Cosmetology is all about turning the human form into art. If you’re good at styling hair, it’d be a great industry for you to build a . You’d spend a lot of time working one-on-one with customers while helping them look their best. Cosmetology Career-focused more on helping to look and feel at their best.

A career in cosmetology is a great path for anyone to help people in improving their self-esteem, and the cosmetology industry is also ideal for those interested in the art and science of hair, skin and nails.

Cosmetology Careers

If you are searching for a cosmetology career or related career, the important thing you need to know is what kinds of jobs are available so that you can find the very one that suits your life and goals

Here are 7 different jobs you could start right after finishing trade school.


You’ve probably visited a stylist before. That’s a title encompassing anyone in a salon unless otherwise specified. Styling people’s hair is something that takes grace and perception. Cutting people’s hair tends to make for eventful days. You’d get to talk with plenty of people while you’re styling their hair.

So, you’d get lots of social interaction each day. You could also build up a clientele over time. Creating a steady client base can help you boost your earnings.

You could also work in a salon as a Microblading artist. These are specialists who can style eyebrows to complement your face. Such stylists must be knowledgeable about hair stroke eyebrows and other styles to be successful in their field.

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Beauticians apply makeup and other cosmetics to people’s skin. You’ll spend a lot of time matching colours to complement a client’s skin tone. You can also work with them to develop their sense of style. Picking out colours could help your clients look more natural in their family photos. If you’re a talented colour matcher, you might do well in this part of the industry.


Barbers are similar to stylists, but they’ve got a different focus. They’re focused on styling men’s hair. Plus, most of them are qualified to use a straight razor. A talented barber can earn quite a bit within just a few years after getting into the industry. A lot of barbers start by working at an established shop for a couple of years before creating their label.

Trade Shows

expos always need people to along and provide service. All their performers need cosmetologists to prepare them for their shows.

So, you can experience the thrill of travelling the world while working on your career. If you’ve always wanted to travel, then the fashion expo industry might be a great fit. Travelling the world while styling people’s hair could be an amazing way to spend a few years.

Salon Owner

You can always open your shop. You don’t even have to work with clients if you go down this route. You’d simply pay other people to handle all the interpersonal stuff. You’ve just got to have an eye for location while you’re setting up the salon shop.

Putting it in the right place would make it a lot easier to keep the doors open. You’ll attract way more foot traffic if you’re somewhere with a lot of pedestrians. They’re able to stop in the middle of the day to take care of an errand, so they can pop by your shop.

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Nail Tech

Nail techs serve their clients by polishing their nails. They’ve also got to help file them. If you’re a fan of working with hands, you might love being a nail tech. You’d get to spend your days helping people style their nails, so they look perfect. Applying for extensions would be another part of the job. If you like painting your nails, this could be a great fit for you.


Estheticians help their clients by working on the skin. They’re the skin specialists of the cosmetology world. You would help people pick out the right products for their complexion. You could also support people by helping them fight back against natural acne. Giving them the right products could help them clear up their skin without drying it out. You’d get to help people by healing their skin.

Top Cosmetology Careers

Cosmetology is a rather broad group of related careers. Most of them involve working with people’s skin or hair. There is a ton of opportunity in the industry for people just getting out of trade school. You’re able to start working at a salon pretty much as soon as you’re out of school. Then, once you’ve gained some experience, you could open a salon yourself. You can transition into your late career as a .

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