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5 Benefits of Omnichannel Communication Platforms

No one who’s ever made a purchase on Amazon is a stranger to their seamless customer service. After you raise an issue with an order, you have the choice of connecting with an agent via chat or call. Both mediums have their modes of transition from a chatbot and IVR, respectively, to live agents, who have your past order details ready at their disposal.

Long story short: Amazon, thanks to its well-defined omnichannel communication infrastructure, has designed a customer journey template that is undoubtedly in tune with customers’ demands and preferences.

That’s the beauty of omnichannel communication, which, with its integration of dynamic client service channels, proves beneficial for both end-users and the business. With the explosion of the number of devices and touchpoints, it’s essential to make the switch to a proactive, cross-platform experience.

Omnichannel Communication

But what if you already offer your services via multiple platforms? Well, then, it is simply not enough. Omnichannel communication and customer service entail real-time coordination between all your channels so that all of them are attuned to one workflow and are at the same stage in the customer journey.

Customer preferences change according to the process context, where and when a customer encounters an issue and the like and staying on top of communication needs an omnichannel approach.

Why an omnichannel communication platform is indispensable

Right off the bat, omnichannel communication introduces the element of painlessness to your systems and processes. Collaborating with a cloud communications platform that helps your business stay in the loop at every stage of the workflow is beneficial for both, the business and the end-user. A McKinsey report shares why it is already being hailed as a “critically important fixture for B2B sales”.

Seamless experience for customer and customer service

No customer likes to repeat themselves—having to start over at each touchpoint is a hassle that will definitely force clients to take their business elsewhere the next time, which is an undesirable situation because attracting new customers costs five times as much as retaining old ones.

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With an omnichannel communication platform at its side, a business can ensure that its customer service staff is never out of sync with the timeline. This is equally important for the stage when clients are still making up their minds about paying for your goods or services, and customer query resolution.

The dashboard will help your agents resolve problems or respond to queries across platforms no matter what the touchpoint may be in the customer journey. An omnichannel communication platform helps make marketing seamless—through

  • Platform integration
  • Businesses can send promotional emails or texts
  • Targeted ads on social media and even text message updates to encourage prospective clients to resume browsing or making the purchase

This ensures a seamless experience for the business. The omnichannel model also facilitates better customer service by keeping agents in the loop no matter which stage resolution has reached, thus making the process smooth for the end-user.

Better insights for the business

Adopting an omnichannel approach decidedly gives your business an edge in terms of insights into customer preferences and behaviour. For starters, all of your interaction with the client across several channels is auto-populated at a single source—which makes the data-gathering process more time-effective.

These insights also help you understand and pinpoint what it is exactly that gets customers’ goat, along with their preferred channels for making purchases and getting in touch with your customer service.

As a business, you can then focus on the optimal allocation of staff strength and other marketing and customer service resources. As for the end-user, they couldn’t possibly mind a thoroughly personalised experience, could they?

The solution is to have a cloud communication partner on board—this way, you can easily integrate several

  • Customer services tools
  • Query-ticketing, and
  • CRM platforms and refine relatively unclear data into actual, actionable insights
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When you decide on an omnichannel communication strategy, you’re essentially aiming at delivering greater empathy, reliability and convenience at every stage and touchpoint. All communication can be easily synced across

  • Messaging apps
  • Call logs
  • Email
  • Voice interaction and the like

Collaborating with an industry leader gives you the edge since you’ll need little warm-up time that way.

It packs the power of data:

With omnichannel communication, data collection is more accurate than anything. Since it’s an integrated network that also consists of a solid back-end, information is updated as regularly as possible.

Remember how your live agents never forget to ask if you would like to change your phone number or email address? Information provided by customers is, more often than not, verified across channels.

To the customers, this provides greater security and prospective ease of communication and information recovery (for instance, invoices or confirmation messages are usually sent via multiple channels). The business enjoys the potential to penetrate deeper in the most organic of ways, and offer clients a dynamic cross-platform experience.

Uncomplicated engagement

It isn’t enough to address customers’ aversion to repeating themselves—it is essential to simplify the way they connect with your business, regardless of the channel. The most important step is to introduce easily locatable self-service features, using which customers can first try to resolve problems themselves, or simply make a purchase and check out without having to depend on sales associates.

In a recent survey referenced by this Forbes article, over 70% of users are in favour of checking out on their own. In fact, this is one touchpoint that you can also use to upsell without putting off the customer.

Think about it: didn’t you love it when your favourite sports store introduced those unmanned payment kiosks endowed with a mobile app-paired QR code?

Likewise, targeted follow-up (for instance, automated tracking of customer preferences or demands and sending emails with recommendations or specific products that they can access with just one click), is just as much of an engagement facilitator.

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Such functionalities can be built across channels, be it brick-and-mortar outlets, mobile apps, websites and even IVR. And believe us—self-serve capabilities go beyond just reducing customer waiting time. Ask your cloud communication partner setting up your omnichannel systems about their self-service offerings.

An opportunity to strengthen brand voice

It might have been thrown around like a typical business keyword since the mid-2010s, but in the post-pandemic context, it has become a reliable indicator of your reach. It indicates to existing and potential customers that you’re accessible across platforms and always in sync with them as regards business.

By catering to them through multiple channels but with a well-planned central strategy, you also have the opportunity to forge not only a unique brand voice but an ever-evolving customer service standard that they trust. In the long-term, this creates a brand recall that can be sustained without needing to spend on separate marketing campaigns time after time.

The great part about adopting omnichannel communication is that you need to do nothing fancy. With a cloud communication solutions platform at your side, you can combine channels such as voice, text, messaging platforms, email and CRM, to design your own template.

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