The MCSE Exams is a popular certification path from Microsoft also known as the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for professionals across different industry sectors. The MCSE certification path shows prospective employers and clients that people can design, administer, and implement infrastructures using Microsoft Windows server platforms.

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert credential has replaced the previous Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification, though students with the old MSCE can retain the credential as a legacy certification. Though, is recommended that professionals should update their certification to demonstrate proficiency with new technologies.

To earn the MCSE Exams certification and to prove expertise in designing and implementing the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows 2022 platform and Microsoft Windows Server system, the MCSE exams are the best medium.

MCSE Certification Required Exams

MCSE exam is held to improve the expertise in designing and implementing Windows Server 2022 and other issues related to it. To take an MCSE exam, the applicant needs to go through a 14 day MCSE training boot camp that helps in successfully becoming a Microsoft Certified System Engineer.

Tips to Pass Your MCSE Exams

They use a custom-developed curriculum that is designed to provide both exam preparation and practical skills, ensuring that the shall be ready for the performance-based testing Microsoft has introduced in their certification programs.

Experienced instructors have been arranged who possess many years of experience of working with Microsoft operating systems and technologies both in the field and in the classroom. labs are designed using genuine PC technology, which provides each student having the ability to access various Microsoft operating systems simultaneously on their desktop.

Due to this facility provided for MCSE exams, students can access any time to practice for the exam throughout to maintain their progress and determine the areas that require further study of those Microsoft operating systems. Different kinds of resources are provided to both students and instructors under this boot camp while preparing for the MCSE exams.

  • These resources are based on the web and also distribute after and before the classroom session so that both of them can share information
  • The online forum assists them to analyze different methods of programming
  • The centres are available for obtaining the certification goals
  • Pre-class preparation is essential to ensure complete in an MCSE exam
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MCSE Exams Certification Training Courses

There are many aspects of specialization that a certification training course in MCSE exams focuses on, such as

  • SQL Servers
  • Sharepoint
  • Exchange Servers
  • Windows Server
  • Office 365
  • System Center

People who have MCSE certified professional certificates become a part of the global Microsoft community and have the opportunity to participate in various Microsoft events, training sessions, conferences and more. An MCSE exams certification is a recognized certification that can open up multiple doors that can help working professionals advance their careers.

  • Are you looking to expand your knowledge?
  • Advance your career?
  • Improve your credibility?

Earning professional certification involves a lot of hard work, time and perseverance. MCSE certification is one of the most prestigious and globally recognized credentials for IT professionals. And no doubt, MCSE exams certification proves your competence in administering and configuring computer systems.

MCSE Exams Courses

There are some important topics that you need to study if you wish to become a certified Microsoft Engineer. This topic includes everything you need to know about the process of configuration and networking of the server. If you decide to join a training program or an institution, the course duration for this topic is 3 weeks. While studying, you need to focus on the configuration of the

  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Group Policy
  • Hyper –V Configuration

Administering Windows Server

Another important topic which takes about 3 weeks to study. This topic addresses tasks such as

  • User Group Management
  • Remote Access & Network Policies
  • Implementing Server Images
  • Active Directory Domain Service (AD DS)

This topic also explains monitoring and management updates. While studying, you should focus on the administrative tasks, which are required for the Server Infrastructure.

Configuring Advanced Windows Server

This is the 3rd topic that should be taken seriously if you wish to become a certified Microsoft Engineer. The topic covers configuration. It explains the configuration of necessary features and advanced services that support the maintenance of the infrastructure and other networking services. It also covers

  • Active Directory Domain Services training How to balance the network load
  • As well as disaster recovery, which should be studied in detail
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The IT syllabus for MCSE exams comprises topics such as Failover clustering and Business continuity. The course duration for this topic at an institution is 2 weeks.

Designing and Implementing Server Infrastructure

This is the 4th topic on the list, and it is an essential part of MCSE exams certification. When you pass the first 3 topics listed above, you qualify to be a certified Microsoft Engineer. The 4th and 5th topics on the list gives you certification in Server Infrastructure. This topic covers the implementation and design of Server Infrastructure.

The topics also cover planning, design skills and intelligence, which are important in the practice area of the exam. The topic teaches you additional skills about the optimization of automated remediation and the application of integration and maintenance of network services. The course duration for this topic is about 1 week.

Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

This is the 5th topic on the list and the second topic under Server Infrastructure. This is the second topic that needs to be passed after the first three topics listed above if you want to be certified as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.

This topic covers Windows Servers, how to plan and implement them, and other important aspects that are crucial for this certification. The topic is quite open and will test your knowledge. This helps your understanding of advanced technology. This topic takes 10 weeks to cover.

Where to find Free MCSE Exams Guidelines

The best source for free exam certification study guides is the Exam Lab Website which is your one-stop to get thousands of practice questions and MCSE practice exams, which will aid your preparation. Exam-labs provide you with 100% real questions to fully prepare you for the exams.

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The materials and instructions are handed out which define how to prepare for the MSCE exams. In addition to this, as earlier mentioned one gets to access online resources, which provide detailed course information, and additional preparation resources.

These exams resources related to the discussion forums and private questions posed to the instructors also help in preparing for the MCSE exams as they help in clearing doubts and difficulties.

Career Options for MCSE Certified Candidates

  • Some job opportunities for technology specialists with MCSE certification include
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Systems Analyst or consultant

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the education level required of systems engineers is higher than the average level required for most technology jobs. According to, people who have earned the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert designation are also employed as

  • Information Technology Managers Systems Administrators
  • Information Technology Directors

The lowest-earning persons in the list were systems administrators, who earned a median annual salary of $71,000 as of September 2019, while the highest earners, information technology directors, earned a median annual salary of $113,000 at the same time.

According to the BLS, network and computer systems administrators are expected to see a 4% employment growth from 2019 to 2029. Computer and information systems managers are expected to experience a 10% employment growth from 2019 to 2029.

You will need a lot of experience with Microsoft systems as well as an intricate knowledge of various aspects of the Microsoft system to earn your MCSE certification. However, if you can pass your MCSE exam, many different career paths will open to you.

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