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Gone are the days of banner ads getting lost in the scroll. Interstitial ads are here to change the game, offering a powerful, full-screen experience that grabs user attention at key moments. But with so many ad networks out there, how do you choose the one that supercharges your app’s monetization?

We’ve done the hard work for you.

This guide dives deep into the top ad networks like Adsterra for interstitial ads, carefully evaluating features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. By the end, you’ll be equipped to find the perfect partner to maximize your revenue and dominate the mobile monetization game!

Top Ad Networks for Interstitial Ads

Instead of relying on banner ads that users just scroll past, consider the power of interstitial ads. These immersive, full-screen experiences appear at natural pauses in your app, like between levels, guaranteeing user attention.

Adsterra and Other Top 8 Ad Networks

We will explore the top 9 interstitial ad networks for app developers, helping you choose the perfect partner to maximize your income and dominate the mobile monetization game!

Adsterra: Full-Screen Focus for App Developers

Looking to maximize your app’s monetization with high-impact ads? Adsterra’s got you covered. This ad network boasts over 28,000 publishers, giving you access to a massive pool of potential users. With the recent launch of self-serve interstitial ads, Adsterra provides a powerful tool to grab user attention during natural app pauses.

Adsterra’s interstitial ads are designed for maximum impact. They take up a prominent 45% to 80% of the screen, ensuring your message gets noticed. Plus, a darkened background keeps the user focused on the ad content.

This combination makes Adsterra a great choice for app developers in industries like finance, e-commerce, VPNs, and antivirus software, where clear communication is key.

Adsterra’s Advantage

  • Brand Your Way to Success: Adsterra doesn’t just deliver impressions, it empowers you to build brand recognition. Their interstitial ads let you seamlessly integrate your brand names, logos, and slogans, creating a unique and memorable experience for users.
  • UX Friendly, Developer Friendly: Adsterra understands the importance of a positive user experience (UX). Their interstitial ads are designed to follow UX best practices, minimizing disruption while maximizing impact. Plus, uploading high-quality creatives is a breeze with their user-friendly platform.
  • Competitive Rates, Maximum Revenue: Getting the most out of your budget is crucial. That’s why Adsterra offers competitive cost-per-mille (CPM) rates, stretching your ad dollars further. This translates to high revenue potential for your app.

Focus on What Matters: Adsterra is all about making things easy for app developers. Their platform is intuitive and streamlined, allowing you to focus on creating a great app while they handle the ad monetization side of things.

With a proven track record of success in industries like finance, e-commerce, and VPNs (see the iGaming case study!), Adsterra is a powerful partner for maximizing your app’s earning potential using the impactful interstitial ad format.

AppLovin: Monetization Powerhouse for Mobile Games

When it comes to mobile game monetization, AppLovin is a force to be reckoned with. This ad network understands the power of interstitial ads in the gaming space. Natural transition points between levels are the perfect opportunity to showcase your message without disrupting the gameplay experience.

  • Target the Right Players: AppLovin boasts access to a massive pool of mobile apps, ensuring you reach a highly relevant audience for your product or service. Imagine advertising a new action RPG directly to players who are actively engaged in similar titles! AppLovin’s targeting capabilities make this a reality.
  • AI-Powered Optimization: Don’t just throw ads out there and hope for the best. AppLovin leverages artificial intelligence to identify the most impactful placements for your interstitial ads. This data-driven approach maximizes your revenue potential and ensures your message reaches the right players at the right time.
  • Creative Control & Insights: AppLovin empowers you to create high-quality visuals with their SparkLabs tool, allowing you to craft engaging and memorable ad experiences. Plus, their detailed analytics provide valuable insights to help you continuously optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.
  • A Top Choice for Game Developers: With its laser focus on mobile game traffic, advanced targeting features, and AI-powered optimization, AppLovin is a top choice for app developers in the gaming industry looking to leverage interstitial ads for significant monetization success.
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When it comes to mobile app monetization, speaks the language of efficiency. This ad network boasts a massive reach, with over 500,000 mobile apps and 2 billion active users at your fingertips. Imagine showcasing your interstitial ads to a highly targeted audience that’s already primed for engagement.

