Medical coding and medical billing specialists work under the general direction of physicians and nurses who oversee and interpret patient records as they relate to their medical condition, medications, and past medical histories.

Both medical coders and medical billers translate patient medical information into the current standardized procedural language (CPT). Medical coding job entails the creation of charts for patients and then inputting these into software that computes the correct code for the patient.

Medical Coding Jobs from Home

Medical billers prepare patient bills that are filed with companies and banks. Medical coding specialists organize medical information into a standard format that is used to produce standardized coding of all medical procedures.

Medical Coding and Medical Billing Similarities

Both fields specialize in the administrative side of patient-care patient-physician health care, each demand a unique skill set to succeed. Medical coders create detailed patient reports that include

  • Diagnosis
  • Procedures
  • Medications and other pertinent patient data
  • Specialists
  • Laboratory work
  • Tests
  • X-rays, and
  • Lab reports

The field of medical coding and billing is growing rapidly in recent years. For example, hospitals and health care systems across the country are implementing electronic health records systems to make record-keeping faster and easier. Medical billing and coding professionals will likely be required to provide training in this field for some time before employment.

Medical Billing and Medical Coding Certification

Medical billing and medical coding professionals training programs may be located in

  • Community colleges
  • Universities, or
  • Even vocational schools or technical schools

Medical coding and billing careers can be highly lucrative careers. With the proper training and certification, the field of medical coding can provide a lucrative source of income through monthly fees for professional liability insurance and licensing requirements.

Medical coders and medical billers can earn several thousand dollars per year. If you have a passion for helping , the medical coding and billing field can be the perfect job for you.

Medical coders and medical billers can find employment through medical centres, hospitals, clinics, or individual physicians. You can work full-time, part-time or freelance. No matter what schedule you choose, the field of medical coding and billing is a promising career.

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Medical Coding Jobs

Where to find Full-time, Part-time or Freelance Medical Coding Jobs Online

You can get medical coding jobs, remote work from home and flexible jobs on You will be working primarily in the backroom of medical practices and hospitals, or from their home office, medical coders are good with numbers, pay attention to detail, don’t mind administrative work and working independently, and are good communicators who are comfortable working with and medical professionals.

The medical Coding jobs are available in

  • Healthcare systems
  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • University medical centres
  • Insurance companies, and other health-related facilities

Be sure to search for medical coding job titles other than Medical Coder, such as

  • Medical Records Coder
  • Physician Auditor
  • Coding Specialist
  • Medical Biller
  • Record Retrieval Specialist
  • Coding Specialist,
  • Biller/Clerical Specialist, and other combinations

Medical Coding Jobs are available as remote-jobs, part-time and full-time jobs, freelance jobs, and flexible schedule jobs. You can also get medical billing and medical coding jobs on

Upwork is a freelancer website that connects proven professionals to work on projects, making it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals anywhere, any time. Many companies needing remote medical coders are looking for people to categorize medical diagnoses, services, procedures, and supplies by code for healthcare billing purposes.

Medical Coding Jobs Online

Change Healthcare

This is an independent health care IT company that provides software, analytics, network solutions, and -enabled services. The type of remote medical coding jobs that this company offers range from part-time coders across specialities such as radiology to senior auditors who supervise and review coding work.

Conifer Health Solutions

This freelancer company provides several managed services to health care facilities, mainly focusing on the financial and patient communication aspects of health care. They offer work-from-home medical coding and quality assurance positions that usually require 3–5 years of professional medical coding experience.


This is another company that provides medical coding jobs and auditing services to physician groups, facilities, surgical centres, and payors. The company offers several part-time and full-time medical coding jobs for different types of health care providers, including dentists, inpatient facilities, primary care specialists, hospitals, and more.

The Coding Network

This company provides medical coding jobs and quality assurance services to health care providers. The Coding Network company offers remote medical coding jobs in several medical specialities. You must have a minimum of three years of experience to apply for a medical coder job and five years of experience in a speciality area to apply for a coding auditor position.

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Maxim Healthcare Services

The company offers many services related to health care, including health information management services, which include medical coding, auditing, and clinical documentation improvement services. Candidates for their remote medical coding jobs must have certification and at least three years of experience relevant to the speciality of each position.

Career Nthrive

This healthcare information management outsourcing company hires medical coders, transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, registrars, and auditors to work from home. Coders must have an active certification and at least two years of relevant, hands-on experience.


This company is a provider of health information and clinical documentation. The company employs home-based medical coding specialists as independent contractors and full-time or part-time employees who have a certification and at least three years of relevant coding experience.

It is important to enrol in a training program before you begin your career. Many training programs can last from two to four years. Training in medical coding and billing is not difficult to complete. It is much easier than most people think.

The medical coding and billing career have a variety of job opportunities in addition to providing health services for those in need. Medical billing and coding jobs can be found through private companies, healthcare facilities, government agencies, and community colleges.

Medical Coding Career

A medical biller and coder can be a very rewarding career if you are prepared for the job. The payment is usually commensurate with the experience and education received. As a medical biller, you must know the medical terms and codes.

This means understanding what a patient is requesting for a particular procedure and also the medical terminology used to describe it. A coder needs to be able to quickly and accurately decipher a patient’s request for a procedure or treatment.

You will often be required to enter medical information into a and enter it into a form or report so that the doctor or medical facility can be able to calculate the correct cost of the procedure or treatment. You will also be required to input diagnostic or coding into a computerized system.

How to Become a Medical Coder and Work from Home

Medical billing and coding require knowledge in

  • Mathematics
  • Computer skills and
  • Ability to follow instructions
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Medical billers must be extremely detail-oriented. Most medical coding is done in a laboratory setting where you will be required to be in close contact with patients and provide them with accurate information and prompt service.

You must also have excellent communication skills because your interactions with patients can be vital to the proper treatment of their conditions. The medical industry is a competitive place to work in so you must apply yourself to stay ahead of the curve and stay current on the latest developments in health care and the latest technology.

Your job description in this field is always changing so keep up with the latest trends. When you are in training programs, read books, journals and watch video presentations on the latest medical terminology and medical practices.

You should also attend medical conferences and training seminars. To become certified in this field, you will also need to complete continuing education activities, which can be completed online through webinars, seminars, or one-on-one sessions.

Medical billing and coding do not require a great deal of work when you choose to do so. As long as you have the basic medical coding knowledge and have a good foundation of math, you should be able to do the job. It also is possible to find jobs working part-time and as an apprentice in this industry.

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Medical coding and medical billing specialists work under the general direction of physicians and nurses who oversee and interpret patient records as they relate to their medical condition, medications, and past medical histories. Both medical coders and medical billers translate patient medical information into the current standardized procedural language...
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