has released several new exciting features, and as a website owner, you can easily incorporate some of these features into your site. A word of caution though it is advisable to hire a well-known or a web development company for this work, rather than attempting to handle them on your own. These features are as follows

One page websites: Simplicity is the new mantra! Today website owners are opting for simple-to-use layouts that attract users with a single glance. They want to make their sites simple and easy to use and this is especially true for websites that are of individuals, or of companies dealing in a single product.

These sites turn out to be a big hit and attract a huge number of visitors due to their wonderful appeal and easy navigation. Their page tells more than the story and makes visitors stay on that page for long.

Parallax Scrolling

A WordPress Development Company uses Parallex scrolling to make websites more appealing and user-friendly. As a result visitors “feel connected” with the website, engage with it more deeply and are likely to stay longer on it, than anywhere else.

eCommerce based themes such as WooCommerce

Using WooCommerce is an excellent way to provide a shopping platform for visitors who come to your website. It is an e-commerce plugin that is customizable and easy to install and has been designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress.

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Interactive video headers

This trend has been in the market for some time and is hugely popular. If you have an interesting video to publish on your website, then you can use the Interactive video header theme of WordPress for this purpose.

WordPress Developer

Virtual Reality based themes.

This is the latest feature and there are several plugins available in the market such as WP-VR-view, Momento 3600, VR Views, QTVR Viewer and many others. These plugins allow website owners to add VR images, 360 videos and Virtual Tour to a WordPress website.

Expressive Typography technique

Using expressive typography a WordPress development company can easily add dynamic fonts to the existing library of fonts, thus having a larger palette of fonts to work with. Web designers are now able to create trendy looking websites with stylish fonts on main headers and front pages and make them come alive.

Mobile-first website

The demand is now for mobile-first websites. This is based on the growing trend of young consumers using their mobile devices not only to browse the internet but also do online transactions and social media browsing.

Encrypted and HTTPS websites

WordPress based websites are converting their URLs from HTTP to HTTPS. This has become a mandatory feature as Google seeks to curtail online theft by adding an additional security feature. This feature can be easily implemented by a WordPress development company on your website.

SaaS-based model of subscription

WordPress offers its users a SaaS-based model of subscription to various third-party applications that you might want to integrate into your website. An example is that of OptinMonster, an online lead generation software that allows users to use various products on a subscription charge basis.

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Microinteractions facilitate user interaction with the website. This happens through visual feedback and moving animations. As a result, users remain hooked to the website for a longer period of time.

Conclusion on the use of a professional WordPress Developer

A WordPress developer always follows the latest trends in the web development industry and keeps a tab on features being released by WordPress. Hence, it is able to quickly build innovative websites that provide a good user experience and high return on .

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