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Free Photo Animation Software for Web Design Animation

The photo animation software will enable animators to bring a motion to their still photos in a slideshow, with lots of options such as pan and zoom (the ‘Ken Burns’ effect), as well as pauses, text over pictures, hyperlinks and background music.

Amara animation software can be used to create stunning Adobe Flash player compatible virtual tours through still photos, resulting in a slideshow where your visitors get taken through each image in a way defined by you or let them ‘walkthrough’, i.e. pan across the images themselves using their mouse.

With Amara animation software you can build photo slideshow of pictures, and define keypoints that allow your visitors to take a virtual tour through each picture. Animators can assign functions to each keypoint, such as zoom in/zoom out, fade in/fade out, pause, or assign text and hyperlinks, for instance.

Amara Photo Animation Software Key Features

Photo Animation Software

– It allows you to create a flash image gallery so that it can be used on the Internet. For this operation, the user can configure the size of the film with the backgrounds and borders of his/her choice.
– It also enables the compression of image size and uses a foreground SWF clip. This application can support a variety of files including image and music file formats, URLs, coloured backgrounds, etc.

– The animation software can be used as slide animation where it is possible to zoom out, fade in/out, pause, assign text and hyperlinks, and much more. Users also have the ability to add background music to their slideshow.
– Customizing the background colour can be performed and it is worth to note that Amara Photo Animation Software offers not less than 360 pans movent to its users.

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Another option is the ability to turn panorama photos into a 360-degree panning view. Great for virtual tours, showing website visitors around a house or office. You can also let visitors freely ‘walk’, i.e. scroll through photos using their mouse.

Get the free trial download of the Amara animation software to turn your static website into a lively and entertaining one. The photo animation software is compatible with all popular graphic file and audio formats. To use Amara Photo Animation Software, you don’t need any programming skills or Flash knowledge.

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