5 New Tiktok App Updates for iOS and Android

TikTok is now a whole new realm to because it covers people with its short videos. Users of the TikTok App globally are up to 689 million, while the U.S. has over 100 million monthly active users. The application originated as Musical.ly and then later it was transformed to TikTok, which was acquired by a company called ByteDance.

Now, it’s not only about the Generation Z people, but also the millennials and the older generation who love TikTok. They try to create more authentic content to grab more user interaction.

In this article, we will discuss all the latest TikTok updates that you need to know for a better beginning of 2022.

Here we go!

TikTok Plans For New Ecommerce Integrations

This is one of the TikTok App updates because everything nowadays seems to be online, and this platform leans on to eCommerce that facilitates in increasing the advertiser activity. Here there are three new placements for eCommerce integration to reinvent social shopping, where you can make easy collaborations between brands and creators.

Tiktok App Updates

TikTok App is now an advertiser spot for more brands that helps them reach out to new audiences. And when TikTok’s audiences continue to grow, you can make partnerships and monetization.

The three features for eCommerce (brands) are as follows:

  • Shareable Product Links: When a user shares a link, there would be a commission on it for whatever kind of sales.
  • Online Catalogs: Users can make their online products through this platform.
  • Live-streaming Shopping: When you are the user who watches a TikTok live, you would get recommendations of the featured products regarding it. Some of the iconic brands like Walmart have made collaborations with TikTok, to make Livestream video shopping.
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However, the test has made developments and TikTok App has checked with brands like Shopify and got to know the eCommerce availability to run promotions.

TikTok’s Creator Portal

TikTok is the one that introduced the content creators with a whole new educational theme. Anyone can follow this creator portal, where you have lots of content strategies, community building, video creation tips, and even on how to increase TikTok followers for your profile account.

Creator portal also helps you to know how to make the TikTok algorithm work for your brands. The main motive of the creator portal is to fill TikTok App with educational resources for the creators to know the basics of the platform. Thereby making new connections with the audience, and taking the videos to the next level. The portal is designed with six tabs and they are as follows:

  • Community guidelines and safety
  • TikTok creation essentials
  • TikTok content strategy
  • Getting paid to create
  • Getting started on TikTok
  • TikTok foundation for success

Warning Banners For Unverified Information(In-Videos)

TikTok also now has updated a new banner for warning videos, which contains unverified information and this is solely for not sharing the videos with others. TikTok has already identified and removed the misinformation after making the use of fast-checkers. This is a good method, where it limits the potential spreading of misleading information.

TikTok makes some videos that are unfit to stay in people’s For You feed by adding a warning banner as a shield for users. When someone tries to share the flattering video, TikTok App will show a notification to continue the process or to cancel it. TikTok also has seen a 24% decrease in the share rate of the flattered videos.

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However, this kind of feature is quite helpful for the people who make the most of their shares. And it is also said that there is a 7% decrease in the number of likes for these videos.

LiDar-Enabled AR Effect For iPhone 12

When you create a good strategy for your in TikTok, make them using sounds and effects that are trending. However, TikTok is consistently using new ways to improve content creation, where they jumped on to new AR . This is a TikTok App update, which has a new AR effect using the first LiDAR enabled effect for iPhone 12.

The abbreviation of LiDar refers to light detection and ranging. LiDar technology is the same working of sonar and radar, here it emits a small series of lasers by measuring the time on how long it takes to come back. This enables the expanded depth mapping, which is used to facilitate the AR tools to respond with real-world cues.

New Recipe Integration Tool

This is one of TikTok’s new updates where it is used to add a new in-app recipe integration called whisk. TikTok has partnered up with whisk to pilot a recipe-saving feature related to food videos. It is good that TikTok App is adding up the third-party services, where it allows creators to link directly to the recipes that are present on the whisk app.

However, this new button potentially drives significant traffic to the whisk application, especially when a recipe goes viral. From the creator’s perspective, adding a recipe button to a video will help the posting workflow using the “add link” option.

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The Takeaway

There was a period where people believed that TikTok App was only the platform for generation Z. Today, we could come across a lot more millennials, older generations as a part of the application.

As TikTok grows continuously, more updates have come this year. I hope the above article was helpful to know the updates that are new to TikTok. And there are five done and dusted TikTok updates for 2021 and would be helpful beyond 2021.

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5 New Tiktok App Updates for iOS and Android 1
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