make the most of the people who make it to this stage of your marketing sales funnel. To keep your audience captivated while they’re researching, it’s important to create high-quality information surrounding your products or services. You’re selling yourself as the best solution.

Bottom of The Funnel – Decision

The bottom of the funnel is the ultimate goal, where strangers turn into customers. Only a percentage of the people that enter the top of the funnel will make it down to the bottom. It’s time for the last-minute nudges, the offers, and the deals. If a lead has made it this far, you’re pretty much golden, but make sure you don’t lose them at the last minute.

Creating the Top of Your Funnel

Content at the top of your funnel usually offers something to your audience that gets them interested in your business. This content is usually free and often educational in some way.

Here are some great tactics to use for the top of your marketing sales funnel.

  • Social media marketing allows you to get your product or service in front of people as they scroll. It’s also a great way for you to interact with your audience and create more brand loyalty.
  • Writing blog posts about topics related to your industry is one of the easiest ways to get your business on the map. Blog SEO is vital to making this one work.
  • Since YouTube is the third most searched platform on the web, it makes sense to create YouTube videos to draw in more potential customers. You can even turn your blog posts into videos.
  • Team up with influencers who match up with your business or industry to convert their established audience into customers.
  • Use paid advertising to target specific people based on things such as age, gender, or location. That way you know your content is getting in front of your target audience.
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Creating the Middle of Your Funnel

In the middle of your funnel, you start to offer more premium content that requires your leads to offer up their contact information to unlock it. This is where you capture most of your leads, which means you need to capture their trust as well.

Here are a few ways to attract and secure leads in the middle of your marketing sales funnel.

  • Create a PDF or ebook that expands on the content you offered for free. Checklists, full guides, and worksheets are all great content that can be put together pretty fast.
  • Mini-courses or webinars allow you to show off your knowledge in the form of email or video. People feel that they are getting more value from you than a simple PDF.
  • Install pop-up forms on your website to ask your audience for their email address or other information when it’s relevant.
  • Use email marketing to keep your business fresh in the minds of anyone that signs up for your newsletter or opts in to receive your content.
  • Create a remarketing campaign to draw people back in after they leave your website without buying anything.

Creating the Bottom of Your Funnel

Now’s the time to snag them. Just because someone makes it to the decision stage of your marketing sales funnel, it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy anything. You have to seal the deal to push conversions through.

Here are some ways to turn the people at the bottom of your marketing sales funnel into customers.

  • Create a sense of urgency by putting up a limited quantity of something or putting a time limit on a certain bonus or offer. If people feel they are going to miss out on something good, they’re more likely to buy.
  • Give people deals and discounts on your product or service to encourage them to buy.
  • Offer a free trial or demo of what you’re selling so potential customers can try it out for themselves and see how great it is before they buy.
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In Conclusion

Creating a solid marketing sales funnel is the best way to convert people who are only just finding your business into paying customers. Having a plan in place to reach your target audience is key.

By putting together a powerful funnel from top to bottom, you will see far more conversions. All you have to do is make people aware of your business, help them consider you to solve their problems and give them the push to decide to buy. Just like that, you’re leading buyers on a journey straight to you!

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Creating a successful business requires a lot of careful planning. It’s not as simple as bringing people to your website. Not every one that clicks on your page is going to become a paying customer. And that’s where your marketing sales funnel comes into play. Converting the average person into...
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