7 Good Hobbies That Can Help You Live Longer

Regardless of your age and profession, you should find time for hobbies. They should not be just a pastime, but activities that are good for your body and mind. Research has shown that doing the things we love might help add years to your life.

Good hobbies can even be your way to deal with stress regularly. For all of those reasons, we’ve compiled a list of 7 good hobbies that can help you live longer. Different people have benefited from different activities

What one person finds soothing and relaxing can be rather tiring or even boring to somebody else. However, we have considered the good hobbies that the majority of people can practice while making their lives longer at the same time:


Reading is the perfect activity to deal with stress. Once you start reading, all of your troubles and worries disappear and become somebody else’s, just like you become a character of a book of your choice.

Studies show that it only takes several minutes for a person to escape into the fantasy world where the stress of their daily life cannot reach them. As we all know, stress is one of the biggest triggers of cardiovascular diseases and shorter lives.

good hobbies
Reading is one of the best good hobbies that can help you live longer

While we read, our body and mind tend to relax, and the tension disappears. People who read regularly have fewer sleeping problems too. Since a regular sleeping routine is vital for our health, it is obvious how reading helps make our lives longer.

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The love of gardening usually comes with age, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Whenever the wish appears, you should embrace it since gardening is one of the good hobbies that can help you live longer and be happier.

It is not as physically demanding as some other pastimes you will read about in our list, but it can be considered a mild exercise. Spending time in fresh air is beneficial to your health, just like moderate exposure to sunshine.

Whether you decide to grow your veggies or simply enjoy the company of fresh flowers, the sense of accomplishment and catching up with Mother Nature are guaranteed. This proves that gardening is beneficial to your mental as well as for your physical well-being.


People who eat homemade food are healthier than those who eat in restaurants or opt for fast food. When you make your meals, you can control what you put inside, just like you can decide on your portions.

Proper nutrition can help you burn stomach fat and get you back in shape even if you are not a fan of exercising. Needless to say, people with healthy eating habits live longer than those who rely on junk food.

good hobbies
People who make their food live longer

Eating together can be great for family bonding, and cooking for the ones you love, be that a regular dinner for your family or cookies for your friends, will make you feel confident and happier.


This might be one of the safest ways to know you are doing something good for your health and longevity. It is never too early nor too late to start working out. It is important to pick the activity that suits you best. That way, you will be motivated to practice it regularly.

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Yoga is suggested for all age groups, and its benefits are numerous. You will not only stay in good shape but improve your cardiovascular health as well. Exercising is one of the good hobbies that increases strength and flexibility while improving your mood.

This is why people who work out regularly are rarely depressed. During a workout, your body releases endorphins that are responsible for the benefits we have just mentioned. Exercise can also make your bones stronger and your lungs healthier.

Caring for a pet

Being responsible for another creature besides yourself gives everyone a sense of purpose. Pets show gratitude and devotion to their owners, making them feel on top of the world. Owning a pet can reduce stress levels, and it is proven to lower blood pressure.

good hobbies
Taking care of a pet will reduce your stress levels

There are also physical benefits of having a pet. For instance, when you own a dog, you have to take it for regular walks and exercise, and at the same time, you are spending time in the fresh air and getting your workout done.

Listening to music

While enjoying our favourite tunes, our body releases dopamine, which is how music can lower our stress and anxiety levels. Moreover, music improves our memory and helps us learn much faster. Dancing to music combines two activities that can add years to your life.

It stimulates both your body and mind, making you feel great. Music can help us through some tough times in our lives – when we lose someone we love or when we are depressed for any other reason. It can even help alleviate physical pain.

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Last but not least on our list of good hobbies that can help you live longer is travelling. New experiences stimulate our minds and help us learn. When we travel, we explore new places, meet new people, and learn about their cultures. All those experiences are valuable for recharging our batteries.

People who travel for leisure (rather than for business) have a lower risk of a heart attack. Travelling broadens our views and makes us more open-minded. Consequently, travelling is one of the good hobbies that increases tolerance and teaches us about other perspectives.

All of that makes us happier and more confident and decreases the risk of dying at an early age. You have read our selection of good hobbies that can help you live longer. Pick a few of them and enjoy your happy and healthy life!

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