Twitter as one of the oldest platforms enjoys its first-mover advantage as it stands as one of the primary social media networks that introduced the world with the concept of microblogging. And with 192 million daily active users, strategy stands as the second most popular social media marketing tool.

While individuals look at the platform as a medium to express themselves, share their opinion, showcase their wittiness with tweets, uploading images, etc. On the other hand, businesses tend to use Twitter as a tool to spread awareness about their products and brands.

So if you are looking for a smart way to use this platform for your , then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the easy and effective Twitter marketing ideas that can help you capture more audiences and boost the reach of your business.

Twitter Marketing Hacks

In the scope of utilizing Twitter marketing tools to the absolute, businesses are actively opting for the strategy where they embed Twitter feed on their website. It is a creative way to use the platform beyond its boundaries, and in recent times there has been buzz about this strategy in the market.

Why Are Businesses Opting To Embed Twitter Feed On The Website?

As mentioned above, there is a lot of buzz about the Twitter marketing strategy, so if you have an inquisitive mind and want to know more about it, this segment is just for you.

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We will try to keep it short and to the point – In this era of the internet, businesses aim to establish their online presence and need to have that x-factor in their website that attracts people and keeps them engaged. It eventually helps them in increasing their brand reputation in the market.

And this is where the Twitter marketing strategy comes in handy, as it beautifies the visuals of the website and at the same time keeps the visitors hooked to the website with the help of tweets related to respective businesses.

Various tools in the market provide you with the ease of embedding Twitter feed on the website. So if you are opting to do that, here is the list of the 5 best Twitter marketing tools.

  • Tagembed
  • Elfsight
  • Curator
  • EmbedSocial
  • SnapWidget

Now getting to the core of the topic, as we promised, here are some of the smart Twitter marketing tips.

Twitter Marketing Strategies That Can Help You To Reach Your Desired Marketing Goals

When you decide to join a social media platform, you aim to reap maximum benefits and reach out to more audiences. However, there are millions of other brands/users competing on the platform for the same goal. Hence it is necessary to have some smart tactics that help to stand out from the crowd. Hence, here are some of the brilliant tactics to reach aspired goals.

Stay Active on the Twitter Platform

It does not matter what social media platform you pick, this Twitter marketing strategy should be part of your social media marketing plan. One of the best ways to stay fresh in the minds of the audience and take advantage of social media platform algorithms is by staying active on the platform.

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Make sure that you post regularly and keep your followers/audience wanting more. But keep in mind that while delivering regular content, doesn’t overwhelm your followers. Maintain a schedule to post and follow that schedule, keep short and proper gaps between upload time of two posts.

Follow the Trend

After you have decided to post regularly, the next question is what to post? – And there is a simple technique for it – Just follow the trend. Every day or every week, you can analyze the trend. Now, how to analyze it? That trend would be the talk of the town.

People will be posting about it, marketers will be using them as a promotional tool, and there will be a buzz about it. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and you will be able to get the trend. Just use your creativity and try to post the content related to the trend. Additional tip: Make your content engaging and entertaining, and try to add some wit.


It is an open secret that hashtags are the code to success on Twitter. Twitter is the first social media platform that introduced the world of the internet with hashtags. It is a shortcut to capture the target audience. Hashtags categorize the entire content under one umbrella and provide you with a better opportunity to meet your target audience.

You can use the hashtags of the latest trend or hashtags related to your industry. While using hashtags, keep in mind that you don’t overuse them, the best is to use 2 hashtags for a single post.

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Use Memes

Memes are trendy and are likely to stay for a long time, after those who don’t want to smile or some lighter moment in their daily routine. People prefer viewing hashtags and hence provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your creativity and meet more audience.

Voice Your Opinion

While using the Twitter platform, one must not forget it is a great platform to share one’s thoughts and opinions. So use the platform to share your thoughts on any ongoing debate or topic. People who relate with you or agree with your opinion are more likely to read them, and hence it can increase your chances of enhancing brand and Twitter handle recognition.


Twitter is an influential platform and has the potential to take your brand beyond geographical boundaries. It can help you reach a huge audience. All you have to do is use some smart tactics that keep you relevant on the platform and help you capture more audiences. You add the tactics mentioned above in your Twitter marketing plan and expect some excellent outcomes from the platform.

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