To make kitchens look more chic and elegant, turn to various furniture pieces to add to their kitchens. With the list of trending furniture available in the market, choosing a dining table that best suits your kitchen space can be quite a task.

A dining table can be a suitable furniture piece to make your kitchen look classy. To help you select a desirable dining table for your kitchen, we have curated a list of the different types and how they will add up to the elegance of your kitchen.

Carved table

Enhance your kitchen by placing a beautifully carved table that serves as a small table. This is perfect for a small as it does not take up too much space but looks aesthetically pleasing. You can even go for matching elegant chairs to elevate the look of your kitchen. Try to choose a different colour from the interior of the kitchen.

Cafe table

Café tables are for those who are looking to add a stylish touch to their kitchen. The café table can serve as a mini dining table. This is suitable for people with smaller families. It does not take too much space in the kitchen yet gives you ample space to have meals together.

Types of Dining Table Ideas

Tulip table

A tulip table is often considered among the most versatile table designs out there because it can change the entire look of the kitchen. Rather than opting for simpler tables, you can go for the classy tulip table. Due to its compact design, a tulip table can easily fit even in a small kitchen.

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Zinc table

For an edgy look, you can use a zinc table that is the dining table. A zinc table is not suitable for everyone because it can get damaged easily, especially by kids. If it is just you and your partner, then you can consider getting this state-of-the-art piece of furniture in your kitchen as a table. It gives off antique vibes, which can change the feel of the kitchen.

Elm table

A rectangle-shaped elm table might be the addition to your kitchen that you need. It looks gentle and blends well with any interior. Whether you have a colourful kitchen or a pretty monotone one, the elm table looks good under any circumstances. It is essentially a wood table and so you should take care when using it as a table for dining in the kitchen.

Hideaway table

You can get a hideaway table installed in the kitchen. You can easily put it away when it is not in use. You can take it out when you are prepping your meals and serving dinner on it. It is a space-saving way to have a table without it when it doesn’t need to. It is a multi-purpose table.

Glass-topped table

Types of Dining Table Ideas

A glass-topped table is precisely what the name suggests; it has a glass top while the table’s legs are made from other materials. Sturdy glass tables are excellent because they often provide extra legroom. It looks good in any kitchen and can be cleaned easily, which makes it easy to maintain. A glass-topped table is a versatile option you should consider.

Pedestal table

This dining table idea for the kitchen is best for those who want something that does not take up too much space. Matching the pedestal table with matching chairs can make a comfy place in your kitchen. It looks peaceful and serene. Adding it to the kitchen space can make your kitchen space appear lively and welcoming.

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Drop-leaf table

If space is a constraint, you must consider getting a drop-leaf table. When it is folded up, it can be used as a dining table. It can double up as a small shelf that you can put items on when folded down. A drop-leaf table saves space, and it goes well with any kitchen interior.

Extend your island

You can make use of your island by installing an extension so that it becomes a table where you can dine. This extension is usually better if it is a little below the level of the island, but you can choose what makes it comfortable for you. This is ideal for kitchens that do not have an overhang for an island.

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