  • AI Does the Heavy Lifting: takes the guesswork out of campaign targeting. Their advanced AI tools analyze user data to identify the perfect audience for your product or service. No more sifting through endless options – curates hundreds of pre-made audience segments, allowing you to select the ideal fit with a single click.
  • Real-Time Insights & Customization: Stay informed and in control with’s detailed analytics. Their interactive dashboard provides real-time campaign stats, letting you monitor performance and make adjustments as needed. Plus, the customizable dashboard empowers you to tailor the information to your specific needs.
  • Focus on Your App, Not Targeting:’s AI-powered targeting and pre-made audience segments are a game-changer for app developers. This streamlined approach frees you from the complexities of audience selection, allowing you to focus your time and energy on creating a fantastic app experience. for Established Developers

For app developers with a focus on user engagement and relevant ad placement, offers a unique advantage. This contextual advertising network goes beyond basic demographics, placing your interstitial ads alongside content that aligns with your app’s theme.

Imagine showcasing gaming accessory ads within popular gaming apps – that’s the targeted power of

  • High-Quality Traffic, High Expectations: partners only with niche publishers known for quality traffic, ensuring your ads reach valuable audiences. This focus on premium placements comes with stricter requirements, making it a good fit for established developers with larger budgets.
  • Precision Through Programmatic Bidding: offers programmatic bidding, a real-time system that allows you to optimize your ad spend by strategically targeting the most relevant ad placements. While this approach requires closer collaboration with’s team, it unlocks a level of control ideal for developers seeking maximum return on their advertising investment.
  • Not for Everyone:’s focus on high-quality traffic and programmatic bidding translates to a higher barrier to entry. Smaller developers or those new to the ad monetization scene may find other networks on this list to be a better starting point due to their simpler self-serve platforms. However, for established developers with a focus on targeted advertising and maximizing revenue, presents a compelling option.

Digital Turbine: Powerhouse Monetization for Established Developers

Digital Turbine is a force to be reckoned with in the mobile advertising landscape. This platform caters to businesses with a focus on high-impact campaigns and in-depth control. While not a self-serve solution, Digital Turbine offers a comprehensive service ideal for established developers with larger budgets.

  • Transparency & Optimization: Gain complete visibility into your campaign performance. Digital Turbine provides real-time reports, allowing you to analyze data and make strategic adjustments for maximum impact. This level of transparency empowers you to optimize your ad spend and maximize revenue.
  • Real-Time Bidding & Support: Take control of your budget with Digital Turbine’s real-time bidding system. This allows you to strategically target the most impactful ad placements, ensuring your message reaches the right users at the right time. Plus, their dedicated support resources provide valuable assistance throughout the advertising process.
  • High-Budget Focus: Digital Turbine is best suited for established developers with significant advertising budgets. Their focus on custom solutions and in-depth campaign management may not be ideal for smaller operations seeking a quick and easy self-serve approach.
  • A Value Proposition for Power Users: For developers seeking a powerful monetization partner with comprehensive control and real-time optimization, Digital Turbine presents a compelling option. However, their custom service approach and budget requirements make them a better fit for larger, established players in the app development space.

PropellerAds: Streamlined Monetization with AI Power

PropellerAds understands the art of user engagement. Their interstitial ads appear at natural breaks in the user flow, like after completing an action within an app. This strategic placement ensures your message is seen when users are most receptive, increasing the likelihood of interaction.

