Truecaller allows you to record calls on Android smartphones. The Caller ID app has added a native call recording function that allows users to record both outgoing and incoming calls. Truecaller saves call recordings to your phone storage.

The recordings are saved offline so you can access them whenever you have internet access. Your call recordings can be shared with all your contacts. Truecaller is the world’s leading platform for verifying contacts and blocking unsolicited communication.

The Impact of Truecaller on the World

We hear often of Truecaller’s positive impact on someone’s life. These include fighting crime with law enforcement agencies to preventing financial fraud and even saving lives. These incidents are truly heart-warming and help the company be proud of the achievements they have made.

These are just a few of the many incidents that gave the caller ID app company the drive to keep going.

  • Truecaller assists mother to find her kidnapped daughter
  • exposes kidnapper
  • 46 spam calls per Month: Brazil is a country where people fight back and win
  • Who is making all these scam calls?

Truecaller ID App Full Features

Communications made it easier to make your life safer and more efficient.

Do you remember those days when the phone rang but you didn’t know the person calling? It could have been the company you’ve always wanted to work for, or the hospital trying to tell you that someone is ill, or just a guy trying to sell something to you. Truecaller was born from this uncertainty.

Record Calls on Android

The caller ID company created Truecaller to help you know who is trying to reach you and when to ignore them. They want to eliminate all confusion and separate the important from the noise.

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Here are some of the benefits that Truecaller will bring to your life:

  • Caller ID: Find out the identity of unknown numbers, spammers or companies calling you before you pick up! You can see the real identity of every incoming call anywhere on the planet, whether it is mobile, landline or pre-paid.
  • Spam blocking: Auto-block telemarketers, Robocallers, and block numbers. So everyone is protected from unwanted calls, our community keeps track of numbers in real-time.
  • Chat, SMS and calls: You don’t need to switch apps. Truecaller allows you to manage all of your communication.
  • A clean, organized Inbox. Keep it clutter-free with the automatic categorization of Personal, Important, Other, and Spam SMS.
  • Intelligent dialer: Only call the right people Call your family, friends, and identify unknown numbers by dialling!
  • Smart integrations: Many features can be combined to bring all your messages and calls in one place.
  • Important Tab: Keep track of your upcoming bills, delivery status and PNR status.
  • Record calls: Save important call recordings on your phone.

Truecaller introduced call recording via its app in 2018 but the feature record calls were only available to paid subscribers. The company is now rolling out the feature record calls to all of its users.

According to Gaurav Jain, the head of the Calling division at Truecaller in an interview, the new feature to record calls was now available for devices with Android 5.1 or newer. 100% of users have the feature to record calls on the most recent public beta version, while 5% use stable versions.

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In the next 2 to 3 weeks, the company plans to make the call recording feature available to all Truecaller users worldwide. It will also be available for all Android versions, including the latest Android 12.

Before you begin the steps to record calls with Truecaller on Android, you need to obtain the consent of the person recording the call. In some countries, call recordings are not allowed. Before proceeding with these details, please check your local laws.

How to record calls with Truecaller on Android OS

Truecaller currently offers a new call recording feature that allows you to record calls directly on Android without the need for additional apps. It is still in stages and could take some time for your device to receive the rollout. If the feature is already available on your Android smartphone, you can follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility to grant accessibility permission to Truecaller call recording.
  • Tap the Record button on the Caller ID screen to record the audio of incoming calls.
  • To disable call recording, open the Truecaller app’s side menu and press the hamburger button in the upper-left corner.
  • Tap Call Recordings to turn off the Call recording’ option.

Truecaller stores recorded calls on your phone storage. You can also access previous call recordings from Truecaller in the future, without having to connect to the Internet.

The Truecaller app has a Call Recordings section that allows you to access calls recorded in the past. These recordings can be shared with your contacts and saved on Google Drive. You can also access call recording files manually through your default file manager app.

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