Work-from-Home Jobs to Make Free $300 Online

Good day readers; today, I will be teaching you a free and effective method to make a lot of money online doing some work-from-home jobs using any device connected to the internet. You are highly welcome if this is your first time reading my post.

Today’s method will be compelling if you can put it into practice. I will be teaching you how to earn dollars here in Nigeria through some work-from-home jobs. If we should consider the country’s harsh and poor economic system, there is an excellent reason to have some online side hustle that can help pay your bills.

Work-from-Home Jobs

With just your smartphone or any internet-connected device, you can earn money online for free no matter where you are in the world. You must follow what I will share today and implement it to earn your first dollar online.

I am sharing two work-from-home jobs that will help you to earn money online, and you are free to use both methods, or you can use one of them based on your interest.

Before I continue, I want you to read the disclaimer below carefully.


The content on this page is in no way a get-rich-quick scheme or program. We do not guarantee you of becoming rich overnight by implementing the methods on this page.

However, the work-from-home jobs will be sharing will help you earn some little cash enough to pay your bills.

Also, note that your results are entirely based on your hard work and consistency.

With that said, let us continue.

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Is it possible to earn dollars here in Nigeria using your smartphone?

Many Nigerians still do not believe in the possibility of making money in US dollars with their smartphones on the internet. A lot of average Nigerian youths doubt they can make that money via those smartphones they use to receive calls in their hands.

The world is now advancing to the stage where you can get paid doing work-from-home jobs without doing 9-5 jobs.

Please do not misquote me;

This article is in no way trying to criticize or devalue your day-to-day offline job but to help you make extra cash for yourself. While people are still doubting the idea of making money online, there are many intelligent Nigerians out there who are already making lots of cash online via different legitimate means like

What I will be teaching you today will not be based on online businesses but on some excellent work-from-home jobs and online earning methods that can bring you to cash fast without starting anything from scratch.

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing, and
  • Amazon kindle publishing

I mentioned that all full-time businesses take a lot of time to build up from scratch but are very profitable if they can stand the test. So to answer the question, I would say Yes, you can make money online in Nigeria. It is possible to start a business online in Nigeria and make good money from it.

  • You can start a business selling your or other people’s digital products. And get paid in real money for your work.
  • You can also earn money by getting paid for
  • Watching ads
  • Completing simple tasks, or
  • Filling out surveys
  • You can also get paid for blogging. You can start your blog for free and use it to sell your products or promote other people’s products.
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What two work-from-home jobs can you use to earn $$$ online with your smartphone?

As I said earlier, the work-from-home jobs I will be showing you will be some simple things that can generate cash without spending time developing them from scratch. Without spending much time, the work-from-home jobs I want to share here are writing articles for money and getting paid for simple social media tasks.

How to make money writing articles online in Nigeria

There are many different ways to make money writing articles online. Some sites will pay you for writing articles online here in Nigeria.

  • Submitting an article to directories
  • Taking article writing contests, and
  • Blog commenting jobs on the Upwork Website

They are all the best ways to make money articles online. These are the places where you will find opportunities to write and earn.

You can also write for these two websites

I am not telling you what I am not doing. I am a writer on these two websites and have made a decent amount of money by staying in the comfort of my room and submitting articles to these sites. Both Opera News and Lodpress pay you for your article engagement and reach.

In the case of Opera News, you get paid in Nigerian naira, and there are millions of people on the platform to read your article. And on Lodpress, you get paid in dollars for writing unique articles for the platform.

How to make money online in Nigeria doing simple work-from-home jobs

Some of the websites like this that pay people to do simple work-from-home jobs in Nigeria and get paid are not free to join; examples are

  • Viraltrend
  • OwoDaily
  • Hawkit
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However, the ones I will show you here will be 100% free to join and earn.

The first and highest earning potential website to earn dollars by completing simple work-from-home jobs is Sproutgigs. I have personally earned lots of dollars here.

Below is a screenshot of my recent balance.

work-from-home jobs

It is straightforward to earn on this platform. Many people have earned thousands Of dollars using this website. To get the complete tutorial guide on how to make your first dollars on Sproutgigs, read: Sproutgigs Review-Tasks for Money Online.

Another site that pays you to make money online by doing work-from-home jobs is Star Clicks, which pays you to click on ads and get paid 0.1 cents per ad clicked.


Having known how to make money online via these two methods. You can choose which of the work-from-home jobs is more convenient for you.

Good luck and happy earnings!

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Work-from-Home Jobs to Make Free $300 Online

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