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5 Ways to Make Money Online Free on Opera News Hub

Opera news hub is a new digital marketing platform launched by the Norwegian browser developer for content marketers and freelance bloggers to make money online free by producing and creating inciteful contents worth sharing on the social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.

The Opera new hub has been connected with other Opera applications like the Opera Mini browser and the Opera News app. With this integration, content marketers and freelance bloggers can opt in to start creating their original contents in the new hub.

Creation and submission of your content will give you the opportunity of reaching and attracting new readers to your websites and blog. This will definitely lead to an increase in your followers and your site engagement will increase and definitely create an avenue to make money online free.

Opera news hub is now enabling thousands of Nigerian youths and writers in exploring the positive impact of the platform. The new hub has also guarantees premium content placement across the Opera mobile apps, allowing your submissions to be discovered by a large online audience of over 350 million Opera users.

Steps to become an Opera News Hub Member

The Opera news hub interface is very user-friendly and allows new users to set an account in minutes.

Once you finish with your registration, you can then log in. The news hub allow new users to create an article where you can edit the text and images according to the goals of your content.

Make Money Online Free

Content marketers and freelance bloggers that are already using other social media platforms to share their content can easily link the social media profiles to their own website in Opera news hub platform to increase their traffic and profile views.

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If you are ready to publish your first content, just finish all the account info on the right-hand side and of your screen and you will immediately be up and discoverable on Opera news hub.

Once you publish your first article in anticipation to make money online free, your account will be able to apply for monetization on the Feature page once it reaches 10000 clicks per articles.

Once your total earnings reach $15, you may withdraw your earnings by clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button in ‘Withdraw Earnings.’ NB: keep in mind that you will only be able to start to make money online free with Opera hub news once you requested for withdrawal between the 1st and 15th (GMT/UTC) of each month.

Free Tips on how to Make Money Online fast with Content Creation

Once you have created your Opera news hub account, start to be preparing your Opera News channel on. The best of content that can easily generate more followership should be entertaining, informative or both.

You make sure your content is highly engaging and will be of value to your audience.before you hit that publish button. If your content is entertaining, informative, with proper context and emotion, you are more likely to engage your audience.

You need to prepare yourself to be posting content on the news hub 3 times. week, by keeping a regular schedule will easily multiply your posts per week and quickly raise your channel in the algorithm. Your own unique content will enable your article to stand out among others.

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To ensure that your content go viral, once the article has been published, your job is not finished yet. The life cycle of your article is not complete until you have shared the link to the article to your friends and followers on social media.

Sharing your article on social media will make it attract more engagements. Your followers will click to read, like, comment and invite others to read by sharing. After publishing your articles, do not forget to share the link to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. invite your followers and friends to read, like and share.

This action is what will increase the number of people reading the article and redirect them to your account thereby increasing your chances of getting more clicks

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