With rapid technological explosion and advancements are providing a quick adaptation makes a significant difference in the field of entertainment. From the past few years, We’ all are witnessing evolution in the media industry, and it has caught the attention of millions of users.

The way video streaming websites like Netflix Clone Script and Hulu are emerging and become a trendsetter in the entertainment world is tremendous. With impeccable services, innovative tools and technologies can easily satisfy the requirements of the customer.

Countries with the Highest IPTV and Netflix penetration worldwide


The statistics present a forecast for the countries with the highest IPTV penetration worldwide in 2020. According to Digital TV Research, Iceland with 68.2 % will have the highest IPTV penetration rate.

Emerging IPTV Apps for Top 2020

Most leading IPTV service app development companies have come up with an advanced solution and next-generation thought process. It’s an exciting time for youngsters to explore these streaming apps, but choosing the best streaming app for the user within their budget is a challenging task, let’s have a look at these top streaming apps similar to Netflix of 2020.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular and widely used streaming platforms that offer a vast library option with some brilliant content for almost all genres of . Amazon Prime is the most affordable platform compared to other leading apps like Netflix and Hulu.

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Disney Plus

Disney is not a comprehensive and vast library like Netflix or Amazon. However, it is a more lively family option with unique shows like Marvel studios, popular cartoon series, and another excellent content base. Their primary focus is on family content that makes this app more engaging.

YouTube TV

We’ll all agree that Youtube is one of the most successful and biggest revolutions in online streaming platforms. Just in the blink of a second, youtube can provide you with the selection of video regarding your needs that the beauty of this app. YouTube is that much established worldwide that it does not need to produce its own series.

Sony LIV

Sony LIV is a specific content delivery that allows its users to watch movies and other TV shows. It can also provide you with effective programs like UFC, Laliga, NBA, and other popular live sports in multiple premium subscription plans. It mostly works on the freemium model that can enhance the customer’s overall experience.

HBO Now and HBO Go

HBO is a more traditional online streaming app that needs to be paid to access its content. HBO has an impressive series of content that includes Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley.

User does not have to update the app like other streaming apps altogether, the episodes are automatically added within a few hours of telecasts. HBO provides access to the content in $15 per month for entire library content.


Hotstar has launched Hotstar Originals recently and has come up with excellent content. Hotstar provides the broadest range of content when it comes to Indian TV shows and soaps for Bollywood and regional films starting from 99 to 999 per month. Read: Best Indian web series on Hotstar

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Sling TV

Sling TV is an emerging online streaming app that works as a cure for this cord-cutting generation; it is quite affordable in price. It offers the best opportunities to stream LIVE series, unlike traditional cable TV options.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV runs on almost all platforms and is becoming one of the most popular streaming services. It hosts more than 700 channels, including India, the UK, and other European and Asian countries. It comes with a large number of External Video Support. It gives you the option to download any content and stream it onto your device.

JioTV Live Sports Movie Shows

JioTV can be considered the most downloaded video streaming app that offers multiple languages, with more than 400 plus channels. It is a one-stop destination for Jio users. . Only Jio users can run the platform; this barrier can be a proven disadvantage for other users.

VLC Player

The VLC player is amongst the top popular media player that is used by the majority of people. VLC supports live TV, M3u Playlist and other streaming high-quality videos on both Android and iOS devices that can give the user a whole new experience


Nowadays, every IPTV App Development comes with five unique services, the same as the above IPTV platforms. With high-quality assistance and unique prices, these platforms are grabbing the attention of users. Now it’s up to users whether they want to go for High library content or want to choose quality service in monetary value.

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