Author: Medugu O. Sunday

CEO at O-One Conceptz, the leading best digital marketing company in Nigeria
How to Advertise to WhatsApp users via Facebook Ads

How to Advertise to WhatsApp users via Facebook Ads

There are many people who are willing to do business on WhatsApp and they are so desperate to advertise their brand to people but don't really know how to set up a WhatsApp business account and start making sale without breaking the bank but always doing it wrongly which tend to lead to being removed from most groups online since they keep spamming the groups. To most of them, spamming the WhatsApp groups seems to be the best way and easy for them to advertise their goods and service on the social media to grab the attention of most of the users in the group. Some people even create groups on WhatsApp and add people to the group without their consent. But; am happy to tell you today if you have been doing such practises in the past that instead of tarnishing the image of your brand...