The sole purpose of a B2B is to put a brand or in front of its target audience while solving its problems so they are lured to know more about it. Your B2B content must inculcate a sense of reciprocity, so that your ideal customers are compelled to do business with you, instead of your competitors.

Your content strategy holds immense importance due to its potential of bringing in more reasonable & organic leads and standing out in the crowd. You may think so, but it isn’t as simple as putting together a bunch of target keywords/keyphrases or posting 10 times a week on .

Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

A good B2B content marketing strategy must begin with an in-depth knowledge of your target audience. In this post, I will walk you through a 5-step process for building an effective B2B content marketing strategy, along with the important elements included in it.

Elements of a superb B2B content marketing strategy

Do you wish to know what the world’s best B2B content marketing teams are doing?

The thing that sets apart content marketing is its ability to target prospective customers straightforwardly, affordably get leads, as well as increase the reach and revenue-making capabilities of every type of content.

Here are the key elements of effective content marketing

  • Full alignment between the target customer and the real target audience
  • Involvement from the product team, senior management, the sales team in the content for giving any strategic guidance
  • Feedback from the target audience and customers with regards to content engagement measurement, surveys, comments and focus groups
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly and annual KPIs as well as goal tracking
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5 Important Steps for Building a Great B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing can be different for different B2B companies. One company may target one type of business owner, and another might target every type of business. If a business has a variety of audiences, then the entire process of creating a strategy will be more complicated.

Understand your audience

Knowing your audience is the first step towards creating a B2B content marketing strategy. The two main methods used to understand an audience are:

Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

The buyer or customer persona – It is a caricature of your ideal customer. While creating your buyer persona, you’ll have to know their job designation, the type of business they work for, as well as the challenges they face.
If you don’t wish to create an imaginary customer, you can refer to real customers. You can add the same information here as you would for the buyer persona.

In both methods, the way a marketer collects information about their customers would be the same.

Pick your content formats and channels

Next, you’ll have to pick the main content formats as well as the channels you’ll use to showcase your content.

Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

For a B2B company, SEO is the biggest channel for content distribution. This way you spend less on paid . Depending on the type of audience, you can also create explainer videos or even a podcast. You can reach them through blog posts, eBooks, email, social media depending on the type of business you run.

Besides, pick the right social media platforms to put forth your content. A lot of B2B companies focus on posting on LinkedIn, while others may use or . For example, if you own an interior design company, these platforms are where your target audience mostly dwells.

If you begin with a deep understanding of your audience, it’s much easier to choose the right content format and channel.

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Choose interesting content topics

Having a great understanding of your audience also helps a lot in picking meaningful topics for your content. Now you’re aware of your audience’s needs and what they prefer to read, watch or listen to, so choose topics accordingly.

You can create a video where you answer the common queries about the product or service you offer. Long-form articles are also a great way to provide you with useful information about your brand and its products.

Do it systematically

Systemize your entire process of creating a good B2B content marketing strategy. A lot of B2B marketers live under the misconception that their strategy begins and ends with choosing the channels and topics. But, it isn’t so. The process is equally important as your channels and content topics. Nothing is possible without a good content strategy.

To get the best results, make use of a cohesive content operations platform that encompasses a content marketing calendar, collaboration, briefing as well as publishing in a single place. For example, StoryChief lets you plan stories and social media posts in the content calendar, then assign those to the relevant influencers or collaborators, review what they’ve done, and publish it.

Effective B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Therefore, you don’t have to manage things separately using email, excel spreadsheets, or docs as you can put it all together in one place. This makes the entire process so much easier. Speed plays a major role in the success of any B2B content marketing strategy. You must get useful content in front of your audience as fast as possible, so you can convert more prospects into customers.

Evaluate leads and micro-metrics

The highly-advanced B2B content marketing teams are superb at analytics. You cannot measure what’s working if you don’t have data.

Following are the top metrics to measure for a B2B marketing team:

Current trends

  • Total number of views on recent posts
  • Total number of social impressions on recent posts
  • Total conversion of recent posts including email subscribers, purchases, free trial sign-ups)
  • Total social media shares of recent posts
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Benchmarks and Trends

Change in reading time vs the previous period
Number of active email subscribers vs the previous period
Change in bounce rate vs the previous time duration

Highest Performing Content

Top 20 posts with the largest number of views
Top 20 posts with the highest read time
Top 20 posts with the largest conversions

Use the above-mentioned tactics to better create your B2B content strategy. For instance, if any piece of content turns out to be working well for you, in terms of shares and views, you can make it a series and post more like that. Or if any content is receiving higher-than-usual conversion rates, you can promote it a little more using paid social ads or sponsored content.


Once you’ve built the foundation of the B2B content marketing strategy for your business, you can plan to produce content with a more defined approach. Make sure you re-evaluate your content marketing strategy throughout the year and observe your most and least effective campaigns.

As time passes, you will be able to hone your content strategy while piquing your audience’s interest so that they make a purchase.

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