6 Movie Download Sites | Free Nollywood Movies

This post contains the list of movie download websites to download Nollywood movies and Ghanaian to your mobile devices or personal computers including laptops. Many people really wondering where to download Movies Online, Nollywood movies and Ghanaian movies to watch offline on their mobile devices, Computers and Laptops.

If you are here, then that means you are ready to use some of the listed sites to download movies online, your favourite Nollywood videos and Ghanaian Movies of your interest for your devices.

Top Movie Download, Nollywood Movies and Ghanaian Movies

Iroko TV

This is a movie download platform which provides both free and paid Nigerian Movies on demand for download. Iroko TV is one of the biggest African first online movie streaming websites giving your free and instant access to thousands of Nollywood Movies and African Movies. The site is the largest legal distributor of African movies.

NollyLand Movie on Blackberry App

NollyLand is Africa’s First World-Class Movie Platform, designed and built from the ground up by Africans for African movie lovers on the continent and around the world.

NollyLand brings you the best African, Nollywood, Ghanaian, and Nigerian movies and provides the very best entertainment experience possible. Our attention to detail is evident in the cutting-edge features of our World-Class Movie Platform, Website, and Apps.


Download Movies Online

NaijaPals is a site that contains many of the popular Nollywood movies that may interest you for download. On the site, you can download Nigerian Movies, Ghanaian Movies both Yoruba, English, and Igbo movies are listed for free download.

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NollyLand-African Movies

You will watch quality, legal, 100% licensed movies and TV series. Enjoy Nigerian movies, Nollywood movies, Ghanaian movies, and African movies with no ads.

NollyLand provides you with cutting-edge features including adaptive video streaming to any screen anywhere, on any device, a personalized Watch List, and Automatic Bookmark so you can stop and resume watching movies even on another device

NollyLand: This is Africa’s First World-Class Movie Platform. NollyLand was designed and built by Africans. Our customers can watch thousands of hand-picked Nigerian, Nollywood, Ghanaian, and African movies from any device and on any bandwidth (low or high) using one NollyLand Account. NollyLand provides the cutting-edge features of a World-Class Movie Platform.

Enjoy Adaptive Video Streaming, Automatic Bookmarking of movies to stop watching a movie and continue even on another device, a Watch List to personalize movie choices, Timeline Thumbnails to easily jump to any scene in a movie, and intuitive Searching and Categorization.

Learn more If you are a producer and movie owner interested in monetizing and promoting your premium movies under your brands, please visit NollyMax Technology Limited for more detailed information.


The name comes from the concept of the FRAME as the fundamental rudimentary base of the motion picture. On the other hand, the concept of a FRAME as load-bearing structure expresses our readiness to accept the challenges of promoting our culture by producing high-quality motion pictures.

This is why we are “OPOMULERO”, the solid pillar that holds the fort. The mainframe was incorporated in 1992 to serve the following purpose:

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  • To promote our rich cultural heritage and moral values both within the country and the outside world at large;
  • To improve the standards of film production in Nigeria;
  • To give technical support to other production houses both within and outside Nigeria. Learn more is the first legal movie download website for films from and about Africa and the diaspora. It is also the first e-store totally managed from Africa. You will find feature films, soaps, documentaries, filmed concerts and shows from all over Africa & the Diaspora.

You will be able to download movies online from the site anywhere in the world, according to territories authorized in the contracts. They do their best to find available subtitled versions in order to allow everyone to enjoy the best of African production.

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