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Easy Ways to Fix Duplicate Files in Windows 10

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Duplicate files are the digital junk in your Windows 10. The system keeps on accumulating this junk until performance goes down, response times get slower and the user experiences system lags. The duplicate files are in the form of duplicate videos, images, documents, clips, photos, screenshots, audio files and whatnot!

Duplicate image files are the most generic forms of items that take up most of the ha will not only restore huge amounts of storage space but also helps your computer perform at optimum levels. You can choose from a huge selection of duplicate photo finder tools to remove the identical photos as these are the most generic form of items that take up huge system storage.

These files occupy tons of unnecessary gigabytes on your Windows 10. Your system will keep on stockpiling without your knowledge. This is the worst-case scenario when you do not know about the duplicate files your PC has accumulated.

The reasons behind these redundant files can be several. To make the system perform at optimum levels it becomes extremely necessary to get rid of those identical files. There are several reasons as to why a computer acquires duplicate files. Let us check some of these reasons of accumulation of duplicate files on your PC.

Causes of duplicate file generation-

Registry files

Registry files are generated by the system itself and these are the low-level configuration logs that get generated because of the following reasons:

  • When you move a file to another location
  • When you edit a file
  • When you delete a file

These files are just useless chunks of system logs that are not at all needed. However, these files do not take that much storage, but still, occupy unnecessary memory. Registry files are small in size therefore the threat arrives when there are tons of files that take up gigabytes of valuable storage.

Temporary Files:

We all know how important it is to properly shut down our PCs. Temporary files are automatically generated when a user is unable to properly shutdown the system due to some reasons like:

  • Performing a hard reset to get rid of a malfunctioning program.
  • Improper system shutdown because of corrupt system files.
  • Turning off your Windows 10 during an already running session.
  • Hitting the power button to ignore the system update session.

Temporary files get deleted each time you perform a proper shutdown. These files get accumulated on your PC and may take up unnecessary storage.

Identical picture files

We all think of our PCs as external storage devices to store all the duplicate HD photos and image files. These files take up tons of storage on your system.

These files may be generated because of the following reasons:

  • Improper downloading
  • Downloading the same files multiple times
  • Keeping multiple copies of the same files on your PC

These files take up unnecessary storage space on your Windows 10 and also slow down the performance. general issues such as a decrease in the response times and system lags are some problems because of duplicate image files. The best way to get rid of these files is to install a duplicate photo finder application. This app restores valuable hard disk space.

Problems while downloading file(s)

Sometimes we tend to download a file more than once. This happens because of slow internet connection where the page is unable to process the download and we keep on clicking the download link.

Facing issues while downloading a particular file may be due to the user or a broken link. Technical glitches also affect the downloads. Windows generates multiple copies of the same files. This way our system generates two copies of the same files in our download folder.

File sharing

We often share files through Bluetooth, email or other useful apps. Sometimes we download the attachments on the email more than once. These documents, pdf files, slides, audio files and other items stay in our download folder forever and we never check for multiple copies of the same file.

If files are shared with other devices and systems, many a time, it happens that the system generates multiple copies of the same files. Sometimes even sending attachments generates multiple copies of the document.


Data backup is another factor that generates copies of several files, items, programs and folders and takes huge storage space. Taking a backup is essential and really helpful.

This procedure generates duplicate files on your computer system. Even while restoring several identical files are generated and this takes a huge toll on the hard disk.

Cons of removing the duplicate files from your Windows 10

  • Removing the duplicate files helps in recovering tons of disk space that allows you to do more.
  • It organizes the data on your hard disk and directly improves the system performance.
  • It improves the response times and also reduces the back-up time to backup and restore files and folders.

Final Verdict

So, this article is all about the elements that take up huge storage space on your hard disk. Some of the old files may get corrupted and affect the Windows performance by messing up with critical system files.

One should always perform a system scan or manually lookout for the old files, unwanted logs, duplicate images files and the browser history. It is really important to get rid of those identical image files by deploying apps such as duplicate photo finder utilities to free tons of gigabytes of the hard disk.

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