Why Reading Books is Better than Watching Movies

If you are a great lover of reading books, you certainly agree that flicking through a book is better than watching the film version of the book. However, the increasing global societal transformation has adversely impacted young people’s thinking, values, and choices.

The rising mega-technology trends have inflamed most teenagers towards movie trends rather than developing reading habits. Many young viewers would prefer watching the movie if asked to read a good book.

Reading Books

It might be challenging for them to motivate to read a 382-page book that seems a daunting task for many readers. Conversely, they prefer watching the complete movie on YouTube or Netflix or listening to audiobooks.

Book lovers have a different opinion; they show more interest in reading the book first. If the best book version is available, with alluring book cover designs, why not glance at the book, read the plot, and know about the characters and scenes?

You can comprehend the author’s point of view and the purpose of writing the book. Whenever you read the book, you get a new interpretation of the story.

For example, if you read the Harry Potter series, you may feel the characters become alive and begin hearing the voices or thoughts of characters in regular life. Consequently, reading a novel with deep focus enchants and mesmerizes a reader, enabling them to become a part of the book.

Benefits of Reading books than watching a movie

Reading books builds creativity and learning compared to watching YouTube videos or podcasts. Books provide access to in-depth knowledge. Reading books is your best choice if you want to become more productive and gain vast knowledge.

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The knowledge acquired through reading books is boundless and stays with the reader for years. While watching a 10-minute YouTube video may provide useful knowledge about the topic, it disperses within seconds. You must read books to gain relevant knowledge if you are pursuing any career.

Whether you aim to learn about coding, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, know about digital marketing strategies or start a successful business, you need a collection of useful books that provide immense knowledge and boost your skills.

Reading Books sharpens brain activity

The more you read. It stimulates the signals in the brain that improve focus and expand reading ability. For instance, reading a novel keeps the brain active, and as the book reaches climax, the brain reacts accordingly.

Consequently, the readers develop various emotions as they get involved in reading books. Being fantasized, people imagine themselves in another world involving magical abilities, mythologies, or medieval or futuristic themes.

Professional book cover designs have a great capacity to attract a large audience. There are reasons why people like to surf through the shelves at bookstores or search the best seller pages online. Fascinating and eye-catching book cover designs, the artistic style, and the catchy storyline hook the book lover’s attention toward the story.

Reading Books

They set the right mood for the readers to read the book with intense passion and interest. Conversely, watching the movie of the novel might not benefit the viewers. Many people are distracted by attractive actors and fantastic special effects and lose sight of the plot and character development.

As reading the book, the audience finds no such distraction and they remain absorbed in the plot from the start until the end. Moreover, if you are reading a non-fiction book, it requires you to be fully present and engaged with the knowledge offered in the book.

Why do Most Readers read a book first instead of watching a movie?

Readers are unable to grasp the meaning of the book while watching a movie

Though movie directors use technical expertise to create an impressive movie for the audience, many film directors cannot portray the plot or storyline as written by the author. Instead, most of them comprehend the author’s writing but change the scenarios by adding chirpy dialogues and action series to make it appealing to the audience.

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In addition, they use visual and sound effects to create a dramatic effect. However, these approaches may create boredom for the audience, who expect the movie to be the same as the original novel.

As viewers feel that the movie gets lost in translation and cannot captivate their attention, some might miss out on the opportunity to express their imagination and lose sight of the plot and character development.

While modern audiences feel that reading an original novel might be difficult, they cannot grasp the full meaning of some of the obsolete language. In addition, they could not comprehend the imagery, metaphor, symbolism, irony, and sarcasm blended with emotions. Consequently, they fail to get engrossed with the characterization in the book.

The sequence of action in the book is changed in the movie

When a movie for a book is adapted, some of the action in the book is changed to give a better flow in a movie. For example, a book may start with a character; however, the movie begins with a different character. The movie’s change of action enhances the suspense and gives a dramatic effect to the story.

Limited Storytelling

When the filmmaker decides upon settings and characters, the movie focus on limited characters and settings. In some books, there are additional characters; however, the movie director streamlines the cast of characters and the action and adds other elements to create a thrilling and exciting movie.

Some books are written in a foreign country with foreign characters; however, when the book is adapted for the screen, the audience sees different characterization. Consequently, a film adaptation will never have all the essential details that a reader expects to see in the movie.

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When you read a book, you are free to read at your own pace; it provides an unlimited time canvas for readers to enjoy the story. Therefore, the viewers end up being disheartened after watching imperfect storytelling.

Book writing services pen down stories that are thrilling for spectators

Professional book-writing services create outstanding stories that thrill people and attract film producers. The expert writers research the characters and create main and secondary characters to build a plot idea. The writers use simple and impressive words to use accurate storytelling, action, suspense, and adventure.

In Conclusion

From fantasy novels to classical literature to self-help guides and business books, you have a wide option to read books that perfectly match your choice and genre. Investing your time in reading books instead of watching the movie based on the book is a better option.

As book lovers get engrossed in reading books, they learn to interpret the storyline differently. The authors can improve their writing style and vocabulary. On the other hand, some viewers prefer watching movies, as they are more visually appealing, such as music, chirpy dialogues, and action sequences that keep them engrossed throughout the movie.

It all depends on your choice and preference, what works best for you. Even if you find yourself confused, you can seek professional assistance. The right team of experts will boost your motivation to read the books. They will provide a list of books relevant to your reading genre that help to enhance your reading and writing skills.

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