Eye pain is often a sign of several different ailments. Some of these ailments are relatively harmless and can normally just clear up after proper home . Others however are more serious and might require urgent attention. Most of the eye pain sometimes resolves without or treatment.

For those that require medical attention, it is important to first have an eye examination to determine what the underlying cause of eye pain might be. Eye pain can fall into one of two categories depending on where you are experiencing the discomfort.

  • Ocular pain occurs on the eye’s surface
  • Orbital pain occurs within the eye

Eye pain that occurs on the surface of the eye may be scratching, burning, or itching sensation. Surface pain is usually caused by irritation from a foreign object, infection, or trauma. Often, this type of eye pain is easily treated with eye drops or rest.

Causes of Eye Pain

Eye pain that occurs deeper within the eye may feel aching, gritty, stabbing, or throbbing. This kind of eye pain may require more in-depth treatment. Eye pain accompanied by vision loss may be a symptom of an emergency medical issue. Call your ophthalmologist immediately if you begin to lose your vision while experiencing eye pain.

Causes of Eye Pain

Here’s what you should know about the causes of eye pain, also known as ophthalmalgia.


This is the most common cause of eye pain. When there’s an infection in one or even both of the trabecular meshwork networks of the eyes, then glaucoma is possible. As the name suggests, glaucoma is a serious condition where optic nerve damage takes place. When drainage channels in the eye cease working, this causes optic nerve damage and eventually blindness.

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This is also a common symptom you will experience when you have a cold. The symptoms will usually include sneezing and a runny nose. You’ll need to see an eye doctor to find out if you have any other symptoms that might suggest a more serious condition such as Cough. Read: 51-Year-Old Man With Eye Pain and a Cough

Shooting Pain

This is another serious symptom that can signal very serious eye pain. Shooting pain down the sides of the eyes, along with a tingling sensation, can indicate that there is some sort of serious problem with the eye itself. If you suspect this symptom, then you need to contact your eye doctor right away.

Vision Frightening

This happens when the nerves in the eyes become irritated, inflamed, or damaged. This can cause blurry vision and can cause vision loss. This is one of the most serious symptoms that can happen if you have sinusitis.

You may also experience seeing halos around lights, or spots that float behind the eyes. The best thing you can do if you experience this symptom is to see your eye doctor immediately for medical treatment for your sinus inflammation.


The trauma symptoms caused by eye pain are pretty varied. If you were attacked by another person, then this is a sure sign of a serious condition. For instance, if you were beaten severely, it would be a sign of brain injury. There are many other types of traumas that can cause eye pain, but this is probably the most common.

Foreign Body In The Eye Area

Tears are shed in our eyes every few minutes. This causes the eye area to swell, which in turn, causes eye pain. A foreign body or foreign object could cause this problem. Many people have heard about eyelid as a way to get rid of this symptom. However, there is actually a cheaper and easier way to treat this common cause of eye pain.

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Chalazion and Blepharitis

Both of these are a result of foreign objects that have entered the eye area. Blepharitis is also known as conjunctivitis and occurs when the eye drops produce a discharge instead of a clear and odourless fluid. A chalazion is a type of glaucoma and is usually a result of damage to the inner eye cap. A chalazion is very rare and only affects elderly people.

Eyelid Irrigation

Eyelid irrigation is a treatment that will help treat both Chalazion and Blepharitis. This treatment involves applying warm compresses to the eyelids for around 20 minutes per day. Be careful that you do not harm your eyes by doing this, as this can cause permanent damage to the eyes.

After doing this for two weeks, you should be able to see a definite reduction in the amount of time that you have to go without eye contact. You should also be able to eliminate the problem of dark circles caused by bleeding under the eyelids.

Dry Eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, then your condition is most likely the result of an allergy. There is no other way to treat dry eyes other than treating the allergy.

If your dry eyes require urgent attention, you should contact your eye doctor immediately and ask for such as eye drops that can be applied directly to the affected area. It is important to note that you must ask your eye doctor about the exact amount of medication that you need to use.

Eye pain may be caused by many different factors

Although the discomfort itself is very minimal, it can be quite uncomfortable especially when it occurs while doing daily activities.

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This type of pain may also make it hard to perform everyday tasks or simple tasks, causing you to be more irritable and more uncomfortable than usual. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of this discomfort safely and inexpensively, which means that you should be able to stop the pain for good.

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