7 Easy Front Desk Jobs With Minimal Requirements

Job hunting can be discouraging when you’re looking for satisfying work with little experience and have no degree. Perhaps you’re unsure what you want to do for a career or you aren’t able to invest in lengthy preparation right now. The fact is, you still probably need to get a front desk job.

Fortunately, there are positions available that are fairly easy to get with minimal training or formal . Learning about some of the top front desk jobs options can give you a starting point on your career path.

Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant performs general office tasks. Some of the most common duties include completing and filing paperwork, answering telephones, greeting visitors, writing email correspondence, and scheduling appointments for administrators within the department.

Easy Front Desk Jobs

This front desk job is good for those who are organized and enjoy detail-oriented tasks. It provides an opportunity to acquire generalized skills that can be leveraged into more specialized or advanced positions in the future. Perhaps you could even find work as a virtual receptionist in California or some other remote position.

Public Relations Assistant

If you’re a proficient writer and enjoy working with , becoming a public relations assistant might be right up your alley. PR assistants help public relations firms write press releases and find other ways to promote their clients. This front desk job provides you with a chance to learn about work in a skilled industry in which you could rise among the ranks with additional education.

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Insurance Claims Adjuster

The insurance industry is a wide-open field with various employment opportunities. A good entry position is that of an insurance claims adjuster.

There is usually on-the-job training for this position that allows for a foot in the door and growth within a company. Insurance claims adjusters are needed in auto, , and other fields. The front desk job entails assessing claims to determine how much the company should be expected to pay for a loss, injury, or illness.

Loan Interviewer

If financing and banking call to you, consider looking for a front desk job as a loan clerk, sometimes called a loan interviewer. In addition to having an affinity for the financial industry, you’ll also want to be comfortable working with people. A loan clerk interviews applicants collect references, verifies information, performs credit checks, and prepares forms for review.

Order Clerk

As an order clerk, you would work for a company to help process orders over the phone or online. Being comfortable talking on the telephone and interacting with people is a plus. You will also need to be a fairly decent writer. In this position, you would take orders and answer questions for customers.

In addition, you will need to be detail-oriented, as your job would also entail inputting information and making sure data like phone numbers and credit card information are accurate. Order clerks typically work onsite, but there are also remote jobs.

Medical Biller

Do you have an interest in healthcare or ?

Becoming a medical biller could be an entry-level front desk job to provide you with the chance to learn terms relevant to other jobs within the field. Medical billers will transcribe medical codes for medical claims submissions to insurance companies.

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They may be required to do some follow up with both the insurance and patients to ensure the insurance company receives timely payment and that the patient is correctly billed. You’ll need to be a good listener and be able to communicate effectively in this position. Problem-solving, attention to detail, and multitasking are also useful competencies to have.

Legal Assistant

Another area of specialization that often requires entry-level workers are law firms. Do you dream of being a lawyer? If so, this position provides a great way to get an up-close look at what the profession entails. A legal assistant is an administrative assistant that works specifically with those in the legal field.

In addition to performing general office work, you may be asked to gather case information, research laws and regulations, prepare and deliver affidavits and maintain legal files.

These are just a handful of some of the best front desk jobs that are easy to obtain without specific training. Take time to research those that seem most appealing and start applying for those that match your interest.

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