When there’s one thing that I’m highly grateful for, it is the fact I don’t have to be on my computer or visit the bank to manage my . The simple fact that I can initiate money transfer between my accounts to other with only a few taps has been a lifesaver on many occasions.

Mobile phones have completely changed the way we live. While we used to use them essentially for making phone calls, it seems like now we invest more time with them doing different things, like checking e-mails, taking pictures, posting on interpersonal media, reading the news, and more.

Just today I needed to make a transfer to a relative, and it did not even cross my mind to use my PC. I didn’t even have to proceed from where I was standing, and in only a couple of taps that the transfer was complete. With this in mind, I chose to gather a listing of the very best money transfer apps that let you make payments to friends, rent, college, hospitals, utilities, and more.

My Top 3 Favourite Money Transfer Mobile Apps

Money Transfer Mobile Apps

Send Money with Remitly: Know Where Your Money Is?

I discovered this is a great choice if you wish to easily keep ahead of money transactions, as you get alarms of transfer status upgrades every step of the way.

I find this feature to be particularly helpful, as it means that you don’t have to log back in to see whether the money has been received. It is possible to just mind your own business and get an alert when the transfer is now complete.

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Additionally, I liked that it encourages money transfers to hundreds of banks across dozens of nations, including India, Canada and many of Latin America.

The only downside I found is that I noticed that coverage in Canada and India is slightly restricted. On the other hand, the developers are still continuing to expand coverage into various locations, including different countries.

Then, hopefully, that will no longer be a problem. In case your country is not covered, I suggest that you go with my next pick, Xoom Money Transfer.

Xoom Money Transfer: Transfer Money Overseas

What makes it stand out of other money transfer apps is a simple fact it supports transactions across over 56 countries. I discovered this is a great option for worldwide travellers, as you can perform everything in sending money to the household to paying your phone and online bill on time even if you are overseas.

Additionally, I found that the transfer prices were unbelievably low, which is a massive plus, especially if you often make money transfers.

I did find the installation procedure requires a little bit of time to complete since you need to enter private data in addition to uploading a photograph of a government-issued ID.

But you only need to do it and it ultimately helps make sure that each money transfer is safe and protected. So, no complaints about me

Venmo: Easily Track your Finances

My third and final selection is Venmo. Among the things I liked about it is that there are no trades fees. Another huge and I discovered is there is no need to wait for transfers to clear, as the money is transferred immediately to the receiver’s bank account.

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In addition, I like you could use it to keep an eye on your finances, including that which money you owe and the amount you are owed.

Though I did not have any problems, I noticed that some customers reported flaws with transfers involving large amounts of money. Apparently, large transfers may be flagged, requiring additional security screenings before the transfer is not complete.

Ultimately, the security measure is set to help protect customers on either end of the transfer, so just bear in mind that large transfers might take a little more time to finish. Best app this use for Mocospace app.


These are my top 3 favourite money transfer apps for making money transactions online. Although there are quite a few other money transfer apps on the market, I found to be the cream of the crop.

Whether you want a simple way to keep on top of money transactions, or you want to readily make international transfers, any of these apps will make your life a lot easier.

With all these apps in your fingertips, you don’t require a personal computer because you’re able to transfer money anytime, anywhere right from the mobile phone!.

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When there's one thing that I'm highly grateful for, it is the fact I don't have to be on my computer or visit the bank to manage my money. The simple fact that I can initiate money transfer between my accounts to other people with only a few taps...
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