  • No More Building from Scratch: Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. PropellerAds offers a library of ready-made campaign templates, allowing you to quickly customize and launch high-impact ad experiences. This streamlines the process and gets you started fast.
  • AI Optimization for Maximum ROI: PropellerAds leverages the power of artificial intelligence to optimize your campaigns for maximum return on investment (ROI). Set your target cost-per-action (CPA) and let PropellerAds’ AI handle the rest. The platform dynamically delivers the best traffic for your budget, ensuring you never go above your target cost while achieving optimal results.
  • Learning Made Easy: PropellerAds goes beyond just a platform. They offer a wealth of support resources including manuals, guides, and webinars to equip you with the knowledge to create successful ad campaigns. And if you get stuck, their dedicated support team is readily available to answer your questions and assist you throughout the process.
  • Focus on Development, Not Campaign Management: PropellerAds empowers app developers by simplifying the ad monetization process. Their user-friendly tools, AI optimization, and extensive support resources allow you to focus on what you do best – creating a fantastic app – while PropellerAds takes care of the rest.
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ExoClick: Global Reach for Savvy Developers

Looking to maximize your app’s monetization potential on a global scale? ExoClick is a powerhouse ad network serving over 13 billion impressions daily. This translates to a massive network of over 65,000 high-quality websites and mobile apps, offering extensive reach for your interstitial ads.

  • Target with Precision: ExoClick goes beyond basic targeting options. You can drill down to specific demographics, operating systems, browsers, and device types, ensuring your ads reach the users most likely to convert.
  • Real-Time Bidding & Budget Control: ExoClick empowers you to take control of your ad spending with real-time bidding. This system allows you to strategically target the most impactful ad placements, maximizing your return on investment. Plus, you can set clear budget limits and let ExoClick’s optimization tools work their magic, delivering the best results within your financial constraints.
  • Automation Advantage: ExoClick is a champion of self-serve advertising. Their platform boasts a wealth of automation tools that streamline campaign creation, deployment, and management. This frees up your time to focus on what matters most – developing your app!
  • Global Reach, Streamlined Management: While ExoClick’s support resources might not be as extensive as some competitors, their focus on self-serve tools and a vast global network make them a compelling choice for developers seeking a user-friendly and high-reach solution for interstitial ad monetization.

AppNext: Mobile-First Focus for App Promotion

Looking to promote your mobile app to a highly engaged audience? AppNext is your one-stop shop. This ad platform specializes in mobile advertising, boasting a network of over 80,000 apps where you can strategically place your interstitial ads.

  • Target Like-Minded Users: Reach the perfect audience for your app. AppNext allows you to target users on apps similar to yours, maximizing the chance of downloads and conversions. Imagine showcasing your action RPG ad directly within popular fantasy titles – that’s the targeted power of AppNext.
  • Global Reach with European & Asian Strength: AppNext’s network extends beyond borders, offering strong reach in Europe and Asia. This makes it a valuable partner for developers seeking to expand their user base in these key markets.
  • Self-Serve Simplicity & Real-Time Insights: AppNext empowers you to take control. Their self-serve platform allows for quick campaign creation and deployment, while real-time statistics provide valuable insights for on-the-fly optimization.
  • Natural Ad Placement: AppNext understands user behavior. They place interstitial ads during natural app transitions, like between game levels, ensuring your message is seen without disrupting the user experience.
  • Focus on Your App, Not the Learning Curve: While AppNext’s technical support might not be as extensive as some competitors, their platform’s user-friendly design simplifies campaign management. This allows you to focus your time and expertise on what matters most – developing a fantastic app!

InMobi: Global Reach for Mobile App Monetization

InMobi expands your monetization potential beyond borders. This ad network specializes in mobile traffic, offering access to a vast network of apps perfectly suited for interstitial ad placement. Imagine showcasing your ad within popular games across the globe – that’s the international reach of InMobi.

  • High-Quality Audience, High Revenue Potential: InMobi connects you with a high-quality audience spanning virtually all countries. This translates to a wider pool of potential users for your app and increased revenue opportunities. Plus, their platform offers complete transparency, allowing you to monitor campaign performance and optimize for maximum impact.
  • Seamless Integration for Mobile Developers: As a mobile-focused network, InMobi understands the needs of app developers. Their platform integrates seamlessly with your app, ensuring a smooth and efficient ad monetization experience.
  • Focus on Growth, Not Borders: InMobi removes the limitations of geography. Their global network helps you reach a wider audience and unlock new revenue streams for your mobile app. This allows you to focus on developing a great app while InMobi handles the ad monetization side of things on a global scale.
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In Conclusion

The world of app monetization can seem complex, but with the right ad network partner, it can be a powerful revenue driver. This guide explored eight top contenders, each offering unique strengths and targeting options. Consider your app’s niche, budget, and technical expertise when making your selection.

