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Microsoft Encarta has long been one of the most popular websites online for anyone who is looking for information on almost any topic imaginable, as well as a wealth of resources for people who are already quite familiar with the Internet.

Free Microsoft Encarta 2020

Over the years, it has grown and evolved and now provides hundreds of useful and informative pages. Microsoft Encarta started out as a digital media encyclopedia published by Microsoft in 1993. Originally sold in CD-ROMs or DVD, however, it has been made available online through an annual membership, but many articles were previously available online, free with advertisements.

Microsoft has updated and added hundreds of new articles for its members, making the site an ever more invaluable resource. The articles can be accessed and read anywhere, with no extra software needed to access the site itself.

Like many other websites, Microsoft Encarta provides links to other websites

If you wish to find a specific topic and have no other website that is related to it, you can search for keywords. The result will bring up sites that may not have articles about the specific topic that you are looking for. Read: Microsoft Encarta College Dictionary: The First Dictionary For The Internet Age

You can also look for terms within the page itself and use a search engine to find related content. This can be especially useful for those who do not know exactly what they are looking for. Because of the breadth of the content on Microsoft Encarta, it is a valuable resource for a wide variety of topics

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Not only are there hundreds of useful articles, but you can also find many free information sources online, such as blogs, message boards, and even websites. Many of these free sites are designed to provide relevant content on a given topic; others are designed to give you detailed information on a particular topic.

Some are simply web pages with information written in a language other than English. Whatever your need, you will find a great deal of information online in the pages of Microsoft Encarta

In addition to providing you with an online source for all sorts of content, Microsoft Encarta also allows you to save your favorite articles so that you can refer back to them later. If you don’t want to keep reading all of the articles that are available, you can just save your favorites.

You can then go back and read the articles from a specified date in the past, or you can read them over again if you wish to. One of the things that makes Microsoft Encarta so popular among people is the ease of use it provides.

There are many advanced features that make it easy to navigate and understand. The site is very user-friendly, especially when you compare it to more difficult, complicated websites. Read: Encarta Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language: Second Edition

It is easy to find and download Microsoft Office products and services and programs

Microsoft provides plenty of tutorials to help you get used to using many of their tools. Many of the software products that you download are completely free of charge, and many of the products also come with downloads for trial versions.

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You can find thousands of images that will allow you to print out maps, graphs, and spreadsheets and share them with others. Other features of Microsoft Encarta include a virtual museum that contains photos and pictures of important places around the world, along with interesting facts and trivia.

You can even view movies, music, and games. Microsoft also provides links to local businesses in your area so that you can see what is going on in the area where you live. Download Microsoft Encarta Latest version 1 on

Microsoft discontinued Encarta, and released the final version in 2009. When it was active, it was available in disc and online form. The online version remained for a period even after the discs were discontinued.

With over 50,000 articles of information that were included in the standard edition of Microsoft Encarta. They included images, videos and sound clips, and the premium edition contained over 62,000 articles, along with over 25,000 images and over 300 videos.

Also included in Encarta was an interactive Atlas, where users could view information from nearly 2 million different locations. The later versions of the Microsoft Encarta electronic encyclopedia included more complex multimedia content and a wide range of other features.

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