Building wealth might feel like it’s a lot harder than it should be. However, it’s not as difficult as you think. Part of it could be that you haven’t invested in the right tangible asset classes. Tangible assets are assets that have finite monetary value and they are usually physical in form.

Tangible assets can typically always be transacted for some monetary value through the liquidity of different markets will vary. Tangible assets can also be current assets that may or may not have a physical onsite presence but will have a finite transaction value.

Tangible assets are the opposite of intangible assets which have a theorized value rather than a transactional exchange value. Portfolio diversity is crucial whenever you’re trying to build long-term wealth. Greater diversity protects you from downturns and inflation. Plus, you’ll be a lot more likely to experience large returns.

Here are a few tangible asset classes you should have

Rental Properties

First and foremost, try to invest in rental properties. Not only do you earn money from appreciation, but they’re also income-producing assets. So, you’ll gain value as the home appreciates. Plus, it’ll pay for itself thanks to the rental income. Renting properties creates an instant source of passive income.

Tangible Assets

However, you’ve still got to manage the property. Start by investing in something small. And, make sure you’re using the best realtor in Beaumont, TX, or wherever you are from. Working with a good realtor ensures you’ll pick a winning property. They’ve got the experience to understand what would be a wise investment.

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Single Family Homes

Other than rentals, you should also purchase your own home. That way, you’ll build equity instead of paying rent. Paying rent doesn’t provide any sort of return. Each time you pay it, that money is gone forever. Mortgage payments aren’t the same. When you’re paying them, you’re not losing everything you’ve spent.

A portion of your monthly payment goes toward its principal. As you pay down your mortgage, you’ll owe less than the property is worth. That’s called equity. Once you sell the property, you’ll get all of that money back. Or, you could even use a HELOC to access while you’re still living there.

Precious Metals

Gold and silver have a great track record. They’ve held their value since the dawn of civilization. Even the Roman Empire understood the inherent value of precious metals.

Best of all, these tend to perform the best during periods of high inflation. If you’re concerned about inflation, investing in them makes a ton of sense. They’ll almost always at least hold their value in real terms. And, sometimes, they’ll appreciate incredibly fast.

Dividend-Yielding Stocks

Stocks are shares sold by a corporation. When you purchase them, you’re taking ownership of a portion of that company. Often, this payout is something called dividends. That’s when companies share part of their profits with investors.

Owning a bunch of dividend-yielding stocks is another way to generate passive income. Of course, you’ve got to be careful. Stocks have a history of dropping in value during economic contractions. So, you wouldn’t want to invest everything you’ve got in them.

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Government Bonds

Bonds represent debt sold by the government. Usually, they’ll sell these whenever they’ve got to increase their revenues. To entice investors, they’ll offer a guaranteed return on any investments. As such, these are among the least risky assets you can own. Don’t invest too much in them, though. Since they’re not that risky, they won’t generate massive returns most of the time.


Commodities are some of the most overlooked assets in the world. Anything that has a useful purpose could be traded as a commodity. So, oil and corn both belong to this tangible asset class. When there’s a supply shortage, commodities tend to explode in value. Holding at least some of them in your portfolio is always a good idea.

Crypto Assets

tangible Assets

Finally, crypto is one of the newest asset classes on the market. These utilize blockchain technology to create non-fungible tokens. That means there is a limited supply of any given coin. As a result, scarcity drives up their value. Of course, don’t invest too much in them, either. They’ve got a reputation for being incredibly volatile. So, you might gain a ton, or you could lose a lot.

Diversifying Your Tangible Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is something every investor must understand. Putting everything into one asset class is never a good idea. You’ll miss out on returns from other investments. And, if that tangible asset class drops, you’ll lose even more.

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Building wealth might feel like it's a lot harder than it should be. However, it's not as difficult as you think. Part of it could be that you haven't invested in the right tangible asset classes. Tangible assets are assets that have finite monetary value and they are usually...
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