Crypto penny are cryptocurrencies trading in the market for a few pennies or less than $5 per unit. Despite being high-risk crypt investments because of their small market capitalization value, they are cheap to invest in. Many of the crypto penny stocks to invest in should have the potential for value increment over time.

Many factors determine the potential of crypto. It could be the

  • Value of the underlying tech or
  • Community and/or team behind the project or mere hype

For cryptos, it is possible to get such types of cryptocurrencies and tokens whose value is bound to increase over time due to their current potential. If you’re looking for some good crypto penny stocks to watch, look no further than

  • Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment (HFE)
  • LM Funding America Inc (LMFA)
  • SonOfSaitama (SOS)
  • Advanced Technology Coin (ARC)
  • TRONConnect (TCX)

Each of these companies is poised to benefit from the growing cryptocurrency space and has strong fundamentals to back their growth. There is an endless list of crypto penny stocks in the market, but the secret is to invest in crypto or token that will increase in value.

Listed below are some of the best stocks in the crypto industry to watch in 2018.

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment

While Hall Of Fame Resort & Entertainment is one of the hottest new cryptocurrency stocks to watch, it is much more than that. This emerging company uses the power of the NFL to its advantage. Hall of Fame owns the Hall of Fame Village, a multi-use entertainment and sports facility conveniently located next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The company also recently announced an exclusive partnership with ASM Global, a company that specializes in developing and operating a golf resort. While Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment is not a leader in the NFT space, the company’s crypto penny stocks have enjoyed big gains in the craze for NFTs.

This is great news for investors since NFTs are not yet set in stone. Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment may be able to move into the space as it gains in popularity. While the Hall of Fame is well-known for its entertainment properties, its focus on NFT technology has created a halo effect that investors have noticed.

Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment’s stock rose 119% in March trading, but no news was announced last month. Despite this recent bullishness, the company is largely in a “hold” position, so it will remain a good stock to watch.

Crypto Penny Stocks

The company has also been gaining momentum as mainstream investors are looking into the emerging metaverse. This sector promises to return ownership of data and information to the end-users. Many of the companies involved in this space are also penny stocks.

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This investment opportunity can offer 10x or even more gains in share prices. You might consider purchasing some of these if you are looking for a safe and profitable way to invest in crypto penny stocks.


If you’re looking for good penny crypto stocks to buy, then ARC is one of the top choices. The company offers onsite services for professional architecture and general document solutions. The company’s blockchain technology allows it to track goods in transit so that their destination can be identified during shipping.

The company has a strong balance sheet and recently reported an increase in earnings per share and net income by 45% over 2021. The company’s gross margin remained at 32% for the year. Despite the relatively new nature of blockchain technology, many small tech companies shifted into it when the popularity of increased.

Because of this, it’s not surprising to see a slew of penny stocks claiming to be using blockchain technology. Unfortunately, many of these companies are merely using the terminology to attract investors. Because speculative tech is an unregulated space, many government regulators aren’t sure what to make of it.

As a first-time investor, you may not want to risk a large amount of on this particular cryptocurrency. While the market is still relatively new, the company’s revenues are rising and its ICO has over seventy thousand followers on eToro. While ARC isn’t one of the best crypto penny stocks to buy, it could be a solid addition to a diversified portfolio.

Crypto Penny Stocks

Compared to many large-cap companies, crypto penny stocks are much riskier. Because of the smaller size of the companies, they’re generally not built for long-term shareholder value. If done correctly, however, penny stocks can be a lucrative way to make a few quick bucks.

You’ll have to be willing to accept some risks to reach your financial goals, but the reward can be well worth it. Unlike some cryptos, ARC has a diversified business model that makes it an attractive alternative for investors.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, and ARC’s growth potential is based on a variety of factors, including the quality of the underlying tech, the community, and the team behind the project. The company is also highly regulated both in the US and abroad. If you’re new to the crypto world, ARC is worth looking at.

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LMFA is a tech-based speciality finance company. The crypto penny stocks have recently been making some headway, with shares up over 11% in the past five days. The company is also making inroads into the fintech space. At the time of writing, around 54 million shares have changed hands. Moreover, it has an average daily trading volume of around 906,000 shares.

Here are the top reasons why LMFA crypto penny stocks to watch:

  • Energy: This company is making big news, as they are tied to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Some countries are choking off Russian oil, which is driving prices higher. That’s a trend that could become a larger trend. So, if you’re looking for an investment that could outperform other stocks, LMFA is one of the best crypto penny stocks to watch.
  • Crypto-related stocks often lose money. Lack of research is the most common reason investors lose their portfolios. Despite being attractive, they fail to do enough research. Without a deep understanding of the company, investors can end up with major losses. Consequently, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible about any crypto stock before making an investment decision. It’s always better to use this information to your advantage.


If you are looking for crypto penny stocks to watch, SOS is a good one. This company started as a provider of emergency services, but quickly made its way into the blockchain and crypto markets, primarily because of its immense potential. While it is still a young company,

SOS has already made significant strides in blockchain technology and pure-play cryptocurrency mining. In addition to Bitcoin, SOS also offers other services, including

  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Satellite technology
  • 5G networks, and more

Despite a lack of news, the stock has recently risen over 4% and is now trading at $0.82 per share. Although this is a significant increase, the recent bearish action could be playing a role. Bitcoin, which has gained more than 14% in the past month, is likely to follow suit.

Crypto Penny Stocks

SOS Ltd. is a blockchain company with products in big data, cloud computing, satellite, and other areas. In November, SOS announced a securities purchase agreement through which accredited investors bought $90.1 million in SOS American Depository Shares.

The company plans to use the proceeds to expand its North American operations, meet general corporate needs, and fund working capital. However, SOS does not yet have a clear road map for where it will end up in the future.

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However, its recent developments give investors plenty of reason to be cautious about SOS. After a recent mania, the company has been steadily adding rigs to its cryptocurrency mining facility. Currently, the company has over 6,000 Bitcoin and computing systems.

With this increase, the company has increased its hash rate. This is an important aspect for technical traders and investors alike. SOS crypto penny stocks continue to rise but are still volatile stocks. In the meantime, it is worth watching.

Oriental Culture Holding

The crypto penny stock to watch is Oriental Culture Holding (OCH). OCH was one of the speculative companies when the NFT hype was at its peak. But it has since firmly planted its flag in the NFT arena and has released several progress reports throughout the first half of the year.

As a comprehensive service company with rich cultural and art collection market operations and marketing, OCH seizes current development opportunities and provides online and offline supporting services for domestic and international art e-commerce platforms. 

In addition, the company launched an NFT services business last month and is aiming to mint NFTs for cultural collections. Despite being a relatively new company, SOS is a promising stock to follow.

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Crypto penny stocks are cryptocurrencies trading in the market for a few pennies or less than $5 per unit. Despite being high-risk crypt investments because of their small market capitalization value, they are cheap to invest in. Many of the crypto penny stocks to invest in should have the...
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