There are so many interesting digital marketing careers that continue to emerge throughout the digital space. If you’re someone who’s looking for a change in pace and an online career, consider the digital marketing field. It remains one of the most popular and beloved spaces to thrive in with a lucrative career.

For different entry-level options, consider the following digital marketing careers that are in demand.

Digital Marketing Specialist

To be an excellent digital marketing specialist, become well-versed in ways to create excellent graphics, captivating email newsletters, and effective content for various platforms. Know how to navigate through applications such as Canva and PicMonkey to quickly format graphics and more.

Digital Marketing Careers

A digital marketing specialist will need to fully understand all of the platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. While Facebook ads and Instagram ads aren’t required skills within most entry-level marketing careers, it’s great if a potential specialist has experience in this area.

Identifying the target audience falls in line with the overarching goals of the company. It’s the digital marketing specialist’s job to find that target audience, connect and keep them interested.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers hold the capacity to help the company experience major visibility as social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to rise. Social media managers are well-versed in ways to effectively experiment and implement ads.

They understand the nuances between what works well on Pinterest and how to effectively translate the same content to a platform like Snapchat. Scheduling programs such as Buffer and Hootsuite are key tools in a social media manager’s arsenal to keep everything organized.

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It takes a lot of commitment to producing content on multiple platforms as well as multiple times throughout each day. This is why schedulers will be essential for proper promotion. In addition to taking a digital and social media marketing course, understand how to read analytics and numbers.

On the backend of social media accounts, the platforms provide a ton of important data that will be helpful when it’s time to create content, get engagement, and convert onlookers into loyal customers.

Content Strategist

It doesn’t matter if a company wants to focus on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Content will always be important and relevant. However, it is an incredibly time-consuming task that requires focus and strategy. A content strategist is one of the digital marketing careers that focuses on creative content, placement, and content scheduling.

A content strategist is often sitting in the seat of a creative director to provide stunning visuals, informative graphics, and captivating videos. Whether the company offers life insurance or scented candles, a great content strategy can catapult its success.

One of the major keys to success with content is the ability to pivot and move with the trends. Social media trends constantly. If a strategist doesn’t learn to keep a pulse on what’s interesting and hot, it’s really easy to get left behind. In addition to being creative and adaptable, learning

Digital Account Executive

A digital account executive provides services that revolve around strategies and cold-calling. This digital marketing career requires a sense of tenacity to find and connect with customers to close deals.

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There’s the long-term effort that includes drip campaigns, funnels, and excellent content in email newsletters. This position usually requires a detailed understanding of how to execute an effective email campaign, look for ways to improve a campaign, and creatively get the desired results.

Search Manager

When an individual looks for a specific subject on the internet, they use the search bar of the most popular search engines. Companies are constantly in competition to get shown as one of the top results of any given search. This is where methods are the most effective.

A search manager stays on top of SEO methods as well as options like pay-per-click advertisements to provide the most traffic to a company’s website. There’s plenty of room for growth and elevation within the digital marketing industry.

Many start in entry-level jobs, develop a strong passion, and learn how to pivot into opportunities where there’s no income ceiling. As the digital landscape continues to expand, the opportunities will continue to unfold in the coming years. Get on the train now, develop your skills and expand your horizons with a brand-new digital marketing career.

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