Background screening refers to the process of investigating the backgrounds of potential employees and is one of the most informative ways to collect the data quickly and efficiently to help companies make informed decisions regarding prospective job applicants.

It’s becoming an important step throughout recruiting and hiring processes as it verifies the accuracy of a potential employee’s claims and reduces the number of applicants who might not be a good fit.

What is a Background Screening Company?

Companies that contract out employee screening services can select a range of screening products. A Background Screening Company may conduct a criminal background check, test the applicant for drug use, perform a medical evaluation, and screen for competence.

Background Screening Company

Companies that provide screening services can access public records which may provide relevant information about an employee’s qualifications and trustworthiness. This information is packaged in a report which can be used when making hiring decisions.

The mission of background screening companies.

Background check companies offered slow and inefficient products in past, that was confusing to use and couldn’t be scaled. Now at background screening companies, the works behind the scenes to quickly provide you with clear, intuitive, and actionable results.

Their interface or API solutions allow you to run background checks for employment along with other investigative reports right inside the platforms you use every day so you can get more done in less time. Their more innovative technology equals more trustworthy hiring.

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What do screening companies do?

There are several goals to which background screening companies do.

  • The first is to confirm that an employee is qualified for the position.
  • The second is to identify any potential safety risks, including threats to physical safety in the workplace and the security of data the employee might handle. Screening is also designed to spot personality traits that may be beneficial or problematic.

Information ineeded for a background check.

In addition to obtaining written consent to conduct a background check, you must first collect your candidate’s first, middle and last name, as well as the correct date of birth (DOB), government ID or social security number, and addresses from the last 7 years if possible.

Benefits of background screening

Why do employers conduct background checks? Is it simply to verify a job candidate’s qualifications, or are there additional benefits? A report reveals the top four benefits employers realize by conducting background screening and how it adds value to their organization.

Improved Quality Of Hire

The first thing you will notice when using a comprehensive background screening program is a greatly increased quality of hire in your staffing efforts. Talent acquisition is a struggle in nearly every , and qualifying candidates with accurate information is a great portion of that struggle.

Improved Safety and Security

Employment background checks help greatly reduce the chance of future workplace violence by filtering out applicants that could present a threat to the workplace environment. The comprehensive screening will detail past incidents which may provide critical insight into behavioural habits that could pose a threat in the future.

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Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

A third-party background screening provider with in-house compliance experts can help your company properly create a screening solution that not only satisfies your industry standards but also state and federal regulatory requirements, which vary from state to state and by type of position you are staffing. Without this type of background screening program in place, your company risks fines and ongoing legal issues.

Decrease in Negligent Hiring Risks

There is a high degree of risk in negligent hiring, which oftentimes leaves your company directly liable for your employees’ actions. It has become increasingly commonplace to see a company that neglected to check the backgrounds of employees before hiring, and have consequently been liable because of it.

When incidents occur that a company could have prevented knowing an employee’s past, lawsuits are filed, and companies often suffer immeasurable damage to their reputation because of it.

Cost of a background check

Many business owners believe that background checks are just an additional, unnecessary cost. Although costs vary based on the screenings performed, employers can choose between basic, standard and premium screenings, costing an average of $15 to $80 per report. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, it’s cheaper than making a bad hire. A report found that the average cost of a bad hire is $15,000.


Whichever service you use to check a potential employee’s background, make sure you’re familiar with your responsibility as an employer. Hiring is an important decision, so make sure you have all of the information you need while also minimizing your risk exposure. Working with one of the best, background screening companies should help you to begin.

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