The ideal ad network should:

  • Reach your target audience: Whether you’re in the gaming industry or the finance sector, there’s a network that specializes in connecting you with the right users.
  • Offer a variety of ad formats: Interstitial ads are powerful, but explore complementary formats like banners or video ads to maximize your earning potential.
  • Provide clear and actionable analytics: Data is king! Make sure your chosen network offers detailed insights so you can continuously optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Simplify the process: Focus on developing your app, not managing complex ad campaigns. Look for a network with user-friendly tools and strong support resources.

By carefully evaluating these factors and leveraging the strengths of the networks explored here, you can unlock the full monetization potential of your app and turn it into a thriving business!


What is an ad network?

An ad network is a platform that connects app developers (publishers) with advertisers. Publishers integrate the ad network’s SDK (software development kit) into their app, and the network displays targeted ads to users within the app. This allows developers to earn revenue from their app, and advertisers to reach a relevant audience.

What are interstitial ads?

Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that appear between transitions within an app, such as between levels in a game or after completing an action. They are a powerful way to grab user attention and promote your message.

What are the benefits of using ad networks for app monetization?

There are several benefits to using ad networks:

  • Reach a wider audience: Ad networks have a vast pool of advertisers, allowing you to reach a much larger audience than you could on your own.
  • Targeted advertising: Most ad networks offer advanced targeting options to ensure your ads are shown to users most likely to be interested in your product or service.
  • Easy to implement: Integrating an ad network is typically a simple process, allowing you to focus on developing your app.
  • Detailed analytics: Most ad networks provide detailed analytics so you can track the performance of your campaigns and optimize them for better results.

What are some things to consider when choosing an ad network?

Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Supported ad formats: Does the network offer interstitial ads and other formats that complement your app?
  • Targeting options: Does the network allow you to target users based on demographics, interests, and other relevant criteria?
  • Pricing model: Does the network use CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions), CPC (cost-per-click), or another pricing model?
  • Minimum traffic requirements: Does the network have minimum traffic requirements that your app needs to meet?
  • Payment methods: How does the network pay you (e.g., PayPal, bank transfer)?
  • Ease of use: Is the ad network’s platform user-friendly and easy to navigate?
  • Customer support: Does the network offer good customer support in case you need help?

What are the advantages of using Adsterra for interstitial ads?

  • High-quality traffic from over 28,000 publishers.
  • Easy-to-use self-serve platform.
  • Competitive CPM rates.
  • Branding options for creating unique and memorable ad experiences.

What are some drawbacks of using Adsterra?

May not be the best choice for all industries (might be stronger for finance, e-commerce, VPNs, etc.).

Who is a good fit for?

Established developers with high budgets and a focus on user engagement and relevant ad placement.

What are some drawbacks of using

  • Higher barrier to entry due to stricter requirements and focus on high-quality traffic.
  • Not a self-serve platform; requires closer collaboration with’s team.

Why is AppLovin a good choice for game developers?

  • Extensive network of mobile games for targeted ad placement.
  • Leverages AI to optimize ad placements for maximum revenue.
  • Offers tools for creating high-quality ad visuals.

Are there any drawbacks to using AppLovin?

Primarily focused on the mobile game industry (might not be ideal for other app categories).

This is not an exhaustive list, and it’s important to research each ad network thoroughly before making a decision.

Considering these priorities, Adsterra emerges as a potential contender. They offer a self-serve platform and boast a focus on high-quality traffic delivery. However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and compare Adsterra’s offerings with other ad networks before making a final decision.


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