Best 2019 DSLR Cameras You Should Get Your Hands-On

Which one is the best DSLR camera to buy? With so many distinct DSLR options on the market, it could be difficult to choose the model that has the characteristics you require that also meet your financial budget. DSLR cameras are, without a doubt, a common option for many years among photographers.

DSLRs have proved to be the instruments of many photographers every day, thanks to their outstanding image quality, extremely quick focusing efficiency, outstanding ergonomics, robust build-up, outstanding battery life, and bright optical viewfinder.

The price, however, varies from one camera to another – for instance, Canon Digital Cameras Prices in Australia are a little higher as compared to Nikon but indeed Canon cameras are loaded with a plethora of features to entice every single one. To help you find a right and the best DSLR cameras of 2019, we have compiled a list of digital cameras including Canon and Nikon here on this single page so that you wouldn’t up to buying the wrong one.

Top Canon and Nikon 6 DSLR camera

Canon EOS Rebel T7i

The Rebel T7i might be 2 years old now, but it is still the finest Rebel of Canon. Built around the same autofocus and sensor systems than the more costly EOS 80D, the T7i punched seriously into a camera in the entry-level.

The autofocus of 45-point viewfinder can easily be maintained by the Red Bull Air Race, while the Dual Pixel Autofocus on-sensor is perfect for video and live to view. With a burst pace of 7 frames per second, there are no problems keeping up with the little league game of your kid, and you’re likely to take some 2,000 photographs out of the battery in such burst situations.

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Nikon D3500

The Nikon D3500 has one of the sharpest APS-C sensors and a nice retrofitting kit lens on the reverse end of the spectrum to some fully-fledged DSLRs. You will, therefore, get state-of-the-art features without paying a fortune, and its value for cash and it seems to make it equally impressive as many sophisticated (and much costly) options.

DSLR Cameras

There is an excellent 24MP sensor and while the controls are easy for beginners, the little D3500 in the right hands is a match for cameras that set users back a lot. If you want to become a more creative photographer, and looking for the first DSLR cameras, look no further than Nikon D3500.

Canon EOS 80D

While the Canon EOS 80D is the high-end enthusiast DSLR of Canon, it’s still a big buy and one of the oldest DSLRs in the Canon line-up. The CMOS AF smart dual pixel shooting system provides quick, efficient 45 point focusing systems.

The handling of the camera is outstanding and promotes creative shooting and simple and fast adjustment. It also has a high-quality 24.2MP sensor, which can capture great detail while maintaining control of noise. It is an excellent DSLR camera which comes with a decent feature.

Nikon D7500

As compared to the D500, Nikon D7500 is much affordable, but although its performance and quality are not quite the same, the Nikon D7500 is packed with the same great 20.9MP sensor is an even compact and affordable body.

The new camera may not have the 153-point AF scheme of the D500 but the improved 51-point system in the D7500 is still a shade of competing technologies, with some other highlights being 4K capture, the tilt-angle touchscreen, and 8-pin bursts.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The Canon Mark IV is the most recent member and one of the finest Canon cameras for the iconic EOS 5D family. The design and control layout is familiar, the image quality is fantastic and it performs the best. The 5D Mark IV utilizes a 61-point autofocus viewfinder system and a Canon’s dual-pixel autofocus in live perspective, together with a recently developed 30% full-frame sensor.

The DSLR cameras are as fast as it does through the visor to remove a great point of pain prevalent to other DSLRs (such as the D850 above). You’ll discover the camera to be focused very rapidly even in the light of morning and evening. The EOS 5D Mark IV Canon Digital Camera Prices range in between AU$4000-4069.

Nikon D850

Last but absolutely not least, the Nikon D850 will absolutely blow your mind and you wouldn’t be able to think about any other DSLR. it’s indeed an expensive camera, but the outstanding image quality, bags of characteristics and a robust, weatherproof magnesium alloy body make it stand out from a crowd. In terms of resolution, the 45MP sensor is one of the highest in any DSLR, while 7fps burst mode for a camera using such a sensor is exceptionally big.

In addition to this, it is a cracking AF, excellent use and excellent 4K video, and it should be simple to recognize its versatility. Like the D850, but would you like to go without a mirror? Well although Nikon’s newer Z7 mirrorless camera does not exactly have a mirrorless D850, it is the same 45MP as the D850 and houses some dazzling tech of its own i.e. all-new lens mount.

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