4 Digital Marketing Training Tools to Get More Marketing Skills

I have some great digital marketing training tools to help you gain more knowledge that will help you become more successful with digital marketing strategy. Learning something new about a specific topic will help in providing more opportunities for your business online. You will gain new skills that can be used today for your digital marketing campaigns.

The following digital marketing training resources can teach you anything from learning social media management to building a better brand image for your business. If you need to improve your knowledge, but do not know where to begin, take advantage of these tools, and let me know how these work for you;

Build your Business with Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Training Tools

You can reach your digital marketing goals for free with over 75 courses. Facebook Blueprint is available to anyone who wants to learn how to master new skills. You can learn at your own pace and find out more about terminology, creative best practices, and more. Schedule an exam to add an official blueprint to your profile online.

Some of the Digital Marketing Training material available on Facebook Blueprint

i. How to Create and Manage a Facebook Page for Your Business
ii. A step-by-step guide to creating Facebook ads from your Page
iii. How to create and manage an Instagram account for your business
iv. Get started with advertising on Instagram
v. How to edit and improve your Facebook ads

Digital Marketing Training Tools

vi. Grow your business with Facebook and Instagram
vii. How to get started With Facebook Ads Manager
viii. How to create and manage campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager
ix. How to evaluate and optimise your campaigns with Facebook Ads Manager
x. The essential guide to advertising with Facebook Ads Manager

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xi. The Essential Guide to Digital Marketing With Facebook
xii. Publish, Connect and Monetize On Facebook and Instagram
xiii. Boost your Strategy
xiv. How to create a Facebook Page to grow your business
xv. Growing your business with Instagram: What you need to know

xvi. How to connect with customers on Instagram
xvii. How to get started with Facebook Ads Manager
xviii. Get Started With Commerce Manager
xix. The Power of Commerce on Facebook and Instagram
xx. The essential guide to finding visuals for your ads. You can as well browse for advanced courses.

Learn from Alison leading experts

The latest in business and marketing from top instructors in the industry. Alison offers courses on a variety of topics for those who need to expand on or gain new knowledge.

Earn your certification in subjects like online business, business intelligence, and marketing management. There are hundreds of digital marketing training programs to choose from, and getting started is simple with a self-paced curriculum.

With the help of intensive and comprehensive Diploma courses, you will gain valuable skills and training on key topics, all under one roof. Diploma courses are specifically designed to give you a more extensive and thorough understanding of a subject area, by helping you master multiple concepts within a subject.

There are times when you may wish to specialise in a whole subject area, and there are times where you may prefer to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts within a subject area.

Alison’s Certificate courses will help you focus your learning on distinct topics, to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry. By concentrating your energy on singular concepts, the niche skills you gain could set you apart from the rest.

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Alison Learning Paths are a combination of niche courses that have been specially designed to help you

Broaden your skillset: expand on the skills you have by learning from a range of related subjects. Examples include Tourism with English Language Studies, Hospitality and Food Safety, Essential Management Skills.

Progress your knowledge: increase your understanding of a particular subject area by focusing your learning for that discipline. Examples in this type of Learning Path are Google and Business, C Programming and Teaching Skills.

Master a subject: learn about a subject from a basic (Introduction) level through to proficient (Advanced) level. Some examples within this Learning Path are Project Management and Physics.

Learning from experience using Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student you can learn directly from Google with real-world marketing classes. Modules are self-paced and taught by actual professors in topics that include search advertising, analytics, AdWords fundamentals, etc.

Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to get real-world experience creating and executing online marketing campaigns for real nonprofits using a $10,000 USD monthly budget of in-kind Google Ads advertising credit through the Google Ad Grants program.

This global academic program brings two worlds together, partnering students and nonprofits, to support digital skill development and drive positive change around the world.

Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge (OMC) is open to higher education students from undergraduate or graduate programs, regardless of major. Students must form teams of 2-5 members and register under a verified faculty member, lecturer or instructor currently employed by an accredited higher education institute.

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Google will partner student teams with select nonprofits that are a part of the Ad Grants program and have opted in to participate in the Challenge. Google Ad grants online marketing challenge is a tool for bringing marketing theory to life by engaging students in a hands-on learning experience that gives them the opportunity to:

Free social media course on Quintly Academy

Learn the basics of social media analytics with this free resource. Quintly Academy provides users with a full curriculum that starts with an introduction then moves you step-by-step through each stage of data, metrics, and goals.

Whether you work for a brand, agency, or want to improve your business this is a great course to help take the guesswork out of complicated measurement.

Hopefully, you will find these digital marketing training tools useful for your brand or business. Are there any that you would like to add as well? Please use the comment form below.

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