RSS feed is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication” feed or “Rich Site Summary”, and the XML extension is the format used for distributing contents updates via the internet, which is known as Syndication. Syndication is what makes RSS feeds so powerful to unleash the file containing a summary of updates from a website which is often in the form of a list of articles with links.

It can be used by a webmaster to offer updates to a website’s subscribers when new content is published on the website. RSS feeds are widely becoming a very powerful marketing tool on the Internet. It has been picked up by agency around the world every day who knows about its usefulness.

Nevertheless, there are still a majority of on the Internet who haven’t used RSS feeds to syndicate their content. This new can change the way you keep in touch with your subscribers or readers permanently in a lot of ways. Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

The 8 most powerful reasons you should start using RSS feeds

Why RSS Feeds is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Website readers can opt into feeds

Like autoresponders, the RSS feed allows website prospects to opt into the feeds they are interested in and also be able to opt-out when they want to through their RSS feeds reader. It is almost similar to building a list of subscribers! Using the RSS feeds as an autoresponder will help you to send out messages promptly as specified.

Campaign and sales messages are common scenarios where you can use an autoresponder. A series of messages over some time is sent using an autoresponder. The messages will be delivered in chronological order, like, newsletter, training material, sales message, etc.

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You don’t have to maintain an RSS feed.

This is a “burden-take-off” for savvy and busy Internet marketers as the RSS feed is free to use and it doesn’t require that much effort as building a list. Of course, everything has its pros and cons. When you don’t need to spend time for your opt-ins, you won’t have a closer relationship with them and it makes promoting your product much harder.

List of Top 20 Popular Feeds for September 2021

  • BBC News » World RSS Feed
  • The New York Times | World RSS Feed
  • BuzzFeed » World RSS Feed
  • Al Jazeera RSS Feed
  • Defence Blog RSS Feed
  • Global Issues RSS Feed
  • The Cipher Brief RSS Feed
  • BBC RSS Feed
  • CNN » World RSS Feed
  • Times of India » World News RSS Feed
  • Washington Post » World RSS Feed
  • CNBC » World News RSS Feed
  • RT News RSS Feed
  • Reuters » World News RSS Feed
  • NDTV – World news RSS Feed
  • ABC News – International RSS Feed
  • NPR: National Public Radio – World RSS Feed
  • DW News RSS Feed
  • Los Angeles Times » World & Nation RSS Feed
  • Sputnik – World RSS Feed. Source

Ability to Syndicate your website’s content

This is the true power of the RSS feeds. It gives you the ability to Syndicate your content – and email your website’s updates to your subscribers instantly letting them know about your content updates right away. The updates could be your website entries, news headlines, or audio or video files.

RSS documents usually contain complete or summarized text, metadata, and author and publishing information. RSS feeds will benefit you as the publisher and also your subscribers because they syndicate work automatically in a format that can be easily accessed and viewed by different applications.

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It Provides free traffic and promotion.

RSS feeds is one of the greatest ways to get free traffic to your website without needing to spend a single penny on advertising. This alone can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising a year to advertise your online .

If you don’t have time to set up your webpage with RSS feeds it is recommended that you set up an account with and head to generate your RSS subscription page automatically with any RSS feed URL you favour and inserted.

Since your readers will be looking for new and interesting content from you, will help you with RSS alert tools like newsletters, social media, RSS etc. all you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the show. As your knowledge about using RSS continues to grow, you will begin to see how RSS fits into your overall marketing efforts.

Use for Promotions and sales

Similar to an autoresponder, the RSS feed gives you the ability to broadcast your promotions to your subscribers. This way, you can earn money through your RSS feeds as well. To use your website’s RSS for promotion, you need to validate the feeds.

Some RSS readers and aggregators will be unable to read an RSS feed that is not correctly formed. There are both web-based and desktop feed validation tools available that can help determine whether an RSS feed is properly formatted or not.

For you to properly promote your RSS feed, you have to take time to properly promote the RSS feed. Just as a website requires promotion and marketing, so does an RSS feed.

Few tips for promoting your feed

  • RSS Auto-Discovery
  • Feed Icon
  • Submit To RSS Feed Directories
  • Inform your email subscribers that RSS is available
  • Send A Press Release
  • One-Click Subscription
  • Communicate RSS Feed Availability. Learn more
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No filter problems

Every RSS feed passes through email filters. You won’t have to worry about your message being filtered anymore while syndicating an article. All your messages are delivered 100% to your subscribers.

No spam complaints

People who want to subscribe to your RSS feeds will need to do it with their RSS reader. They will need to abide by the that you are allowed to send them your syndication anytime without being called spamming. This is another great feature of the RSS feed.

The RSS reader will checks your feeds regularly for new information and can automatically download it if that function is enabled. Users can subscribe to your RSS feeds from your websites and sources of interest to them, and use an RSS reader to scan headlines and read articles from a variety of sources.

Top Free Online RSS Readers

  • Digg Reader
  • Feedreader Online
  • CommaFeed
  • FlowReader
  • Feedly
  • Inoreader
  • Feedspot
  • The Old Reader
  • G2Reader
  • Good News. Read more

Provides many ways to read feeds.

RSS is very versatile because it lets you read feeds on many different media platforms. Some of the examples are browser readers while others use software to read their feeds. Other than that, people can view feeds on different operating systems like or Mac.

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