Today, it’s almost difficult to function without using a , mainly as smartphones grow more widely available and our everyday activities become increasingly dependent on them. According to recent estimates, there are more than 300,000,000 smartphone users on the planet, and the number is expected to increase by several hundred lakhs over the next several years.

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By 2021, it is anticipated that smartphone users will have surpassed the 380 million thresholds. When it comes to individual mobile users, the numbers are staggering. According to GSMA Intelligence, there are over 515 million mobile phone users worldwide, with the number increasing at a pace of 2.4 per cent each year.

What is it about mobile phone radiation effects on human beings?

Mobile phones rely on wireless satellite signals such as wifi and Bluetooth technologies to connect to the internet and one other. Smartphones are equipped with all of these connection capabilities by default, which explains why all mobile phones produce electromagnetic waves, low-frequency non-ionizing radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Devices communicate with one another via electromagnetic frequency or radiation, which allows them to make and receive phone calls and access the internet, among other things. The electromagnetic radiation emitted by our mobile phones is continuously present in our environment.

Mobile phone radiation is hazardous because the radiation emitted by wireless devices has a different frequency spectrum than the natural frequency of the human body. Natural phenomena observe that the waveform from wireless devices is constant, while the waveform produced by the human body is unpredictable.

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How to protect yourself from Cell Phone Radiations

You may protect yourself from the adverse effects of mobile phone radiation by following.

Maintain a safe distance

The quantity of radiation you will ingest while you are not in touch with your mobile phone has been proven to be significantly reduced by research. This implies that carrying it about in your pocket or your hand puts you at a much greater risk of radiation exposure. The best course of action is to keep your phone in a bag or handbag at all times.

When making voice calls, use a speakerphone or a headset

While using your phone to make calls, you are putting the radiation even closer to your head, where it can be the most dangerous. If possible, attempt to make all of your phone conversations on loudspeaker or with a headset to save on costs.

Best Tips for Protection from Mobile Phone Radiation

Even a Bluetooth headset produces much less radiation than your phone, constantly interacting with satellites and cell towers while you are on the phone. Increasing the volume on the handset and keeping the phone at least an inch away from your ear is the best option in this situation.

Turn off your data and WiFi when you aren’t using them

If you have WiFi turned on, your phone will be continuously looking for networks to join, even if there are none to be found. When you have data turned on, you allow EMF rays from all nearby mobile phone towers and satellites into your body. By turning off both of these devices, you may significantly decrease the quantity of radiation you are exposed to.

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As much as possible, keep your phone in aeroplane mode

Turning off data and Wi-Fi is similar, but it goes one step further in terms of shielding you from dangerous radiation. Because aeroplane mode disables almost all connectivity, the only radiation released is comparable to that produced by any standard electronic device that is not connected to the internet.

This is also a handy technique to have on hand when your battery is getting low or when you just want to be left alone for a length of time without interruption.

When speaking, alternate the sides of your head.

When making a mobile phone conversation, switch sides often to avoid exposing just one side of your head to radiation. When we speak on the phone, most of us use the same hand to hold the phone all of the time. Try to swap to your other hand from time to time; this will assist to ensure that one side of your head does not get the majority of the radiation.

When the signal is weak, avoid using it

It is best not to use your mobile phone while the signal is poor or when you are travelling at a fast rate of speed, such as when driving or riding a train. Cellular phones boost their transmitting power to connect to the closest cell tower when these situations occur. Under these circumstances, you are exposed to more radiation and your battery drains more quickly.

Wait for the phone to connect

Whenever you make a phone call, wait for the call to connect before putting the phone close to your ear to listen in. During the first connection, the phone radiates at its highest intensity, after which it gradually decreases its strength until a link is formed. A few additional seconds will go a long way in this situation.

Take Caution When Using “Shielding” Products

Follow the Federal Trade Commission’s recommendation to avoid using items on your mobile phone that promise to “shield” cell phone emissions since they may interfere with the phone’s signal transmission. This may result in it using even more power and potentially emitting more radiation as a result of the increased effort required to communicate.

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Text more

Texting is preferable to talking whenever feasible. It is probable that while you are texting, your phone will be held in your hand and away from your body. It provides a considerably bigger buffer between you and the strong near field radiation emitted by the phone as a result of this distance.

In a nutshell!

As we have seen in the past few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, children are using mobile phones for online classes as a result of schools being closed or placed on lockdown, as well as reports of health issues affecting children as a result of the significant increase in screen time in recent years.

So, it is very essential to protect from harmful mobile phone radiations and should use the best quality one plus skins India.

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