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Why You Need the PC Spy Software at Schools?

The schools’ management nowadays is looking forward to finding a PC spy software that can help them in monitoring their students in the digital environment. This is because the computers in the schools’ labs are always connected to cyber space and students are so much prone to get into connection with the cyber criminals.

PC Spy Software

Besides this, a number of students have found viewing inappropriate and immoral content in the school premises over lab computers, because the security and restriction protocols at home keep them away from doing so.

They sound this as an opportunity is fulfilling their activity and it is normally done in the form of groups. These entire groups member are always kids and teens who found the substandard content as interesting, but they never know that this poses a serious concern to their moral, social and mental health in many ways.

It is established by the PEW research center that

The kids viewing inappropriate content over the computers and mobiles are more vulnerable to develop mental health issues; these kids are more 60% more exposed to the developing mental health issues.

It is reported that the kids having access to the cyber space and internet are pretty much exposed to become the victims of cyber bullying and harassment. The cyber criminals over the internet see these vulnerable kids and teens as a feast to them and exploit them by all means.

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The report suggests that more than 50% of the kids and tends facing cyber bullying and harassment issues have been to the hospitals for mental health issues. The kids also prone to have physical health issues, so going around all the facts, is it established that the parents are actually responsible for all such happenings with the child, and they need to be well aware of all the activities happening with their kids.

If we talk about school, it is primarily the responsibility of the school administration to ensure the security, safety and protection of the kids. Talking about the school administration, many of them found helpless while saying that they don’t have established mechanisms that can monitor the kids’ activities over the PCs of the computer lab.

The experts have been requested to draw their attention to the said matter and they were requested to come out with a feasible solution. The major ways of monitoring kids’ activities over school PCs are as follows. The first solution, as suggested by the experts, is the use of manual monitoring methods to track the kids while using school PCs, but as per experts view, this method is not very much on the cards.

The other solution that is proposed by the experts is the use of PC spy app over the lab computers of schools that can actively track and record each and every bit of communication taking place over the said system.

The next question is that which service serves the best in this aspect? The best offering in this perspective is served by TheOneSpy. The PC spy software is a true blessing for the school administration and parents as well that allows them to record and monitor each and every bit of communication taking place on the target PC.

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All that the school administration needs to do is to buy the license for subscription to install the application over the target computers. After purchasing the license, the school admin will be allowed to install the app into the lab PCs and now they are all set to monitor the kids through PC spy software.

The salient features of the PC spy app TheOneSpy are as follows.

PC Spy Software

Website blocking

A number of websites that contain inappropriate and immoral content for the kids and tends can be blocked by school management, just to ensure the moral training and protection of the kids and teens in school premises.

The websites that are added to blocked website list will then not be allowed to access from the target computer, ensuring strong moral security of the kids.

Screen recording

All the live performing screen activities that are in progress at the target device can be extensively monitored through PC spy software. The school admin need to assign the PC spy software to function as per the given instructions.

The school admin can configure the app to record all the activities performing on the target PC in the form of short or long clips. This setting can be configured through the online we portal of the PC spy software. The recorded clips are then stored over the dashboard of the PC spy app.

These clips can be retained over the cloud storage for not less than 90 days. After 90 days, all the storage of the dashboard is cleaned up to make room for newly recorded data.

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Productive and unproductive tabs

The admin can use the PC spy software to assign productive and unproductive tabs as per their association with kids’ academic assignments. The app then generates a log of all the activities that are performed over these tabs. It devises a fair picture of all the activities of the kids over labs computers.


The use of PC spy software at school is highly recommended for the school administration to ensure healthy activities by the kids

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