Your brain power is your intelligence or the ability to think. Brain power can also be referred to the intelligent in an organization or country. With so much distraction and in our daily lives, it is natural for you to remember a few things and forget some.

However, this becomes a problem when you are unable to recall any type of information, whether it is birthdays or other important events. Memory loss is a painful thing that not just impacts your confidence levels but also your . Luckily, you have the ancient art of yoga that helps keep your memory sharp and powerful.

Whether you are looking to sharpen your memory, boost your brain power to enhance your mental performance, or preserve your memory as you’re getting older, these tips can help. There are some powerful yoga exercises and techniques that stimulate your brain and nervous system.

Have you heard about yoga for increasing brain power?

This consists of asanas that improve your mental awareness, focus, and memory. First, let us understand the link between yoga and the brain.

Yoga And Brain – The Connection

There has been much research pointing towards a link between physical activity, cognitive functioning, and brain health. Numerous studies have proven the ability of regular exercise in improving blood flow to your brain and helping in the growth of new cells.

Best Ways to Boost Your Brain Power Naturally

Moreover, daily exercise helps release GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that helps your brain relax. It also reduces insulin resistance and inflammation. With yoga, multiple asanas and other exercises improve blood flow of the blood and lymph fluid.

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Yoga Inversions like shoulder stand and headstand increase blood flow to the head and give your brain nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood. Also, these poses are quite popular when it comes to increasing memory power. In other words, doing yoga for increasing brain power to keep your brain sharp and focused.

However, for you to reap the benefits of yoga, you must practice the right asanas. Don’t worry! We have an answer for that.

Yoga Asanas For Improving Brain Power

To help you improve brain power, yoga experts have come up with four yoga poses.


The best yoga asana to improve your overall body balance and concentration is Bakasana. Apart from simultaneously working on the necessary limbs, doing this yoga asana improves your focus as it requires tremendous mental feat.


Do you feel lethargic and a bit lost at times? You should do this powerful yoga for increasing brain power exercise to activate the nervous system and increase blood flow to your brain.


Feeling stressed out daily? There is a high chance you have too much stress. Do the Halasana to calm down the overactive nervous system and minimize stress.


The best yoga for increasing brain power asana is Sukhasana. This yoga pose relaxes your body, mind, and soul. Daily practise of this yoga asana provides you with complete relaxation.

However, that is not all. Do you know about the yoga techniques that cleanse your mind and improve concentration levels? Yoga experts have come up with two of the most powerful yogic breathing exercises.

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Yogic Techniques To Cleanse The Mind

As stated above, yoga is not all about asanas and Pranayama. Two yogic cleansing techniques improve your memory power by increasing blood flow to the brain.


Kapalbhati translates to the purification of the frontal lobe. This is a yogic breathing exercise that stimulates your brain and clears the sinuses. Kapalbhati includes a series of rapid, forceful exhalation and passive inhalation. You should join a certified spiritual healing retreat to know more about this powerful yogic breathing technique.


Trataka, known as gazing without blinking is a powerful yogic technique that improves your memory and concentration. Doing this exercise in a darkened room cools your eyes and also improves your functioning. Trataka helps cleanse your thoughts and improves your visualization.

At the same time, there are some easy-to-follow precautions that you should keep in mind when doing yoga, especially if you are a beginner.

Precautionary Tips For Yoga Beginners

  • If you are someone below 12 years of age, do not practice yoga asanas for longer duration.
  • For someone older than 12 years, you can do yoga for 30 to 45 minutes daily to reap maximum benefits.
  • The best time to practice yoga is early morning hours. However, you can do it in afternoon considering there is at least 2 to 3 hours of gap between the last meal and yoga session.
  • Practice yoga in a spacious and clean place. Keep your smartphones and any other digital device on silent.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Do not practice yoga asanas when you are pregnant or during menstruation.
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An increase in age and too much stress can lead to problems with your memory. You should include yoga for increasing brain power to keep your brain sharp. This will help you recall important information without stressing out too much.

The best activities to boost your brain power are those that will demand your full and close attention. It is not just enough that you found the activity challenging at one point. The activities must still be something that requires mental effort.

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