For an eCommerce entrepreneur, it’s obvious that social media is a potential sales machine. Among them, is one of the most effective platforms to do marketing for your . You can get effective results on Instagram if you follow a well-versed eCommerce marketing strategy.

  • Because Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users.
  • Surprising?
  • Then how about millions of interactions on posts daily?
  • Now it gets interesting, right?

So how can you make the most out of Instagram for your eCommerce in 2022?

eCommerce Marketing Strategy

The eCommerce marketing strategy you can follow so that you can gain more to reach and increase the possibility of your sales are listed in this article.

Ok, now let’s get into the eCommerce marketing strategy you can start using in 2022

Content is the Key

The basic yet superior eCommerce marketing strategy on Instagram or any other social media is content. Without good content, there is no chance of attracting viewers. So content should be of great quality in every way. There are some steps you could follow to create good content constantly

  • Templates: You could follow a template that is well accepted by your followers and in general
  • Photo quality: You should post only good quality photos. Image size also can be maintained in a uniform way
  • Batching: It means completing content or work in one go rather than working it in intervals. This will save time as well as improve the output and help to increase your productivity.
  • Scheduling: You could schedule the posting of content. This will also save time and help to keep up with your competitors.

Posting Techniques

Besides creating good content, it is also important how you present it. Many good contents go in vain due to poor presentation or mediocre posting techniques.

  • Rule of thirds: Rule of thirds is another eCommerce marketing strategy on Instagram you can use to make your photo or product appear in the post more appealing to the viewers. It’s about forming the grid and placing the product. In the grid placing the product at the intersecting points of the grid will make the product look better than posting it in the centre.
  • The Right time to post: Timing is essential for everything when it comes to eCommerce marketing strategy. Posting at the right time gives you more reach and engagement. You should find it for yourselves since it depends upon your type of business. Being an eCommerce entrepreneur, having a business account is mandatory. You can get data regarding the timing in insights to feature that Instagram offers for business accounts.
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Hashtags on Instagram is a wonderful eCommerce marketing strategy that is like a free ride to your destination. They help you to reach a wider section of the audience who might be potential customers. You can add any popular and relevant hashtags. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags in your caption.

But you should add them wisely and make sure it doesn’t look spammy. You can always add more in the comments but it is not as effective as the ones in the post caption. You can do hashtag research at times to be updated and to go with the trend.

For example, if you run a business related to food. You could use the top hashtags that are related to it. And also you could add something like #joeydoesntsharefood, it might make your post reach the f.r.i.e.n.d.s fans circle. That’s a new set of audiences who could buy your products.


Engagement is what every user on Instagram looks for. They look at it as a badge of honour. Who doesn’t want likes on their posts, people would do anything to get automatic likes on Instagram posts if there is a way possible. It applies the same but it means more for the eCommerce people.

Without engagement such as likes, comments, mentions, Instagram algorithms will punch your post down as deep as Mariana trench. So the reach will be lowered and so your possibility of selling. You have to develop an eCommerce marketing strategy to create a way that invites engagement from your followers or any other users who see your post.

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But how?

  • Captions: Make full use of the caption by crafting it in such a way that viewers engage with the post. You could write the caption in the form of questions, which is an easy way to attain it.
  • Stickers: Use the stickers that are available in the story section such as poll, ask a question, quiz, which normally have higher response rates from the users on Instagram. Also, they help you to know about your audience.
  • Live: Going live and having a Q/A session with your followers can help you build a community. It will bring more interactions which will increase your credibility.

Run Contests

This is another effective eCommerce marketing strategy to bring your audience closer to you. Giveaways are always a lovable thing. I mean, who doesn’t like getting a product or service for free.

By organizing it in a specific way, you could strike gold in terms of reach. It’s like asking your followers to share your page or product and to like, comment in the posts will drive more people to your account. This will also create a very good impression of your account among your users.

Collaborate with Influencers

One who uses Instagram regularly easily knows about the importance of Instagram influencers. They play a very significant part in Instagram marketing. Collaborating with them to market your product will give you a wider reach, depending upon how big they are.

This eCommerce marketing strategy has become almost a must-do thing nowadays. But before reaching the influencers, do good research about them and choose one wisely. Not just influencers, you could also collaborate with experts to market healthcare-related services or such, that will help you to have good reach.

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Tag Products

Another feature on Instagram that can boost your business is tagging products. You can add tags to your products, which will redirect your users to that product buying page. This gives your users easy access to your products and also increases the possibility of selling.

These are some strategies that can help improve your eCommerce business on Instagram. Thing is, you should keep doing it continuously and be patient. Results will come good.

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For an eCommerce entrepreneur, it's obvious that social media is a potential sales machine. Among them, Instagram is one of the most effective platforms to do marketing for your business. You can get effective results on Instagram if you follow a well-versed eCommerce marketing strategy. Because Instagram has more...
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