Users should backup mailboxes to refuse the situation of Office 365 data loss in case of an accidental crash. There are two ways to backup Office 365 data, one is a manual method, and another is by using a third-party tool. The question that arises is, should the user use the manual way or a third-party tool method to accomplish the Office 365 backup task?

Well, the answer is users should use third-party tools. Now the question is, WHY? Because:

  • The manual procedure is complex and needs an expertise man to do the backup process perfectly as per the need.
  • The manual way can only backup the data up to 2GB.
  • There is no certainty of full data backup. Therefore, the manual method is not much appropriate.
  • Loss of data may occur.

The best third-party tool is Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool for Office 365 Backup solution. The process and features of this tool are the reason for being recommended.

How to use Shoviv Office 365 Backup tool for Office 365 Backup Solution

Shoviv Office 365 is a picture-perfect utility that can easily use for Office 365 emails backup tasks. comes with a simple Graphical user interface that enriches the experience of its users. These are the simple steps that users should follow while using this like Office 365 backup solution:

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Connecting the Office 365 account with Shoviv’s tool

  • Click on Office 365 option from the ribbon bar.
  • A dialogue box will appear, enter the project name, user ID, and password of the Office 365 account, tap OK.
Microsoft Office 365 Backup

This step will connect the Office 365 mailbox with the Shoviv Office 365 backup and restore utility.

Choosing backup directory

  • Again go to the ribbon bar, click on the backup directory option.
  • A dialogue box will popup fill the directory name and path, press OK.

The directory is selected, which can be used in backing up the Office 365 mailboxes. Here users can add multiple backup directories.

Creating backup jobs

  • Tap on creating backup jobs option from the ribbon bar.
  • A dialogue box will appear to enter the job name and select the project name and backup directory; press Next.
  • Here select mailboxes users can use the search option to search for mailbox, press Next.
  • In this item filter option, use filters accordingly (Users can also skip the filter option), the item filter has these objective-based filters:
    • Message class
    • Data range
    • Folder filter
  • When users press Next, they jump to the setting section, in this phase, users have options to enter thread count, the number of attempts to connect in case of interruption, and split PST file.
  • Next comes to the Scheduler section. In this section, users use this choice to enable backup job occurrence and frequency. Occurrence in terms of Once only, Daily, Weekly or Monthly, and frequency in terms of clock time, tap Next.
  • The status of the backup job created will be shown, and users can see the overall detail of the backup job, if the user is satisfied, he can go further.
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Remember, till now the setup has been created the backup job hasn’t started yet. To start the backup jobs, users must go to the respective Backup job list and start the backup jobs.

Alluring Features Of Shoviv Office 365 Backup Utility

  • This tool backups the Office 365 mailboxes in PST file format. In any version of , users can view the PST files.
  • This tool is a job-based application. It means that users need to connect to the Office 365 account, choose the backup directory, and create a job once. After that, users can back up the Office 365 mailboxes with a single click consequently.
  • The filter option facilitates the user to backup only specified mailboxes based on the message class, data range, and folder filter.
  • It is the human tendency that he forgets the tasks sometimes. Using the scheduler feature of this tool periodically avoids the chances of not getting back up the Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Incremental backup is the feature that prevents duplicity of the mailboxes in the file. There is a chance that the process may get interrupted. When a connection is brought again, usually what happens is that the process gets started from the very first. The incremental backup feature presumes the process from the last backup file and hence prevents duplicity.
  • This utility also can be used for restoring purposes. It can restore the PST files to Office 365.
  • Users can process the multiple backup jobs as well as the restoring jobs simultaneously.
  • Along with the ability to back up the Office 365 mailboxes in PST file format, this tool restores the PST files to Office 365.
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We have talked about the Shoviv Office 365 backup tool in this article. The process of Office 365 backup is elaborated in this article for users so that users can work through it. The manual method comes up with a few insecurities, the Shoviv Office 365 backup and restores tool provides the secure backup facility.

This third-party tool has so many features as mentioned above. The top features of this tool are the incremental backup and the Scheduler features. Other than these fantastic features, it comes with a simple GUI.

Simple GUI enables both the technical person as well as the non-technical person to work on it. This benevolent tool comes with the free trial version. Users can download this tool from the official website of Shoviv. This trial tour only works to back up the first fifty items per folder.

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