5 Hidden Features of Shopify eCommerce Development

Add to cart buttons, discount coupons, new product arrivals, and the ominous words “The Product isn’t available” have all grown commonplace on Shopify eCommerce Development websites. The rise in eCommerce has only been around for about half a decade, and it has reached every home and country on the planet.

People have changed their horizons to internet shopping because of the endless possibilities, amazing discounts, and ongoing sales. So, if you want to start something on your own, eCommerce is a great place to start, but before you jump in, make sure you choose the right platform that can hold the weight of your business without crashing.

Should you opt for Shopify?

Shopify eCommerce development is an excellent pick for retailers who are starting an online store or converting an existing physical store to an online one. It is a comprehensive solution that allows you to sell a range of items, including apparel, jewellery, electronics, food, and home stuff, while also catering to your specific needs.

5 Hidden Features of Shopify eCommerce Development

Shopify eCommerce also releases you from the complexities of running an internet business, allowing you to focus on marketing, customer relations, and administration.

Advantages of Using Shopify

  • Theme stores on Shopify provide you with a wide variety of professional, responsive themes for free as well as you choose to buy. These themes may help you optimize your website for a variety of industries, including clothes, jewellery, and art.

Shopify eCommerce has a multitude of following features

And many more benefits after you’ve built your online store. Since it is a highly adaptable platform, you may pick and choose which technologies you need to automate your e-commerce operation.

  • Shopify eCommerce development has incredible speed and security. To guarantee that your online store runs well, Shopify Development Company ensures that it runs at lightning speed and has a high level of security, as credit card processing is the most common method of payment.
  • Customer Support is excellent with communication facilities via. Email, phone and online live chat at any time of the day, 7 days a week. It includes a large library of FAQs that might help you with technical issues. Their staff of trained representatives is available to give you prompt and helpful assistance at any time.
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The disadvantages of Shopify eCommerce

  • Structure of Charges: Shopify charges a transaction fee in addition to its monthly subscription fees. The price ranges from 0.5 per cent to 2 per cent of the sales value, depending on the plan. For example, the Basic Shopify plan requires you to pay 2% of the sales value, whereas the Shopify plan requires you to pay 1% of the sales value, and the Advanced Shopify plan requires you to pay 0.5 per cent. If you use Shopify payments for your purchases, however, there is no transaction fee.
  • Knowledge of Code: To design your website according to your needs, you’ll need to learn not only the basics of HTML and CSS but also Shopify’s coding language, “Liquid.” To make changes to the website code, you’ll need to engage a Shopify professional who can assist you with Liquid-related questions. With 11+ years of excellence, iWebServices can help you harness the benefits of Shopify eCommerce by developing a customized eCommerce solution that matches your specific business need.

Whether it’s Shopify or Magento shop design services, each has its own set of advantages, and in this session, we’ll go over some of the lesser-known facts about Shopify, which is the most popular and widely used platform.

Quick and simple search

Do you need to locate a product, a blog post, a customer, a collection, or a page quickly? The Admin Search option in Shopify is a simple but sometimes ignored feature. To access the search, simply hit the’S key’ or click the search symbol when in the admin section of your store.

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Press CMD + C.

You’re probably wondering what CMD + C stands for. The majority of those who are especially involved with coding will avoid shortcuts because they are perceived as something that makes no sense by the majority. Because Ctrl+V and Ctrl+C aren’t particularly time-saving or efficient, we’ll cut the main storey short. All of the shortcuts are also readily implementable in the Admin panel.

“You can travel between pages in your Shopify admin or add objects like products, pages, and discounts.”

Spend less time shuffling through pages and more time jumping from one page to the next like an expert.

Launching a Future Publishing isn’t Going to Be a Secret

There’s a fundamental rule to remember, especially if you’re trying to expand your inventory: you should never be out of stock! Let’s talk about something that hasn’t been discussed publicly: “Your customer chooses you solely because of the price that you give; if the entire pricing plan changes, you may lose the entire chunk.”

The easiest method to put an end to all the rumours is to inform your customers with an updated news or blog piece that informs them of any new developments.

Customized and categorize

So, after a fair amount of time as a seller, you’ve finally had the opportunity to develop a relationship with your consumer, and it’s time to take things to the next level.

Customers can be categorized based on the amount they spend and their previous history. All of this will assist you in determining customer preferences so that you can pitch them accordingly.

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Customer Groups and Customized Gift Vouchers with Your Logo

We all know how necessary it is to group your potential customers for marketing purposes, but what about your current customers? Grouping your consumers is necessary for repeat sales, remarketing, and email marketing. That’s the reason why Shopify’s Customer Group feature is made.

Customer groups can be created with the help of filtered searches you made on your customers. You may group clients based on how much they spend or where they shop and tailor your loyalty programmes, emails, and other communications accordingly. More information can be looked into Shopify’s Customer Creation Manual.

Shopify eCommerce development allows you to generate gift cards for your online business on professional and unlimited Shopify subscriptions. These are generic by default; however, there is a way to customize your vouchers to match your brand. Upload an image and then update your gift card template file to accomplish this.

To summarise

Shopify eCommerce development is not just about making things look bright and colourful or switching themes. It is much more than that; it may assist you in better understanding buyer behaviour and presenting your services.

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5 Hidden Features of Shopify eCommerce Development

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