The Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts will enhance users accuracy and speed when you take your time and master a few out of the many Office 365 shortcuts and you will be surprised how much time and frustration it will save you. Many users have found out that using an external keyboard with shortcuts for apps for Microsoft Office 365 helps them to work more efficiently.

For any user with mobility or vision disabilities, Office 365 keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using the touchscreen and are an essential alternative to using a mouse.

Here you will find comprehensive lists of most Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts

 Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts

Before we start with the listing, you need to note that any keyboard shortcuts are based on the US keyboard. They may not work the same in your keyboard layout. You can try the Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts from one Office 365 app in another one, and it may work there too. There are over a hundred shortcuts, and we can’t list them all here.

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Common Microsoft Word 365 Shortcuts

EscCancels an action
Ctrl+STo save document
Ctrl+UTo underline selected text
Ctrl+VTo paste into a document
Ctrl+WTo close a document
Ctrl+XTo cut a selected item
Ctrl+YTo re-do the last action
Ctrl+ZTo undo the previous action

Do you know about these Microsoft Word 365 shortcuts?

Ctrl+ASelect all document
Ctrl+BBold selected text
Ctrl+CCopy selected item
Ctrl+ECenter selected text
Ctrl+IItalicize selected text
Ctrl+LLeft align selected text
Ctrl+OOpen new document
Ctrl+RRight align selected text
Alt+W then QOpens the Zoom tool
Alt+QGo to “Tell me what you want to do”
Ctrl+[Decrease font size 1 point
Ctrl+]Increase font size 1 point

Microsoft Office 365 Shortcuts for Excel Worksheets

Ctrl+BBold a selected item
Ctrl+CCopy selected item
Ctrl+OOpen a workbook
Ctrl+SSave a workbook
Ctrl+VPaste selected item
Ctrl+WClose a workbook
Ctrl+XCut selected item
Ctrl+ZUndo the previous action
Delete keyRemove cell contents

Other Microsoft Excel 365 Shortcuts You Might Not Know

Ctrl+0Hide the selected columns
Ctrl+9Hide the selected rows
Alt+AGo to the Data tab
Alt+HGo to the tab
Alt+H then HChoose a fill colour
Alt+H then A then CCenter align cell contents
Alt+H then BAdd borders
Alt+H then D then CDelete column
Alt+MGo to the Formula tab
Alt+NGo to the Insert tab
Alt+PGo to the Page Layout tab
Alt+WGo to the View tab

Microsoft Shorcuts for Outlook 365

These Microsoft 365 shortcuts for Outlook might be new to you

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Alt+SSend message
Ctrl+CCopy selected item
DeleteDelete selected message, task, or meeting
Escape or EnterClose item

Microsoft Outlook 365 shortcuts for IT professionals

Ctrl+Shift+ACreate appointment
Ctrl+Shift+KNew task
Ctrl+Shift+MNew message
Ctrl+2Go to calendar
Ctrl+E Alt+H then R then PSearch
Alt+HGo to the Home tab
Alt+S then SSend and Receive
Alt+N then A then FInsert file
Alt+JA then A then SAttachment Save As
Alt+H then R then PReply
Alt+H then R then AReply All
Alt+H then M then V then select a folder from the listMove to folder
Alt+H then F then WForward

Useful Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts to create PowerPoint presentation

These are useful Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts for individuals working on the Microsoft PowerPoint

Ctrl+BMake selected text bold
Ctrl+CCopy selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl+NCreate new presentation
Ctrl+QClose PowerPoint
Ctrl+SSave the presentation
Ctrl+VPaste cut or copied text, object, or slide
Ctrl+XCut selected text, object, or slide
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action
Alt+G then HSelect a theme
Alt+HGo to the Home tab
Alt+H then F then SChange the font size for selected text
Alt+H then LSelect a slide layout
Alt+H then S then HInsert a shape
Alt+NGo to the Insert tab
Alt+N then PInsert a picture
Alt+W then QOpen Zoom dialogue
F5Start the slide show
Page DownGo to the next slide
Page UpGo to the previous slide
EscEnd the slide show

Microsoft Office 365 Shortcuts for Access

F1Open the Help window
F2Switch between Edit mode and Navigation mode in Datasheet or Design view
F4Show or hide a property sheet
F5Switch to Form view from Design view
F6Move the focus to a different part of the window
F11Show or hide the Navigation Pane
SOpen the Page Setup dialogue box for forms and reports
ZZoom in or out on a part of the page
Alt or F10 to move to a different tabSelect the active tab of the ribbon and activate KeyTips
Alt+H Open the Home tab
Alt+F4Exit Access
Alt+F5 then type the record number and Enter Go to a specific record in a Datasheet view
Ctrl+FOpen the Find box in the Datasheet view or Form view
Ctrl+HOpen the Find and Replace box in the Datasheet view or Form view
Ctrl+O or Ctrl+F12Open an existing database
Ctrl+POpen the Print dialogue
Ctrl+Plus Sign (+)Add a new record in Datasheet view or Form view
Shift+F10Display the shortcut menu for the selected item
Tab or Shift+TabMove to the next or previous field in Datasheet view

Microsoft Office 365 Shortcuts for Outlook in MacOS

These Office 365 shortcuts refer to the US keyboard layout. Keys for other layouts might not correspond exactly to the keys on a US keyboard. The plus sign (+) in a shortcut means that you need to press multiple keys at the same time, comma sign (,) in a shortcut means that you need to press multiple keys in order.

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COMMAND+SSave an item
COMMAND+PPrint an item
COMMAND+ZUndo the last action
COMMAND+YRedo the last action
COMMAND+MMinimize the active window
Shift+COMMAND+NCreate a new folder in the folder pane
COMMAND+NCreate a new email (in Mail view)
COMMAND+Backslash (\)Hide the reading pane or show it on the right
Shift+COMMAND+Backslash (\)Hide the reading pane or show it below
Shift+COMMAND+MMove the selected item to a different folder
Shift+COMMAND+CCopy the selected item to a different folder
COMMAND+ASelect all items in the item list, if the item list is the active pane
Options+COMMAND+RMinimize or expand the ribbon
COMMAND+HHide Outlook
COMMAND+QQuit Outlook
Fn+FnStart dictation
Control+COMMAND+SpacebarInsert emoji

For more frequently Office 365 shortcuts for macOS, visit the Microsoft support page for macOS users.

Useful Microsoft Office 365 shortcuts in SharePoint Online

The table below contains lists of the most frequently used shortcuts in SharePoint in Microsoft Office 365

Tab keyNavigate the screen
Alt+NCreate a document
Alt+UUpload a document
Shift+F10Display the context menu for the selected item
Alt+SUse search
Alt+YSync the library
Ctrl+CCopy text
Ctrl+XCut text
Ctrl+VPaste text
Ctrl+ZUndo the latest action

For more frequently Office 365 shortcuts in SharePoint, visit the Microsoft support page for SharePoint Online.

If you are familiar with Office 365 shortcuts on your macOS computer, the same shortcuts combinations work with Microsoft Words for iOS using an external keyboard, too.

Also, if you are familiar with Office 365 shortcuts on your Windows computer, the same key combinations work with Excel for Android OS using an external keyboard, too. To quickly find a shortcut in this article, you can use Search. Press Command+F, and then type your search words.

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