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Work Integrated Learning Program Approach System

Work integrated learning management or WILP programs are the latest addition to the distance and online education domain which has seen revolutionary transformations in the past decade. The WILPs is starkly different from the previous modes of distance and online education such as printed correspondence, email correspondence, online education platforms and so on.

What are Work Integrated Learning Programs?

Work Integrated Learning Programs have come into existence as an answer to the need of the professionals in solving real-time problems on the job and while engaging in real-time decision-making and strategy formulation. These programs are offered online to enable working professionals to upgrade their knowledge and enhance their skills while still working and earning.

WILP courses are designed in a manner to effectively combine the academic learning of discipline with practical and industry-oriented skills, tools and techniques to enable the participants to effectively apply their real-time learnings into practice.

These programs adopt a cutting-edge pedagogical approach that enables the participants to deal with the ever-increasing challenges of the complex, globalizing and dynamic business world, volatile markets and economic conditions.

The Cutting-edge pedagogical approach of WILPs

Distance Learning: The best of the WILPs are offered through advanced online platforms and provide the participants with a great deal of flexibility and convenience.

Work Integrated Learning Program

Design-level clarity: The programs are designed with a clear focus on what the learning outcomes should be, what kind of workplace activities and skills need to be taught and what kind of assignments and projects should be handed over.

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All the course components are included in the curriculum with a distinct purpose and not because every other course has the same component. The activities surrounding the teaching and assessment are clearly defined and integrated into the curriculum in a manner which is easy to comprehend for the participants.

Industry-oriented: As mentioned earlier, these courses are industry-oriented in their design and curriculum. They incorporate all the latest concepts, skills, tools and techniques as well as the emerging trends in the field. They take insights from the best practices, ethics and legal aspects and incorporate the same into the curriculum to help the participants thrive in their respective careers.

Components that indirectly benefit participants: WILPs also includes components that indirectly benefit participants. These include leadership, management, soft skills, career development tools, etc.

Mentoring: One of the components that the best WILP courses include is mentoring. They facilitate real-time sessions with industry experts, dubbed as “ProTalks” or “Ask A Pro” which widens the perspectives of the participants and help them gain invaluable insights about the current prevailing trends in the industry.

Emulate campus and classroom environment in the virtual space: Work integrated learning program management effectively emulate the classroom and campus atmosphere in the virtual space through cutting-edge technological innovations.

They offer live and interactive lectures (not recorded ones) that allow two-way communication between the faculty and participants enabling them to engage in insightful discussions and get doubts cleared as and when they occur.

Other tools they use to emulate the campus environment online are one-on-one interaction opportunities with the faculty, digital library access, dedicated student support, placement cell, an online student community and so on. In a way, adding a human touch to what may otherwise be lonely, self-learning.

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Real-time, immersive learning: WILP Programs ensure real-time, application-oriented learning by leveraging cutting-edge technological tools such as live and interactive lectures, simulation exercises, virtual reality, gamification, etc. So, that participants know how exactly theory rolls out in praxis.

A range of technologically-advanced pedagogical tools and learning aids such as case, studies, infographics, visual aids, practise tests, analytics, etc. are available for participants to ace even the self-study component with easy comprehension of even the most difficult concepts.

Mobile app for any time learning: Considering that participants of WILP are working professionals who need to work and earn while learning, it is important for them to be able to learn anywhere and anytime they please. WILPs, from most ed-tech platforms like that of TalentedgeNext, offer mobile apps to help them learn on the go whether during their commute or lunch breaks.

Assessments: As mentioned earlier, WILP courses include formalized assessment components wherein participants are required to apply their theoretical learnings into solving real-life problems.

These assessments could be in the form of end-term project, term paper, capstone project, etc. Participants can validate their knowledge and skills through the assessments which will add weight to their CV.

Preparation for a challenging career: WILP courses enable the participants to take their career trajectory to the next level and to land challenging-yet-fulfilling, rewarding and lucrative jobs.

This is especially important with the imminent danger of automatons replacing routine and monotonous human jobs. Only professionals who have the requisite skills and expertise will be able to retain their jobs in the future.

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