The hex key set is a small handheld tool that’s used for driving and screws with a hexagonal socket. A hex key is a simple driver for screws that have heads with internal hexagonal sockets. The main three types of hex wrenches are

  • L shaped
  • T shaped and
  • Fold-up sets

L shaped Keys

Hex Key Set

It is the most common hex key and is easily available in the market. Due to its L shape, it can reach into tight spots and provide control where needed.

Hex Key Handle

It is also a popular tool, which is used in the repair work of sports cars. Due to its T-shaped, you can rotate the wrench quickly. They are popular among car mechanics.

Torx Key Set Handle

They are a modified version of an L-shaped key and larger than an L-shaped key. It is used for similar purposes as that of T-handle.

The T shaped wrenches are used in low torque applications due to their ease of use and torque control. They have short wrench lengths and provide easy access to sockets.

Fold-up sets

Fold-up sets are portable wrenches that can fit your pocket and are best for doing spot checks on the floor.

Other types of Hex keys

  • Ball hex key sets are distinctive from other headsets available in the market.
  • Allen screwdriver is another type of wrench that is used for low torque and tight clearance.
  • Ratcheting drivers provide better speed in comparison to tradition to Allen wrenches. They are available in different varieties. The bits of Ratcheting drivers can be used in an electric drill driver.
  • Hex key set is used for bicyclists and motorbike riders.
  • Crowfoot Allen wrenches are a snug fit onto a bolt as opposed to the top as seen in the socket counterparts.
  • Crowfoot wrenches are useful in valve adjustments, different fittings such as clutch, power steering and abs modulators.
  • It’s a versatile tool that is also known as a network wrench and pairs well with metric and standard fasteners. It has a moveable jaw to adjust the wrench size and a fixed jaw point that is placed at the wrench’s top position.
  • Flex–head hex keys are convenient to have around. If you have enough clearance, the pivoting head allows you to swing them over after a turn, instead of having to remove, return and re-engage the tools.
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Uses of hex wrenches

They are used that will change the way you build, repair and maintain in work tool stations.

  • Hex wrenches are mostly used in bicycle repairs and size adjustments. Their availability in a wide range of sizes makes them versatile and they are easily used in all applications.
  • They are also an essential part of the hardware for securing its place. It allows assembling the furniture without adding unnecessary bulk pieces.
  • They are also used for proper maintenance of your car. Allen keys help maintain and repair heavy tools and machinery. Drill bits rely on it to secure the bit into place.
  • They are used in maintaining and repairing electronic components. As electronics are becoming smaller and smaller in size, Allen keys are being used to support their sizes.
  • Computers and large TV screens are being held from the back through these hex wrenches.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the best Allen Wrench

Hex wrenches are manufactured from steel, however, there are many grades and qualities of steel. Hex wrenches are constructed from inexpensive steel grades where hardness, stress relief and heat treatments are not considered during the design and manufacture process.

Next, you need to consider its design advantages of it.

  • Why are they L-shaped?
  • Why are they T-shaped?
  • How can one design benefit us in a particular situation?

These are all the questions that require an accurate answer from you to choose the best hex wrench for your workpiece. Wrench length can be critical depending on the application. Long wrenches are preferred where higher torque is needed or there is limited accessibility. Short wrenches are better suited for confined spaces than longer styles will not fit.

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The next thing we need to consider is convenience. One of the common problems on shop floors is losing hex wrenches. They are usually a dark finish and many of the surfaces they are used on are dark as well. They are cluttered with other tools making them easy to use.

Tools Similar to Hex Wrenches

Torque Wrench

It is used to control and apply a specific torque to a fastener including a bolt and is very important when you are doing things like changing a tire or other maintenance including industrial repairs, to ensure the safety of others.


It can be used in the place of the Allen wrench where you are unable to find an Allen wrench on the day bed, you can try a flat head screwdriver by putting the end in the socket where the Allen screw is located and using it to work in the leverage at the hole.

Nuts and bolts

Some Allen wrenches have nuts and bolts on the reverse side. If you are using them, you can use pliers to remove the nut so that the screw becomes free. If you don’t have pliers on hand, use two sharp knives and apply pressure and torque.

Socket Wrench

It is a type of spanner which is designed for specific tasks. It is used for the same purpose as that of a conventional wrench, i.e. Tightening and loosening fasteners.

Breaker Bar

It turns sockets to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts. It doesn’t have a ratcheting mechanism. It has a jointed wire drive to allow a series of operations.

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In this article, hex wrenches, their types and their properties were discussed. Overall, hex wrenches are a must tool to have in your toolbox as it is used in most repair workspaces

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The hex key set is a small handheld tool that’s used for driving and screws with a hexagonal socket. A hex key is a simple driver for screws that have heads with internal hexagonal sockets. The main three types of hex wrenches are L shapedT shaped andFold-up sets L shaped...
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