We have seen that the traditional methods of are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Actually those have been replaced by innovations and digitization. Market reports have suggested that the industry of education technology will reach 680.1 billion dollars by 2027 at an annual growth rate of 17.9 percent.

Talking about the prominent trends in education technology, AR has got a distinctive status. It has been predicted that by 2023, the worth of AR in this realm will surpass 5.3 billion dollars. This scope certainly suggests that AR will definitely unfold a pool of opportunities for educational institutions across the globe.

Opportunities of AR in training and education

With suitable AR apps you serve a number of purposes for making education better. First of all it facilitates students to retain information for long, acquire new skills easily and engage fast. In addition to this, it makes the entire process fun and interactive.

AR In Education

Augmented reality app development contributes not only to a specific level of education but also caters to all levels of schooling from preschool to college and even for higher studies.

How AR benefits education

  • Flexi-accessible learning content: With the advent of AR, physical models, paper textbooks, printed manuals, posters have been replaced. In fact it comes with less expensive and portable learning materials. This has actually made education mobile and easily available.
  • No requirements for special equipment: Unlike VR, you won’t need high end hardware for AR. As 73 percent of the teenage population have smartphones these days, AR technology can be used instantly by the targeted users across the globe.
  • High interest and engagement for students: This is one of the vital aspects that can make learning reciprocal. Traditional methods often get boring as students have to stay confined within the four walls of the classroom and listen to age old monotonous teachings.
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But with appropriate AR applications, the current learning can have a deep impact in the minds of the learners. In fact they can visualize or experience the content to pick up new concepts pretty fast. With personalized augmented reality app development, you can attract students to meet their aspirations with ease and convenience.

  • Improving collaboration capabilities: Using AR based apps boring classes can be rejuvenated. As all students are absorbed in immersive learning simultaneously they can work on developing their team spirit. In this process interpersonal skills can be enhanced to achieve something collectively.
  • Effective and flexible learning: All studies have got a fixed purpose irrespective of the courses/disciplines. To make education exciting, definitely you need to imbibe something distinctive that can retain students for long hours.

Now by incorporating AR you can create impressive visuals that makes the content realistic. An image or a picture will be more worthy than a thousand words. Isn’t it fascinating? Students can use AR enabled educational apps during any time of the day and from anyplace, even from the comfort zone of your homes.

  • Efficient and safe training: Professional training is also a part of education as the employees learn about new practices and skills that are to be applied for meeting the organizational aims and objectives. Now by applying AR in this field

companies can achieve better in this respect via full visualization of the subject matter. For example, with AR training, performing heart surgery in remote areas or performing any operations in a space shuttle is possible as it reduces the danger of risking millions of dollars along with creating any life threatening situations.

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How actually AR works in the field of education

As AR is an integral part of XR concept, including VR and MR components, the users can feel an enhanced real world environment with cutting edge graphics, audio and text effects and multimedia. In other words, AR techniques can provide you a personalized version of the actual surroundings by developing digital content layering the graphical representation.

Impact of AR in the realm of education and training is huge and it helps the adopters to use real time instructions for learning on the go. If you really wish to boost today’s tech based education practices, feel free to opt for AR app development and stand out in the current competition with trend setting solutions.

To make studies more innovative and dynamic, even AR based games are gaining popularity to make abstract topics crystal clear. For instance, subjects like environmental education often seem difficult to comprehend for students, especially kids. To curb the difficulties, AR based games can be used to explain the topics better and in a lucid way.


A development company in India can provide you with unique services for making students attentive, and curious about their courses. Conducting educational trips, enabling self learning modules, providing interactive learning materials etc have truly contributed in making education convenient and purposeful.

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