You can get a very good cloud hosting plan with a virtual server to host your website with Verpex web hosting company. In comparison with the traditional , the cloud hosting plans usually house one or multiple sites on one physical server.

As a webmaster, if you are wondering whether a cloud hosting plan will fit your web hosting needs better, this guide will help to answer that question. We will be exploring everything about Verpex web hosting company and all the cloud hosting plan essentials.

Why you should choose Cloud Hosting Plan from Verpex

The Verpex cloud hosting plan works through virtualization. A web cloud hosting plan is a technology that splits a physical web server into multiple virtual machines that are called cloud servers. Then, these cloud servers will connect to create a single network to host your WordPress website.

The interconnected cloud structure of a good cloud hosting plan makes it different from normal web hosting. When you buy a cloud hosting plan from Verpex, you will rent a space on the servers for the files and databases that make up your website. You can freely, and easily, build and manage your site through the web hosting company control panel.

Cloud Hosting Plan from Verpex

What Makes Verpex Cloud Hosting Plan Awesome

  • You will get Domain: Domain names are free with every order. Either you pick a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, you won’t pay a cent. Though, this excludes premium domains.
  • You are entitled to free SSL Certificates: Protect your site users with free SSL certificates. All installations are quick and done automatically.
  • You will be backed by cPanel: Embrace cPanel and simplify your hosting demands. Get CloudLinux, Softaculous, and much more.
  • Routine Daily Backups: Verpex web hosting companies perform off-site backups twice a day to preserve anything attached to their hosting website. That’s every file, email, and database change you decide to make.
  • You will get 24/7 Support: You can reach the web hosting company at any time of the day or night, on weekdays and weekends.
  • Free Site Migrations: You can bring your existing sites over to Verpex web hosting company without any hassle or charges.
  • You have 60 Day Back Guarantee:
  • You can try Verpex web hosting company cloud hosting plans for 60 days and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back as part of the company’s guarantee.
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Main Benefits of Using Verpex Cloud Hosting Plan

It is highly available

When one server fails, the rest will cover for it and keep your website running. This is what makes a cloud hosting plan more reliable than normal web hosting, where a site has to rely on its server being up at all times.

Traffic load balancing

When your website experiences a traffic surge, the cloud hosting infrastructure will spread it across the cloud servers. This helps maintain your website performance as it sees more visitors.


With a cloud hosting plan, you are not limited to the bandwidth, storage, or computing power available from a single server. They can use additional resources in the virtual environment to support their site’s growth.

Greater security

Cloud hosting plans are generally less prone to disasters and physical malfunctions since they use multiple servers in a virtual environment.

Verpex cloud hosting plans are designed to get your blog or venture to continuous success. The team at Verpex web hosting company are available 24/7 to offer you their expert support on every aspect of your new website. Achieve your goals today with the web hosting company feature-rich solutions.

As a Verpex web hosting company user, you can rest assured that any issues along the road to the cloud hosting plans success are easily solved by their best-in-class support team. They’re always available whenever you need the company’s 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Just tell them how they can help you.

Moving your web hosting to Verpex cloud hosting plans from your current web hosting provider, the company can take care of the whole migration for you. Every website hosted with Verpex web hosting company comes with a free (AutoSSL) as default. Once you’ve published your website and have gone live, the automatic SSL checker deploys a free SSL on the hour.

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In Summary

The primary benefit of the Verpex cloud hosting plan is reliability. When one of the cloud servers is down, other servers can take its place to keep your website online. It is also less prone to hardware failure, and you can scale the web hosting company hosting resources as needed to anticipate your website’s traffic spikes.

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