Football prediction is a method used in betting, to predict the outcome of matches by selecting the best sport prediction app and use of complex math formulas. Who doesn’t want to predict the result of a football match? The best way to make a prognosis is to estimate the probability of the outcome.

You cannot work out the probability of winning a football match by assuming that win, lose and draw are equally likely, but you can look at previous results in similar matches and use these results to estimate the probability of winning. This football Prediction app doesn’t have emotions and it doesn’t support any club. It knows nothing about the number of fans or the number of clubs have.

The only thing that matters are previous results and based on them it predicts the future results. And it’s really good at it. Everything is transparent and beautifully organized by leagues, seasons and by rounds so that every match, pre-match predictions and the results of matches can easily be found.

Data used to predict the match are the ones that were available before the match was played. Once you download data you can use the application in an offline mode. This football application app tracks all league matches of the world most famous leagues including:

  • England Premier League,
  • France Ligue 1,
  • Germany Bundesliga,
  • Italy Serie A,
  • Spain Laliga.

This best sport prediction app will estimate the probability of particular match outcome and derivatives of an outcome, such as

  • Full-Time Outcome,
  • Half Time Result,
  • Double Chance,
  • Draw No Bet,
  • HT/FT,
  • Handicap,
  • Goals Under/Over,
  • Exact Goals,
  • Exact Score.

You will not be given a false promise about how good is the app, at any time you can check all previous predictions and their efficiency in reviews organized by leagues, odds type and time period.

BetMines Free Football Betting Tips & Predictions

Just follow the daily betting tips for football on the best sport prediction app, analyse team statistics, follow other tipsters bets, test your strategy by creating free virtual football bets, follow the live score and much more. BetMines is a totally free football betting support application that offers several tools to help you increase your success rate and teach you how to bet!

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This is one of the best football prediction app and football tips app. The app provides free and accurate daily football betting predictions and tips for each match elaborated by an artificial intelligence algorithm constantly evolving.

The algorithm takes into account the history of the results of the teams, the state of recent form, head-2-head matches, home and away performances, statistical data of the reference league, any sidelined player, the fluctuation of odds (provided by an important bookmaker) and on the basis of these and other data elaborates the most likely outcome of each match.

Xwin: Win the Prediction Game

This best sport prediction app for Android users is offering you endless fun and the chance for you to win many medal and coins. All you need to do this easy to use football app is to predict top sports matches each week and for each right guess you will be able to win many prizes.

best sport prediction app

With watching ads and predicting matches on this sports prediction app you will get your chance to get coins and rank high among sports fans worldwide. Test your sports knowledge and skills with this incredible match prediction app and enjoy winning.

Using this football sports app, you are offered to win many prizes and get coins without much effort. The football betting prediction app is offering you to get coins simply by entering the promotion code when you download the sports app and if you decide to connect this football prediction app with your Facebook or Google account you will get more coins too.

More than just extra coins, the football app offers you to watch live scores of matches and use them in order to make the most precise predictions and get a closer chance of winning the prizes. You will certainly have a lot of fun challenging your skills, predicting matches and winning prizes with this sports prediction app.

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With 24/7 customer support, you will always get the help you need when you have troubles with the sports app. Not only that this best sport prediction app allows you to make football predictions and test your skills but you will also be able to challenge friends to make predictions and see which one of you is the better sports predictor. Have fun with the football sports app and enjoy winning the huge prizes weekly.

Football Bet Analyser | Predictions, Tips and Odds

This is the fastest artificial intelligence engine that work for you 24/7 to predict the highest probability of generating profit. It’s improved daily. Free access to gathered and updated information from all VIP betting tips that are in paid prediction apps. Instant sport prediction and odd picks updates for everybody is a must.

You don’t need to have perfect betting skills and be an expert with monumental Football Knowledge. 99.2% Strike Rate (100% Verified) is a great success rate for predictions to start with. Do you agree?

There are tons of information about successful earnings and wins. If you consider testing all the projects we expect that you’ve got a few years of free time. Lucky one! We are passionate about automation and time- for like us.

Some uncovered features of this best sport prediction app

  • The algorithm analyzes and train itself by 300 different streams of soccer betting stats and results. Most platforms, for ex., can deal only with 2-3% of the forecasts. Seems cool.
  • Do you know another machine-learning Sportsbet app that compares the mood of a targeted football player with signals in social networks around his live profile? Not bad.
  • The database of the best sport prediction app statistic is united with detailed analysis, forms and open-data (prediction) applications analytics by different clusters and arrays. Does it mean that your prediction is charged with real data instead of random given number 🙂 Sounds like a boss?

Bullet Bet Predictions

This is an innovative football platform which employs Artificial Intelligence algorithms to support almost 1 million football fans all over the world. More than 200 football leagues are constantly monitored thanks to complex algorithms which analyze historical results, home/away performance and team form to provide accurate statistics and predictions for several football events.

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Every day the most likely results are grouped in the best statistics sections and the most interesting games in order to maximize your revenue. The Artificial Intelligence optimizes your chances of winning by automatically selecting the best games according to your criteria. You will be able to choose the leagues of interest, the number of matches and the odds interval for each one.

Download this sport prediction app not only provides the live score for the major football leagues, but it also offers the possibility to read news from the most famous football newspapers in all languages and to watch highlights, interviews and videos from the official football league and team channels.

The best sport prediction app development team is always at your service. If you want to report something or give us some advice, do not hesitate to write to them at They will answer you as soon as possible and they will try to give you everything you want.

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Football prediction is a method used in sports betting, to predict the outcome of matches by selecting the best sport prediction app and use of complex math formulas. Who doesn’t want to predict the result of a football match? The best way to make a prognosis is to estimate...
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